Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Singing Like A Bird

October 23, 2013

When I said "Yes" to Gerry Gutierrez at the Westminster PCA I did not know that three weeks later I would be sitting at the 18th National Prayer Breakfast in Lima, Peru next to some of the most powerful men and women in the country.

Gerry does not talk too much about what he does, in part because of the sensitive nature of the many VIP's whose fragile political lives can be hurt due to a wrong perception of his associations with them, but I, as Gerry's wife, and without history in the country, can report what I have seen and therefore can sing like a bird...

From the moment that we arrived at the airport, a prominent politician and authority of great renowned came to pick us up along with his body guard in his state-of-the art vehicle with tinted windows and a special license plate with the right to park anywhere.

Today is the fourth day since we arrived here in Lima and even though with my limited knowledge of the language I can perceive that any and every conversation, whether politics, religion, history or present events seems to always end up with Gerry speaking about Jesus! People are drawn to him like a magnet with the content of his talk. They seem to not want to miss a word of what is being said.

In the quiet moments when we are alone I ask what was going on in the conversation where Jesus is the center of every talk. He calmly explains the philosophy of his life about what Jesus taught him: "If you lift Me up I will draw all men unto Myself."  Thus he loves to talk about Jesus and I love to hear him lifting Jesus up. And furthermore, these men scratch their heads in amazement and say, "How did we not understand this before?"

Upon reflection, I stand in awe of the royal treatment we have received and continue to receive. Every moment of our stay here in Lima is filled with wonderful and exciting happiness along every step of the way. People go out of their way to spend time with us, treating us to fine dinners and herat-felt warmth and hospitality. We enjoy the best Peruvian food and purpose-filled conversation is at the heart on every occasion. What is so obvious to me is time and again is the genuine love Gerry's friends express for him and now for me as his wife. I am witnessing first-hand true and genuine love within friendships, each one unique in its own way.

Speakers at the Prayer Breakfast were an absolute delight. What we have is identical twin brothers who came to know the Lord at the same time, one a Catholic priest, the other an Evangelical pastor. They both gave their testimony and intermittently - one calling the other Father and the other calling one Pastor. They delivered the Gospel delightfully while guests hung on every word. I was able to understand as Gerry was translating to me. There was mention of one pastoring a small congregation while the other served communion to 1500 members. Their mother of 90 years of age sat proudly seeing her two sons deliver the gospel to a large congregation of 500 of the whose who of Lima.

After the meeting ended it was like a class reunion for Gerry and me. I met many of the prominent leaders, judges, ambassadors and the vice-president and a congresswoman who invited us to join her tomorrow at the congress for lunch and a tour.

We will take a one day break then head to the Andes where Gerry is scheduled to preach on Sunday and record messages for the radio for the Quechua speaking believers up in the Highlands.

Indeed many doors of opportunity are open and we are taking advantage of every opportunity now before us.

Please pray that we might cover all the bases of appointments and speaking engagements. Please also pray for me as I develop a vision for the work of the Lord as I come alongside Gerry whose vision is so contagious!

Some mornings I awaken and pinch myself to see if I am dreaming that this happy marriage is reality or only a dream. I am honored and thankful to be here and have the opportunity to support Gerry in our ministry.

As you remember me in your prayers I will be most grateful for any support you would consider in your year-end giving. Funds can be sent to MTW earmarked for my travel expenses. And may God bless you abundantly in ways that I never could.

A grateful heart in HIS service,

Julie Gutierrez