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Gerry Gutierrez

Gerry was born in Huanta, Peru. He graduated from the National University de San Cristobal de Huamanga of Ayacucho with a BA in Philosophy and Psychology and a teacher's certificate in Social Science. Gerry's late wife, Ruth, was born in Columbia, SC, but grew up in Peru, the daughter of missionaries. She graduated from Columbia Bible College with a BA in biblical education.

Gerry and Ruth worked from 1974 to 1978 among university students in Peru before going to St. Louis, MO, where Gerry received an ETTA teacher's diploma and his MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary. Gerry was ordained in March 1984.

The Gutierrezes worked in Chile from 1984 to 1987 as church planters. From 1987 to 1996 they worked in Washington, DC, among the diplomatic community as the Washington representative and director of international relations for Mission to the World (MTW).

The Gutierrezes returned to Peru in 1996 where they were church planters among the Spanish and Quechua speaking populations. Other ministry involvement included helping Quechua children orphaned as the result of terrorist activities, organized the annual National Prayer Breakfast, and mentoring young people.

Since Ruth went home to be with the Lord in February 2012 at the family home in Georgia, Gerry has retired from MTW and is working on his own. He is writing about agreeing with God and the power of prayer to change the world for Jesus in our generation. He calls it "His attack into the world through 'A New Manifesto' of the followers of Jesus".

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Read the Personal Testimony of Nathaniel Gutierrez.
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Striking Facts of Peru for your information. This is an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.

Report Presented To MTW By Gerry Gutierrez
“Around The World In 30 Days”- December 1988

Prayer Letters, Requests, & Essays/Notes

2/19/2018 USA #69 February 2018
Remember Keila as the Lover of God in Jesus and lover of people unto death.
2/12/2018 USA #68 February 2018
In February one Gutierrez passes and another is born.
2/9/2018 USA #67 February 2018
Tomorrow [2/10/2018] is the Memorial service for my Daughter Keila.
2/6/2018 USA #66 February 2018
The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, may the name of the Lord be praised. “He wounds and he also heals”
1/10/2018 USA #65 January 2018
My son asked me as Christmas present to write him about God and Jesus only. “Hear O Israel”
1/7/2018 USA #64 January 2018
A former Communist urges all to Remember God as creator and redeemer. Witnessing The Building Of Walls. From A Wall Builder.
1/4/2018 USA #63 January 2018
A former Communist urges all to Remember God as creator and redeemer. “Remember Who Made And Re-Made You.”
1/1/2018 USA #62 January 2018
Is a Coup d’état a Valid Option?.

12/27/2017 USA #61 December 2017
Strangely Amazing Christmas That Makes Me Bow Down
Behind Three Wise Men From The East.
12/26/2017 USA #60 December 2017
Please Pray For This Request As If You Would For Yourself.
A Friend Is In Pain.
12/25/2017 USA #59 December 2017
Remembering and Celebrating the Birth of Jesus
the Toddler of God the Father.
12/21/2017 USA #58 December 2017
Some Live As If Christmas Never Happened.
9/2/2017 USA #57 September 2017
“ Converted To Walk On Water.”
9/1/2017 USA #56 September 2017
"Be Careful Of The Yeast"
"A Poor Man's Prophet" On Hypocrisy.
8/26/2017 USA #55 August 2017
"Yes" - "A Woman In Alignment With God"
8/22/2017 USA #54 August 2017
"The United States of Korea"
Open Letter To Donald J. Trump,
The President Of The United States Of America,
By The Will Of God,
8/16/2017 USA #53 August 2017
About Korea. "If It Would Be Up To Me"
An Open Letter To America And The World.
8/7/2017 USA #52 August 2017
Do Not Pray To Saints Who Do Not Do Miracles.
8/1/2017 USA #51 August 2017
Prologue To The "Yes" Book Part One


7/29/2017 USA #50 July 2017
There Are Few Things Worse Than Sin.
One Of Them Is To Try To Conceal Sin.
7/15/2017 USA #49 July 2017
“Crisis Plus Fear Equals Faith, And Faith As The Gift Of God,
Is The Victory That Overcomes The World.”
7/13/2017 USA #49 July 2017
"Sickness And Suffering Are Like Soldiers Under God’s Command And
Subject To Obey The Faithful In The Name Of Jesus"
7/5/2017 USA #48 July 2017
"The Stranger"
7/2/2017 USA #47 July 2017
"Prayer And Fasting Is A Matter Of The Head For The Unseen, Your Father"
6/28/2017 USA #46 June 2017
Texting Jesus From My iPhone.
6/28/2017 USA #45 June 2017
“The Secret Service Of God Is For His Eyes Only.”
6/25/2017 USA #44 June 2017
"Jesus Teaching Fishermen to Fish"
6/15/2017 USA #43 June 2017
The Most Memorable Moment From The Trip In Israel
By President Trump And The First Lady Melania Trump
6/14/2017 USA #42 June 2017
“God Did Not Spare His Own Son”.
6/13/2017 USA #41 June 2017
"Prophecy above Good Works."
6/10/2017 USA #40 June 2017
John Believed In Himself And In His Own Message.
6/5/2017 USA #39 June 2017
Are You A Superstar? Let Us Ask Matthew!
5/31/2017 USA #38 May 2017
God Always Answers Prayers!
A Report On Ben's Surgery.
5/24/2017 USA #37 May 2017
Major Surgery Today for Ben [5/24/17]
5/23/2017 USA #36 May 2017
Handcuffed And Beaten, Jesus Is Handed Over To The Will Of Men
5/16/2017 USA #35 May 2017
A Title Or A Degree Does Not Make You What You Are
5/15/2017 USA #34 May 2017
Let Us Celebrate Life And The Givers Of Life.
5/11/2017 USA #33 May 2017
“Jesus’ Eyewitness.”
4/15/2017 USA #32 April 2017
Let Us Celebrate Jesus' Resurrection By
Standing For Jesus As He Stood Up For Us In The Cross
4/12/2017 USA #31 April 2017
Make Room for the Toddler
4/12/2017 USA #30 April 2017
Chasms and Walls, Part II
4/9/2017 USA #29 April 2017
“Great Walls and Great Chasms.”
3/25/2017 USA #28 March 2017
Between The Powerful And Powerless,
A Man In The Gap.
3/23/2017 USA #27 March 2017
To Kelly Ann Gutierrez, A Lover Of Jesus,
And My Daughter In Law
3/19/2017 USA #26 March 2017
Watch Your Investment In Me
By Teaming Up With Me In Prayer.
3/2/2017 USA #25 March 2017
To the Coe Family and our friends.
Doug Coe, the interpreter of Jesus
2/3/2017 USA #24 January 2016
About Ben, Rear Admiral Barry Black, and President Trump
1/31/2017 USA #23 January 2016
Urgent Again!

12/31/2016 USA #22 December 2016
Happy New Year! &
New Year's Resolutions
12/10/2016 USA #21 December 2016
Going Back To The Source Of Power
In Jesus The Father Of Light.
12/9/2016 USA #20 December 2016
Chattanooga Christian School Message &
Son Nathaniel's Birthday
11/10/2016 USA #19 November 2016
Spiritual Diabetes
11/8/2016 USA #18 November 2016
Election Day in America.
11/7/2016 USA #17 November 2016
“The Prophecy For Election Day?”
10/27/2016 USA #16 October 2016
Good News Worth Bragging About!
10/23/2016 USA #15 October 2016
“Standing A Spit And Mud Away From Jesus The Eye Doctor.”
10/19/2016 USA #14 October 2016
“Darkness At Noon.”
10/12/2016 USA #13 October 2016
Death Is Gain.
10/11/2016 USA #12 October 2016
“A Little Worm For My Fellow Birds Of Feather.”
10/10/2016 USA #11 October 2016
“A Toast From The Cup Of Jesus.”
10/6/2016 USA #10 October 2016
Preamble To The Manifesto
9/30//2016 USA #9 September 2016
Leave Her Alone.
9/24//2016 USA #8 September 2016
The Patriarch Of All Sins &
The Oil Of Prayer, Keeps From Taking God For Granted.
9/18//2016 USA #7 September 2016
Paying Attention.
9/16//2016 USA #6 September 2016
Jesus Will Not Return, Unless We Ask Him
9/14//2016 USA #5 September 2016
A Preacher Without A Pulpit - John The Baptist
9/13//2016 USA #4 September 2016
Going Courting God With A Sledgehammer.
9/12//2016 USA #3 September 2016
This Man
9/8//2016 USA #2 September 2016
Entering The Kingdom Ahead Of Others
9/8//2016 USA #1 September 2016
Rusted Hinges, Cobwebs And Weeds On The Way.
3/24//2016 Becoming The Spectator Of Your Own Life.
2/14//2016 Good News for Valentine's Day!
1/22/2016 “Truth Is More Important Than Convenience”

12/20/2015 They Say, I Say, But What Do You Say?
12/18/2015 THE GIFT.
12/8/2015 “The Royal Law”
12/5/2015 With The Same Comfort I Have Been Comforted,
I Will Comfort You.
11/26/2015 Who is a Man Full of the Holy Spirit?
9/23/2015 "Religious People Are Warmongers"
9/23/2015 Jesus Did Not Have To Pass By Jericho Or Samaria

9/20/2015 Prophetic words of Jesus.
“The Time Is Near”
9/17/2015 Remember this day as long as you live and beyond!
“The Day the Sun Stopped Shining”
9/2/2015 “Three Strikes And Out!”
8/28/2015 “The Fish Dies by the Mouth”
8/25/2015 The Enemies Of God! &
Making Sure To Be At Peace With God!
8/17/2015 Delighting In The Book Of Luke Night And Day!
“Taken and Left, Taken and Left, and Taken and Left.”
8/16/2015 Skunks Or Flowers?. Choose This Day.
Jesus Heals Ten Men With Leprosy
8/13/2015 Our Witness Is Before Men, But We Testify Before God..
8/11/2015 To My Faithful Friends,
A Fresh Biscuit From The Oven Of My Heart For You.
Your Prayers Are Working On My Behalf.
7/21/2015 If ever I needed you my's now!
(Ready for either by his grace).
Tonight I Will Knock At Your Door Boldly.
6/20/2015 What Do You Bring To Jesus?
What Is Your Contribution To Your Salvation?
6/4/2015 The Joy Of The Yet Unborn.
A Shot Meditation Pregnant With Joy For All!
5/12/2015 Are You Drowsy And Sleepy?
A Meditation From Yesterday And
A Correction From My Last Letter.
5/11/2015 Are You A Mama's Boy?
This is one of the hardest Letters from me to you.
Please bear with me.
4/23/2015 Keeping Agreements Is The Key For Relationships
4/21/2015 Pray For The Mind Of Jesus To Rule Our Lives.
A Rich Man Walks Away From Jesus..
4/18/2015 Helping A Missionary To Deal With Gossip In A Church In Peru.
Please Pray!
The Jesus’ Revolution, Is In The Agreement Of Two Or Three.
4/17/2015 A Lesson On Settling Accounts On This Side Of Heaven.
What To Do With Debts?
4/8/2015 Josiah Bounces Back Again Because Of Your Prayers!!!
Rejoice with me!!!
4/6/2015 Josiah Back To The Emergency Room!!
4/5/2015 This I Know About You My Friend!!!
4/4/2015 What, Where and How is God Grandpa?
3/31/2015 Where is the Real Work according to Jesus' example?
3/29/2015 Josiah's 19 second video - worth thousand pictures.
Again Thanks.
3/28/2015 Two Great News Items About Josiah!!
Praise the Lord with me again please!! Josiah is Home!
3/27/2015 The Unseen In The Picture
3/27/2015 Once Again...All Things Are A Prayer Away For Those Who Believe!!!
3/26/2015 Most Urgent Prayer Request!
2/23/2015 Open Letter On "Poverty" And An Update
to my friends and my Church the McLean PCA in Washington DC
1/26/2015 The Turtles Murmur And The Lamb Is Silent
1/21/2015 Let Us Have A Short Meditation Together!
1/14/2015 Thinking And Praying For You
1/10/2015 "Ready For Either" & To The Patriots Of The Kingdom
1/1/2015 "Timothy was able to talk with Paul"
Thanks my friends: "I was able to talk to my mentor"
1/1/2015 "Where your treasures are, there your heart will also be".

12/23/2014 Happy Birthday Jesus!
11/10/2014 News From Peru. A Retired Missionary Led By An Angel
11/10/2014 Thank You MTW And Thank You Friends And Supporters:
All Is Well In This Front.
11/10/2014 From A Former Terrorist,
Now A Hit Man For Jesus An Army Of One!!
9/17/2014 “You Are More Important Than Many Sparrows”
9/17/2014 Pray For I Am Afraid!
Officially Retired from MTW August 31, 2014
8/25/2014 We Are Going Unto The Ends Of The World Tomorrow.
8/12/2014 If In Need: Think Tank... Think Prayer... Think!
The Immutable Predestined Nature of Prayer
8/10/2014 Divinely Welded Hearts - Alive Yet Lifeless?
7/28/2014 Grandpa's Up Date On Simeon
7/14/2014 Simeon On The Other Side
Of The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death!
7/8/2014 [Tuesday, July 8 @11:59PM EDT]
Cranial Surgery for Simeon Gutierrez
Great News!!
All Things Are Still A Prayer Away To Them Who Believe
7/8/2014 In Six Hours [Tuesday, July 8 @12:30 PDT]
Cranial Surgery for Simeon Gutierrez
Last Supplication To Pray!!
7/8/2014 Today [Tuesday, July 8] is the day! Please Pray!!!!
Cranial Surgery for Simeon Gutierrez
6/27/2014 An Important Need For Prayer!
6/16/2014 BREAKING NEWS!!!!
Gerry And Julie Are Leaving Mission To The World For New Opportunities!!!
5/16/2014 First Thoughts May 15 - A Toast to the Justice of God!
5/11/2014 Updates on Simeon's Surgery & Julie in the Emergency Room!
5/7/2014 Latest Update On Simeon's Pre-Surgery Conditions
5/6/2014 Update On Simeon Gutierrez' Pre-Surgery Appointments!!
5/4/2014 Serious Surgery in the Gutierrez Family. - Please Pray!
5/1/2014 Short Urgent Request!! - Fuel For The Day Of Prayer 2014
4/10/2014 Speechlessness - To My Children And The Children Of My Friends
4/7/2014 To The Children Of The Children Of God
4/6/2014 Another Extraordinary Woman of The Bible - Ruth
4/5/2014 Coming Into Alignment With God Through Prayer
4/3/2014 Let's Go After Legal Prosperity.
3/19/2014 For Marriage In Crisis!!
Can Life Amongst Disciples Get Any Better Than This?
3/16/2014 Open Answer To A Letter From A Praying Friend
3/13/2014 A Challenge: A Voice From The Pew To The Pulpit
2/26/2014 My Personal Testimony As Never Shared Before In Memory Of Ruthie
2/26/2014 Caleb M Gutierrez' Memories of Mom
2/21/2014 An Answer To A Gentle Observation!
2/16/2014 “From an Eye Witness!!”
“How Would The Lord’s Prayer Sound on the Receiving End?”
2/12/2014 Breaking News about Benjie and Nathaniel &
"Bronaries" - Brother Missionaries
2/1/2014 Julie about Gerry on "The Little Scroll" & "Teach Them to Obey"
1/22/2014 Whimsical Update To Those Who Invest In Our Lives!
1/23/2014 Thank You So Much For Your Prayers
1/12/2014 SOS an Urgent Call to Pray!

12/25/2013 To You In Whom God's Favor Rests Because Of Jesus
12/22/2013 Letter 2013 - from Gerry's Mentor
11/2/2013 A Day in the Life of My World With Gerry of The Andes of Peru
10/23/2013 Singing Like A Bird
10/22/2013 Urgent Prayer Request & Invitation
9/18/2013 How Beautiful In The Mountains Are The Feet Of Those Who Carry The Gospel Of Peace!
9/15/2013 The Baptism of Simeon Osman Gutierrez in Colombia
9/14/2013 Communion Service in Bogota
9/10/2013 My Thoughts in VA, Sept. 10, 2013
8/26/2013 Julie saving Gerry from making a fool of himself!
8/21/2013 Breaking News!!
7/31/2013 From Julie Marie via Gerry - "Something Lovely"
My Sister in Christ - The Lovely Samaritan Woman
7/27/2013 A Word About About Julie Marie!
7/22/2013 Some Pictures of Julie and Me!
7/17/2013 Ruthie Would Say: Go For Her Papa!!!
7/12/2013 Very Important. Please bear with me my friends and Pray!!!
PRE Julie Marie Web Pages
6/18/2013 Introducing Josiah Luther Gutierrez to Heaven and Earth!
6/11/2013 That Would Be Neat!
4/25/2013 The Serious Side Of Me!? (10 Seconds Video)
4/19/2013 To Paul Kooistra, MTW Coordinator and
To The Saints In Whose Eyes I Found Grace!
4/12/2013A Short Letter And Announcement!
3/28/2013Something Beautiful For The Heart and
Something From My Heart To Yours
3/9/2013The Latest Tribute To Ruthie!
2/26/2013Unusual to say the least... but divinely on time!
That was my Ruthie!
2/26/2013A Tribute to Ruthie from her Children and Husband
2/15/2013Remembering Ruthie by the sea shore on Valentines Day!
2/13/2013Two Weeks to Ruthie's First Anniversary! The 26 of February!
Lives Ruthie Altered Forever!!
2/4/2013Three Weeks to Ruthie's First Anniversary! The 26 of February!
1/26/2013▶ Honoring Ruthie Weekly, Until Celebration Day on February 26, 2013
▶ Link to 7 Pictiures
1/18/2013Note to son Nathaniel ministering in Colombia
Junebug And Friends "God Loves To Talk To Little Boys"
1/17/2013Without a Doubt - "In Love" 1970 - With 10 Pictures
1/15/2013▶ Cover Note: Honoring Ruthie and Healing Nicely!
▶ In honor of Ruthie Gutierrez Marshall: "A Writing"
Title: "Alone and far from everyone but not far or alone"

Prayer Letters, Requests, & Essays/Notes
April 2004 - November 2012

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