Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Great News!!!.
"All Things Still A Prayer Away"
With Gratitude To You My Praying Friends!!

Thank you so much for your prayers

The following is an email from Gerry's son Nathaniel about the answer to the earlier Urgent Request for Prayer.

Gerry & Julie Gutierrez


[From Nataniel]

Nathaniel Gutierrez
10:35 PM - Jan 24, 2014

To: Gerry Gutierrez

Hi Dad,

Since the day you sent your email, our entire family has felt incredible relief! My sinus infection went away immediately, Alicia felt immediate relief as well, and the kids never got sick! Even the team is having some very welcomed relief from illnesses. In fact, we felt so well that we were able to move into our new rental!

Today marks a week since we have moved into our new homes and we could not be more thankful for God's provision of a temporary/long-term home on this mission field. Today Jeremiah looked nervous when he saw me putting a suitcase away and asked if we were getting on an airplane tomorrow. I was so relieved to say we were here for the long haul. I know he is too.

Please thank all of our friends for their prayers for our team and family. We are so thankful for these dear brothers and sisters who lifted us up in prayer before our God who answered our prayers.

With thanks,