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Pray For The Mind Of Jesus To Rule Our Lives.
A Rich Man Walks Away From Jesus..

April 21, 2015

The initiative to walk with Jesus comes from the rich young ruler.
This man falls in love with Jesus and finds Jesus worth to associate.
Jesus is straightforward from the beginning in his conditions and requires of renunciation and death to self in order to follow Jesus.

The answer of the young man to the Lord Jesus reveals self-righteousness. Jesus presses on with the need of renunciation of wealth to enter heaven.
Now the question is: “Does Jesus need the wealth of any man?  

The answer is that in no way Jesus needs any wealth from anyone.
All that Jesus wants from the rich is to follow him without hindrance.
Wealth is a hindrance to follow Jesus. We all including the Rich man know  that at death no one can take his or her money with him or her.  

Then why don’t we give it up in exchange of treasures in heaven? The real problem of the rich man is reliance on material things.
Jesus wants him to trust him and him alone that were very difficult for the wealthy to give up. The real wealth of every person is his or her life body-heart, soul, strength and mind. This is hard for a wealthy or for those who think they are wealthy to give up. It's easier for camel to enter through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy person to enter the kingdom of God.  

In the same way it's difficult for a person to give up good looks, talents, fame, health, mind and youth to follow Jesus.
At the end of our lives we seem to become generous with God and are finally willing to give him all the balance of our years. Then we come before him holding a dry bouquet of rose in our hands, one for each year we have wasted without surrendering to Jesus. Let us give to Jesus our roses while they are still fresh, beautiful in long stem.

Peter as the spokesman of the human race asks Jesus the question: Where is the money? Or what is there for us if you die?
Jesus generously did not only secure his entrance and treasures in heaven, but Jesus promises power and authority to judge over his children. Peter not only became a lawyer but the judge of his people.

How does one gain such a great privilege in Heaven?  By renunciation of all possessions and renouncing loyalty to any previous relationships for the sake of our husband Jesus.  

We must not only renounce Egypt in exchange of the promised land; but you must renounce houses, brother, sister, father, mother-wife and children.

There is no other way to become one mind man with God or even a spouse without renunciation to any thing that comes in between a relationship. All privileges require the corresponding responsibility and that is hard work. The alternative is worse, to walk away and regret forever.

Many will not only live long enough to regret their lack of courage to renounce, but forever say: Woe is I, what a foolish I have been Woe is I what a waist, I am so sorry! I am so sorry!

Beware of the sin of self-righteousness that makes you blind. Jesus mentions a list of sins in specific order. He must have had a reason of his own: Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steel, do not give false testimony, honor your father and mother and love your neighbor as yourself. The rich man answered, “I have kept”…what do I still lack?

Even though it is an unforgivable sin to finish a meditation with a rhetorical question…let me make an exception. Had he really kept those commandments? Have we really kept these commandments?

Jesus wants you! Let us take Jesus at his word or else live to regret!
Let us not walk away as those who did not sit down to think the cost of commitment and count as rubbish all the wealth of this world. To develop a singleness of mind one must die to self and adopt the will of God. Let our view of Heaven be such that the glories of this world will fade away strangely blurred in comparison. Jesus is a God of his word and his promises are true.

Trust Jesus, obey Jesus, Love Jesus. He loves you.  

Gerry Gutierrez

First Thought. April 21, 2015. Georgia.
Matthew 19: 16 to 30
Attached a fresh picture for your prayers.