Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Delighting In The Book Of Luke Night And Day!

First Thought Series - GA
Luke 17:20-37
Aug. 17, 2015

“Taken and Left, Taken and Left, and Taken and Left.”

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” Was the answer of Jesus to the question of the Pharisees of “When would the Kingdom of God come?” The Kingdom of God is not yet to come, but it has already come, and the question is not when, but where is the Kingdom of God.

Jesus is the Kingdom of God

He has already come and

In fact it is within you!

The Kingdom of God is not an event to be inaugurated but an act to be concluded by the claiming of what is of God on earth. (End of the “already and not yet tension.”) By taken and left, taken and left and taken and left.

How is it going to be like?

-Like in the time of Noah.

Noah was taken and the rest were left.

-Like in the time of Lot.

Lot was taken and the rest were left.

-Like in the return of Jesus.

The member of the body of Jesus will be taken and the rest left!

*It is not hard to envision that in “the day of Noah,” the day of Lot” and “the day of Jesus,” especially in the last hour, many running like a mouse in every direction at the presence of a great number of cats.

*The advice of Jesus is “Don’t Run” stay on your roofs, stay in your fields, stay in the grindery, and stay in beds. It is too late to do anything now.

You can run but you cannot escape.

You are either in the ark or out of the ark.

You are either out of Sodom, or still in Sodom.

You are either with Jesus in your heart, or

You are on your own and alone.

*Remember Lots wife!

She was a true daughter of Eve who was prohibited by God not to eat one fruit and it was to that very one thing she went after at the price of her life in God. So it was with Lot’s wife. She was advised not to do one thing, but she did it at the cost of her life. She turned her head back to what left behind. Her hand was on the plow but her heart was back in Sodom. She did not die to her past therefore she lost her life.

Like the Jews of the Exodus who were taken out of Egypt but were left dead bitten by snakes in the desert for murmuring and thinking in Egypt. Only those who die to self and their past will be kept alive in Jesus. But he who wants to preserve his life will lose it.

-It is not by active effort we keep our life but by total renunciation and surrender of life that true preservation of life comes from.

“The day is coming for the longing to see one of the days of the Son of Man but you will not see it.” Men will tell you. “There He is”, or “Here He is.” Do not run after them. For the Son of Man in his day will be like lightening which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other”.

Every eye will see that day.!

*Look at the sky for signs. Look as the vultures gather. Death is present or about to occur as if a thirsty man in the desert falls on his face to stand up no more.


Gerry Gutierrez

PS. Longing and praying fervently for the return of Jesus in our generation!
Rejoicing and confronted by the Kingdom of God in my heart. Thank you Jesus. Thank you beautiful and merciful Father.