Gerry Gutierrez' Update

How Beautiful In The Mountains Are The Feet Of Those Who Carry The Gospel Of Peace

September 18, 2013

“Behold an answer to your prayer and more fuel for your intercessory prayers”

A few years ago the building that you see in this picture did not exist. Shortly thereafter we were able to purchase the land on our own and build the San Felipe Church. After two years you can see how the church grew in number, as you can appreciate.

This community is located high in the Andes Mountains above the timberline. The village is world famous for having killed seven journalists, confused for terrorists. Whenever I go there I fight altitude sickness with headaches, ear aches and nose bleeds. The last time I was there for licensing a preacher I had to stop preaching and run behind that building and throw up. And then I needed to finish the ordination in a hurry and say my good-byes and drive fast down the mountains, as fast I could in the midst of cold sweats and nausea. As soon as I reached two thousand feet down the mountains I had some relief and could breathe deeply and easily again.

So we build and we use the Radio to fill up the church and license leaders to preach. The radio waves level the mountains and raise the valleys by bringing the signal straight to their houses whether they are made with bricks, mud, stone, straw or adobe. “Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain shall be made low and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed”

With your support and prayers these Diabetic feet of mine are happy to take the Gospel to those places again. But as you can see in the picture, lack of circulation led me to use hot water bottles to keep myself warm while I was in the mountains of Colombia. The problem is that I lost feeling in my feet and did not know that I was cooking my foot and later developed an infection that took me to the hospital Emergency room in Chattanooga TN. But your accumulative prayer on my behalf had a surplus balance in my favor that as you can see, our Lord answered for your sake and mine by healing me instead of amputation.

The reason that I am reporting to you in such a detail manner is so that you may keep my health and Julie's health in your prayers. We just want another opportunity to take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to those ‘little ones’ with whom I have a special relationship. Many of them were healed due to the imposing of my hands on them in prayer. Those that think I am something special to them are more than willing to hear me instruct them in the claims of Jesus. It is time to cash in our investment on their lives for the King and his Kingdom.

Last week as Julie and I went for blessing, prayer, and counseling to my father-in-law, Rev. Harry Marshall, he focused his counsel on the altitude issue and the language barrier. Please pray for Julie in these matters, even though she is very healthy and strong.

Remember this village and as you do, remember Domingo, Antonio and Ricardo; they are my Peter, James and John brothers. And remember my brother, Mark, who has been such an encourager on my Radio ministry and has kept alive the vision to this day.

In His faithful service as your representative by the will of God,

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. Next week on Sep. the 28th Julie and I are getting married with the blessing of my entire family, her Pastor Dr. Michael Roger of the Westminster PCA Church of Lancaster PA and my Pastor and friend the Rev. Stephen Smallman and with my sister in law Lois Marshall Clark as the bridesmaid and my son Nathaniel will preach a message and all the Gutierrez Family will be together including Josiah Luther and Simeon Osman who are the latest addition to our family. Please pray that we may be a witness of Jesus and his grace in our lives.