Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

An Answer To A Gentle Observation!

Dear Friends;

I have received the following letter from a brother that requires from me to publicly acknowledge it and explain myself on the matter of prayer. Because you were a recipient of a copy of the said letter sent by my wife Julie Marie, I am sending this letter to you also, to be aware of the clarification. Thank you for your understanding.

Gerry Gutierrez

From: Doctor Simp…:  (I have not been authorized to use his real name neither have I requested it due to the fact that what is relevant is the content and not the name)

To: Friends with a copy to Gerry Gutierrez

This is an interesting piece of work by one of our missionaries, whose wife recently died. His new wife sent thrice-mail.

I think he slightly misunderstands the phrase "Give us this day our daily bread". Jesus would never have taught his disciples to try to 'command' God.

Anyway, it is an interesting work.

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Dear Dr. Simp…;  

What a humbling joy to receive your sincere letter as from a guardian of my soul.   

In my eagerness to fight the entitlement that is so prevalent in our world today, I have allowed a “view” to come in a way of the “true Truth” and write a lopsided comment that does not do justice to the passage "Give us this day our daily bread" on the Lord's Prayer.

Perhaps a better comment from man’s part would clarify the matter: “I have dare to ask you dear Father as in the imperative form of the verb after the teaching of your son, Prince Jesus, who declares me as “Your Son” and in my excitement and identity with Jesus, I have indeed repeated the words of our Lord Jesus: “Give us this day our daily bread”. Though the verb is in the imperative form, it is in no way a command but an expression of want, desire, a wish, which to you our Father in Heaven is a delight to grant those petition that is rightfully ours in Jesus in whom we are one body.

In fact, my view is exactly the contrary of the perception given in my previous letter.

As you will notice from a previous article that I wrote 2 years ago, this is the very prayer of God taught by the Son of God. The Lord’s Prayer is God the Son teaching God’s children how to talk to God the Father. God the son alone knows how to talk to God the Father. In the attached  article I present the prayer of the Lord "give us this day our daily bread" taught by Jesus under the umbrella words of "Our Father in Heaven".

These words tell us that God in heaven is not a huge Omnipotent Being far away whose thumb is greater than the whole universe. Nor is He an impersonal God, but in the words of Jesus he is "our father" and that is the most amazing words for any human ears to hear. In heaven I have a Father who gives me the right to ask Him not as a beggar but as a son, that which belongs to me as an heir. And among other things God provides my need of daily food and every other need and want for being the son of such a wealthy, awesome and generous God who is my Abba in heaven.

The Lord's Prayer “give us this day our daily bread” is our rightful request as a child to a dutiful, caring Father who already has the menu prepared for my feeding of the day. God does not wait for my hunger or my needs or my cry for food to start getting busy in his kitchen. He who has given his own son for us will certainly not hesitate to give us, with him, all things.

Forgive me dear brother, as I know you will. I stand slightly observed for giving the impression of putting God the son against God the Father, which was NOT my intent neither was my desire to present God under command of anyone. In the same breath, I must add that should we not ask, seek and knock, then we dwell in disobedience to the command of Jesus the Lord.

If I may impose a point of clarification, let me make it now:
When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, it was not God who was in need of knowing whether Abraham loved God or not. I believe it was Abraham who was in need to know his love for God, who in the midst of tears discovers that which his predestined destine would come to pass immutably as certain as the feeding of those who are the children of God. We are in the midst of knowing self and God, who so patiently takes the time to teach his own things that should be of their complete mastery but that in reality are still being clarified on our minds.

We do not always believe what we said to believe exhaustibly.

Thank you again for standing for our God and at the same time lovingly calling to my attention this matter, which I clarify for the common good of the Body.

I remain in the name of Jesus where unity and reconciliation always prevail.

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. See the attached not of two years ago.

“This, Then, Is How You Should Pray.”
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

From your hands to our needs, oh Lord, give us that which is already ours by virtue of being your children.

Give us this day that which we already know is your loving provision for us in order to be strengthened in our heart, soul, and mind so we can love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbor as ourselves.

In the separated and holy name of Jesus, we ask your Kingdom to come on us first and through us to others as your will is done in us and through us in others.

All under the pattern of how it is done in heaven where any other will is absent and thankfully so.

Give us today the bread of life in Jesus and feed us today until we want no more.

We come before you not as beggars but as your children.

We come before you, oh Lord, not even to remind you; for you already have prepared every provision for every need before the foundation of the world; so we come in holy dependence to remind ourselves to whom we belong and upon whom we depend as a suckling child for the breast of his mother. Feed us with that which is our portion. Feed us with that which is OUR daily bread. We rightfully demand that which you have trained us “To ask, to seek, to knock”. “We were young and now we are old, we have never seen righteous forsaken nor his children begging bread”

We find a source of every blessings the words:

“Our Father in heaven.”