Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

News From Peru. A Retired Missionary Led By An Angel

December 3, 2014

Her Name is Angel (not her real name)

And when she was a little girl she developed a defective heart condition.  We received a prayer request and I presented her picture in front of the Huanta congregation.  We prayed for that little pea-size heart of hers to have a successful procedure.

Mariela, one of our orphans, was touched by the prayer request and began to pray earnestly. The procedure went successfully.  Many years have passed and Angel is now a beautiful young lady.  Her father had an accident recently that twisted his knees right before they were ready to leave on a planned vacation.  Angel thought it maybe best that the family not goes on vacation at this time, suggesting something worse could happen; the family unanimously agreed.  It was in that moment when they received my letter as a retired missionary going as a “hit-man” for the Gospel of Jesus.

In that letter we shared our desire to go to the Andes Mountains of Peru for part of November and into December. The purpose was to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Church of The Carpenter of Nazareth, known as St. Mark.

Everyone wanted to have a communion service the day of our anniversary and many asked to be baptized.  We celebrated in a big way with a banquet in the church.

The following Sunday Nathaniel flew from Arequipa to help with the training and instruction of elders and deacons to be ordained.  He assisted and preached powerfully the Word. And so father and son stood together in the pulpit of the church we both started.

Then Mariela, the one who prayed for Angel, came to me and said, “ When I learned of the possibility of you coming to Peru I wanted you to baptize my daughter and officiate my wedding.  I did not want any one else to marry me as you have been like a father to me since I came to this orphanage.”

Mariela added, “You are here as a result of my prayers.” So, the “Angel / Mariela” connection is still working even though they have never met. For it was the parents of Angel who were led by the Lord in a very clear way to help in visionary generosity to make this trip possible that has been very fruitful beyond expectation. That is why we also had the wedding for Mariela and Jonathan last Saturday and on Sunday another Fire and Brimstone sermon and more baptisms including Paola the daughter of Mariela and Jonathan.

The new mayor of Huanta who is a member of our church had a near death experience and is in bed recovering today from a bus accident that left six others dead all around him and he literally said, “As I was falling to the abyss I said to the Lord, “Don't take me home now, I was just elected mayor.”  And then all of a sudden the bus stopped falling and here I am by God’s grace and eager to attend worship at St. Marks this Sunday and testify to God’s grace.

Your favorite Hit man for Jesús!

Gerry Gutierrez

This is Julie:

I have seen majestic and panoramic sights from the top of a high mountain as far as the eye can see at 360 degrees.  At the same time I saw people knocking at the door of our house looking for aid and comfort.  I saw a lame man in the street parched and we stopped to give him a cold Coca-Cola, which he devoured in seconds.  I met a little boy in church whose father is in prison. He came to us with sad eyes looking for encouragement and so we helped him to make a visit to his father taking some gifts.  I find the people of Huanta to be proud of their heritage and culture.  It is an amazing experience for me to see this country through a lens only possible as I walk and talk and break bread with the people.  Huanta is a relatively clean town as workers from city hall sweep the streets every night.  The markets are filled with fresh fruits and produce and are open for business 7 days a week.

For His glory!

Julie Gutierrez