Gerry Gutierrez' Update

July 17, 2013

I am a 20 year professional Realtor happy to say, “SOLD!”

I am pleased to report this deal is closed and this 'precious real estate' is off the market and therefore no longer available.  This most handsome and desirable bachelor is no longer on the market.  In real estate the 'cream of the crop' always gets purchased quickly.  Consumers are savvy and know a good catch when they see it.  'Not to act' is to act.  So sorry girls, but opportunity has come and gone!  You missed it - over - finito - will not be returning "for sale".  But not to worry, I will take very good care of my precious new acquisition!!

My Sweetheart swept me away in a most romantic style so typical of the tender-hearted man he is...

It was a beautiful quiet Friday evening in Bogota at the home of Nathaniel and Alicia Gutierrez.  While relaxing and enjoying fellowship in the quiet of the evening, I heard the sweet sound of violins and guitars and soft romantic singing. I was mystified; I thought Gerry and Nathaniel and Alicia were too!  We got up to see what was happening and as we wandered in to the Sunroom, and to my utter amazement, there was a most magnificent sight.  I could not believe my eyes.  The room was filled with the twinkle of candlelights while opened windows brought in a crisp night air.  There we stood in a two-story height home gazing down upon an elegantly dressed Mariachi band performing just for us.  I turned to Gerry to be greeted with his beautiful smile and two dozen elegant long stemmed roses snuggled in between Peruvian lilies.

The band was invited inside as we celebrated!  Gerry wore a sombrero and sang the most romantic love songs in Spanish.  I knew he had many talents, and now I know singing is amongst them.  I of course am still in a state of disbelief at what is happening.

Gerry asks for my hand in marriage!!  I said yes!!  A beautiful family ring was placed on my finger and the celebration continued.  Tears of joy flowed.  And then, another surprise... this entire evening was taped and there was Gerry's family in Chicago talking to me via Satellite.  They were welcoming me to the Gutierrez family with love and joy.

On the Sunday night following, Nathaniel and Alicia’s missionary family invited us for dinner.  Gerry and I had no idea that a party was planned in honor of our engagement.  So another sweet evening of celebration, wonderful food, powerful prayer and fellowship was enjoyed.  I have witnessed the genuine agape love within this beautiful missionary family of friends honoring and serving our Lord.  What love is this!

Gerry arrived a week ahead of me and took advantage of the time to preach at Nathaniel's church on Sunday. To his great privilege, he baptized the newest addition to the Gutierrez family, Baby Simeon Osman. The following Sunday Gerry had the honor to deliver the Gospel during Communion.  What a marvelous two weeks abroad to be surrounded with family, friends, fellowship and opportunities to lift up HIS name - it is the purpose and meaning of it all.

I shall never forget this memorable time in Bogota where our Lord is being lifted up unto all men. And as I bask in the sweet memory of it all, Gerry and I look forward to making future plans for our life together serving in His kingdom according to HIS will.  It is such an exciting time in this new season of life. I remain humbled at what the Lord has done and will do.  And the best is yet to come…

Gerry looks forward to equipping the saints throughout the world. Preaching in the Andes Mountains and proclaiming the Gospel over the radio ministry is a passion near and dear to his heart.  I have been given the great honor to stand beside Gerry in this journey and can assure you, I stand ready by the grace of God to meet this challenge with a passion and purpose pleasing unto Him.

I shall always seek to live a life worthy of my calling and to be a woman of honor and a loving wife to Gerry.  May we forever 'Shine for Him'.

Hallowed be His name!

Julie Marie

I am most blessed amongst women since this man known as Gerry from the Andes stepped in to my world.

Very Important. Please bear with me my friends and Pray!!!

Gerry Gutierrez