Gerry Gutierrez' "A Writing"

January 15, 2013

In honor of Ruthie Gutierrez Marshall: "A Writing"
Title: "Alone and far from everyone but not far or alone"

Winter has arrived and brought the soft white snow
The mornings are pure beautiful bright and cheerful
The red cardinal stands out as decoration on snow
While children happily play creating a big snowman.

Standing by the window memory takes me far from here
Remembering a beautiful smile on a sweet gentle face
Tender as the petal of a rose about to open for the morning
I know that flower; I need not to smell to know her fragrance.

Beautiful and sincere blue eyes oh how I miss you my love
Blue as the Andean sky peaking from among the white clouds
You went home on a Sunday like today while the sun rose
You made out of my bright morning a permanent twilight.

In the visible world am silent, alone and away from all
The language of my ancestors I no longer speak nor hear
The language of my brothers I only speak when with them
Now it’s in your language that I dream, think, speak and write.

I'm alone and far, but never so close and best accompanied
I hear a voice saying: "I will never leave you nor forsake you"
I have learned a new language just by obeying to HEAR HIM
My heart is filled abundantly with His precious and fine words

When the black blanket of night covers the land of the living
When everyone is asleep in silence, I'm awake and listening
When white clouds and blue sky compete not for my attention
When from the beautiful world I need nothing but a light: I write.

I asked my beloved: What will become of me if you leave?
She softly said: "More time for your Lord my love. More time"
My beloved said this without thinking twice, or jealousy or envy.
I will mourn no more: "She can not come to me but I will see her."

When tired and gloomy then think of Jesus and learn to hear him
When you speak what you hear, the world will know that language
When I talk like Adam in the Garden at the afternoon breeze. Listen
When Adam learned to speak; he did it by repeating what he heard.

While the sky is blue and the clouds are white I will remember you.
May the green grass, the rivers, and flowers and birds you loved
Along with the valleys and paths remind me of you when I walk
Although I will not walk hand in hand, may I feel your eyes on me.

As happy as a man can be what I was, am and will always be
My joy will be complete when I take as many as I can to heaven
My joy will be perfect when his kingdom and his will to be done
When my eyes close, I will see you in a moment like never before.

The sun is threatening to rise again to distract me with its beauty
But I prefer a little more sleep in the arms of your sweet memory
Neither alone nor away am I from the love of our precious Jesus
I go for a nap as he whispers: "Tomorrow Teach them to obey"

Born to love. I am a fragment of God by grace alone.

Gerardo Gutierrez Santillanaz

Name of War: Joseph Esteban of Maynay