Gerry Gutierrez' Update

April 25, 2013

The Serious Side Of Me!? (10 Seconds Video)

The 23rd of April was not an easy day for me. Then around 3:30 PM a phone call. Caleb call me to join him downtown Chattanooga by the Park. It was the first outing of Josiah and Kelly, since delivery. I found Father and mother strolling their son so proudly and happily.

Then Caleb performed for me his routine exercise going up and down large step next to the River. It was my turn to watch my son proudly looking after his wife and child and taking care of his body. It was an unusually beautiful day with a heavenly temperature.

I was remembering the word "Predisposition" This is a key word in life and living. To best explain let me quote the Indian Proverb. "One day I went out to look for my enemies, that day, I found no friend. Another day I went to look for my friends, that day I found no enemies." The predisposition of how you face the day will affect your day.

Not far from there I found two little mexican kids playing on their slide Jordan (9) and Patty (7). I befriend their mother and she authorized me to play with them. They let me use their slide in turns and Caleb came a took the ten seconds attached video. As you can see Patty was the finalist and defeated me by one slide length.

What I want you to notice is that Jordan was my new found little "friend". Nothing has lately given me so may joy as the body language of a 9 year old, encouraging me and going down with me and celebrating me by laughter with all his heart, soul, strength and mind. His other joy and mine was to see him carry the slide back to the top of the hill so I can slide down again. (So did Patty, but she is a "girl" you know. Boys stick together) Besides Patty eliminated Jordan in the preliminaries and just did the same with me).

Please do not forget the unseen guess of this event.
My Son smiling at the whole thing.
A mexican lady smiling at the whole thing.
I smiling at the whole thing.
Our Father in heaven smiling at THE WHOLE THING.
If predisposed and not resist, I pray that you too smile at the whole thing.

FB stands for Face Book and it is becoming more like Folks Bible. I too read FB that morning two posting I share with you for you amusement.

Living Supernatural lives in the most natural way. A child at heart by God's grace.

Your Gerry from the Andes Mountains.

Gerry Gutierrez