Gerry Gutierrez' Update


October 22, 2013

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 23, 2013 we will be celebrating in Lima, Peru our 18th National Prayer Breakfast in a packed hotel in which the most powerful men and women have been invited. For the first time in the history of Peru a powerful man whose name I cannot disclose will be sitting with Julie and me listening to testimony of two brothers, one a Catholic priest and the other an Evangelical pastor. Please pray for the great doors of opportunity have been opened to us since the very moment we arrived and will go on increasingly so, until we return on November 7th to the United States. I will be speaking at Covenant College on November 11.  

THE REASON FOR THIS LETTER is to invite you to join us at the National Prayer Breakfast in Lima, Peru and Google Justin.TV. Once you get into the website type in the search engine in black the words "JPGproduccions".  The schedule for the National Prayer Breakfast is from 7 to 9 AM, which I believe is 7 to 9 am central time.

Julie will be in a pink dress and coat and I will be in a dark suit, just in case the camera focuses on us with the dignitaries. Please take time to join us and pray for the follow-up meetings.


Gerry Gutierrez