Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

“From an Eye Witness!!”
“How Would The Lord’s Prayer Sound on the Receiving End?”

“From an Eye Witness!!”

Dear friends of my husband, Gerry Gutierrez,

Never again will I pray the Lord’s Prayer in the same way as before. After witnessing how Jesus spoke to my husband this morning during their time alone together in prayer, I asked Gerry to share this with you, believing that you will be touched as profoundly as have I on our first Valentine’s Day together. 

Julie Marie Gutierrez

“How Would The Lord’s Prayer Sound on the Receiving End?”

It is my prayer that you do not find the words of my imagination offensive – for I am just a sinner sanctified by the mind of Christ.

Our Father in Heaven

Yes, who is talking to Me? Is this My son? You just call Me Father, and that is what I am? Are you behaving as such? Are you reflecting Me on earth while I live in heaven? Is your voice and words the reflection of your redemption? What is it, My son, on earth that you want to tell Me?  Speak, for your Father is listening!

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Is that a statement of fact in your life that you want the world to know from your lips? You know that My name is to be obeyed, to be loved and to be feared? For how else can the world hallow My name if they do not see you glorify My name by your words and deeds? Do you mean what you are saying, or are you just passing another bead in your Rosary prayer in a hurry? Do you realize that you are talking to a God who dwells in heaven who is holy, pure, perfect and omnipotent? You are addressing Me as a Father of whose likeness you are a reflection! Remember, your prayer is your heart’s message to the world. What is it that you want to speak to Me, my son?

Your Kingdom Come

Are you sure that you want Me to come today? Are you confident that you are ready to receive Me and My kingdom? Is it you alone who want to enter and let others be as they may? Or are you trying to bring as many as you can with you to the kingdom of heaven for which My Son suffered and died? I notice you are eager for the kingdom of God to come today! That is good; what else do you want?

Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is in Heaven

Thank you for “your” permission to allow “My” will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let Me assure you, My Will will be done and prevail regardless of what you say and do, or what you stop saying and doing. But since you seem to love My will, I want to ask you how so, would you like My will to be done on earth?

As It Is in Heaven – Would you like to know how it is done in heaven? The angels agree and never question My will; they obey and they love My will; they submit themselves gladly to My will. Besides, there is no room for another will in all the Universe except for My will. Angels do not have a will of their own - they do not resent My will or words - they do not grumble or doubt. They take Me at My word and have a blessed life without fears, wants, ambitions, envy, selfishness, and greed. They are joyful, worshiping and praising beings. I am their joy and they are my joy. What can I do for you today, My son?

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

How dare you ask Me in the imperative form of the verb? What have you given Me that I should repay? What makes you feel you are entitled to My provision? So you must know that it is not by works but by grace I will give you that which you do not deserve, so you might know that I am your God and there is no other. You live because I live and because I want and because I provide and I am your very next breath. You want food today to live another day? Why do you need another day, son?

Forgive Us Our Sins as We Forgive Those Who Sin against Us

That is good. By the way, how do you forgive others? Are you really generous in your forgiveness?  Are you gracious and merciful in your forgiveness? Do you freely give as you have freely received from Me? Because I notice that you are asking Me to forgive you after the pattern of your forgiveness; Good. I will forgive you as you forgive. Are you ready to abide by that agreement? Then live as one who has been freely forgiven and dispense forgiveness freely. For what you tied on earth will be tied in heaven. And what you untie on earth will be untied in heaven. Is there anything else you want of Me, my son?

Lead Us Not Into Temptation but Deliver Us From Evil

Do you understand the privilege of a life chosen to be My representative in temptation? Temptation is the battleground of the believers’ life. Job was a God-fearing man that loved and obeyed Me and he was prepared to be tempted. I trusted him with temptation to represent Me before my enemies and he did not fail Me. Jesus, My son, was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil himself. I trusted Him with a supreme temptation to face him and he did not fail Me and found victory by faith and prayer taking Me at my word and doing my will perfectly. I will not lead you in to temptation until your shoulders are ready to carry the cross of identification with Jesus. And when that happens, you will have victory only by resisting in My strength as did Job and Jesus and countless victorious children of Mine who are there on earth to hallow My name until My kingdom comes, for they are co-workers in the work of reconciliation with Me and Jesus. Now why do you direct your prayers to me?

For Thine Is The Kingdom and the Power and The Glory Forever Amen

Yes, Mine is the kingdom. I am building it. Don’t forget that. Mine alone is the power and authority. The kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power. Since all this is Mine, the glory is also Mine alone and no one else to the praise and glory of My own name for ever and ever. I have heard your prayers, My son, because you have listened to Jesus, my son whom I love and I am well pleased with his work on your behalf.

Gerry Gutierrez

PS - When a man digs deep into prayer he will be attacked from all sides by the evil one!