Gerry Gutierrez' Update

February 26, 2013

Celebrating Ruthie’s First Year of Going Home

A Tribute for Ruthie from Osman,
One of the earliest recollections I have of my mom is sitting on the back porch of our house in Huanta, Peru and looking down into the valley across the river over the mountains and up to the setting sun. She would read to me from my kids Bible and teach me memorization verses.

The one that comes to mind more often is: “The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaim his handiwork”(Psalm 19:1).
 From early on she was in the business of making me a disciple of Jesus and instilling in me a love and understanding of the gospel message.

As I read to the children God entrusted me with, those precious memories come rushing into my mind and make me miss her all that more. I often wish she were still around so that my children might experience the same love and nurturing she gave me and see the love she had and continues to have for the Lord.

Though I miss my mom I am glad and filled with joy knowing she is in a far better place. She is in the presence of God our Father with a new body, which knows no sickness and is in a place that He has prepared.

“Then the King will say to those on his right, come you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mathew 25:34).

I am thankful to my mom for teaching me to look to the cross and look forward to being with my Creator, Savior and Lord.

A Tribute for Ruthie from Lois;
At times I feel like my mom was taken too soon, but then I remember that I had 35 years to enjoy having her as my mom.  What a blessing!  

From my childhood till I was a mother of four, I can never remember a time when my mom was angry with me or treated me in a harsh way.  She was always kind and gentle and had a deep peace and joy; they exuded from her every single day.  

When I think of the fruits of the Spirit, I think of my mom.  Before she would even share the gospel with anyone, there was already a loud and clear testimony coming from her life, one of patience, love, and self-control.  

God blessed her by imaging in her such a beautiful picture of the traits he himself embodies.  Her love for the lost and desire to reach them was her number one priority!  She prayed faithfully for those she loved and knew.  

She would rise early in the morning and look over the valley as she sipped her tea and read the Bible and pray; then she was ready to begin the day refreshed and energized.  She beamed with excitement each time she went out to share the gospel with her ladies and young people, and loved hearing stories of other missionaries or any opportunities we had had to share our faith in our own lives.  

Though she suffered with cancer over 20 years, she rarely focused on it and it was the last thing on her mind.  She even told me that she was excited to see how God could use her illness as a way of bringing people to him.  Though her time here was short, she has impacted many lives for eternity.  She is a spiritual mother to many and "her children arise and call her blessed."  Proverbs 31:28

A Tribute for Ruthie from Nathaniel
A year has passed since my mother departed.  My mother, Ruthie, was a Grand Woman, as the nurses put it.  They spent less than a week with her in the end and even they knew who she was.  But they didn´t know the half of it.

If you were to peek into the life that she lived, you would find that each day began and ended with time in God´s Word.  She loved reading on the back porch accompanied by her hot tea because there she could watch the sun rise onto the Andes Mountains in Huanta.  On that same porch she could hear the birds chirping and the dogs playing.  Every morning without fail, she sat on that porch reading, praying and sipping tea.  When it rained she had two back-up spots, and she was always surrounded by her beloved dogs.  

Her daily routine poured out from her devotional life.  She had long conversations with people she felt had been forgotten by society or by their families and took it upon herself to visit with them and love them.  She spent special time looking after the orphan children and would speak into their lives.  She gained their trust slipping them little American sweets and taking them out to eat.  She would visit brethren in the church and pray for them and show them how much she loved them and hurt for them.  She was intentional about shopping at the same spots each day and developed relationships with all the Quechua ladies in the marketplace.  

Mama would sneak me out at times to have "Brew Ha Ha" moments.  These originated at a coffee shop named "Brew Ha Ha" in Delaware where we would get special expensive lattes and split a delicious deli panini.  Throughout the years, just the two of us would sneak off and have these profoundly special moments where she would speak into my life and prod me on in my walk with the Lord.  She would remind me to pray for those who were abandoned and unloved.  In a very loving, sweet and sometimes unspoken way, she communicated to me that I needed to grow in Christ and be a godly man.

Mama had a very light-hearted side as well, which I am also grateful for having inherited.  I will never forget the times she would prepare the dinner table for Presidents and Ambassadors from all around the world and would set tiny olive forks instead of dinner forks and large soup spoons where the normal teaspoon should have gone. Watching important dignitaries try to figure out how to eat their meal with a dainty olive fork will never cease to amuse me.  

Hearing her stories of how she would sneak a tiny water gun into General Assembly to shoot at the serious pastors would always send the room into tears of laughter.  She had a delightful joy in life that was accompanied by a profound desire to share that joy with others, and that love never diminished even with 20+ years of breast cancer. On the contrary, in her last weeks of life, she wanted nothing more than to return to her mission field and continue working until the Lord took her home.     

My mother was a quietly faithful woman.  She never lost sight of her call to loving God and loving her neighbor.  She loved the Savior and she loved people.

And I cannot stop thanking the Lord for the great mother she was to me and for the fully complete joy she is experiencing with her Savior and Lord at this very moment because of the redemption we have in Jesus.   

      A Tribute for Ruthie from Benjie;
Today I would like to honor my mother by sharing a little bit about her life. She lived for Christ by witnessing to others any chance they gave her.  

She put the pain aside to witness because she wanted everybody she knew her to know her Savior and how to get to the kingdom of heaven.  

She loved to tell stories with such detail that you would think that you were there.  And everybody that knew her knew that.  Oh and how she loved animals, you could always see her talking to her animals and that's why I think we all love animals today.  

You could always hear her singing and whistling hymns too.  She was a prankster and how she loved to tease others.

  For my mother; “To live was Christ and to die was gain”

A Tribute to Ruthie from Caleb,
A year ago today, my dear mother passed away. It has now been 365 days that she has been enjoying the direct presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a time of sorrow, but of thanksgiving. She has reached the final hope that she had long lived and suffered for and her joy is made complete in the presence of her savior. Her faith is now sight and her questions are all answered.

She worries not, she hurts not, she works not; she rests and enjoys her God whom was awaiting her arrival and whom has prepared a place just for her. Rejoice mommy! Rejoice!

 At times I have experienced small pleasures in life such as watching 3 different kinds of birds eating from the same bird feeder. Other times I came across the exact thing I was in need of without expecting it.

These are some of the things that my mother would talk about that would bring her great joy. She taught me to enjoy the small things in life and to notice the details that God has made in His creation and how He works things out for the good of those who love Him and whom He loves.

God loves my mother. He is now showing her just how much.

Gerry Gutierrez