Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update



Remember ...a word of comfort for you who have secret and not so secret pains.



With the same comfort I have been comforted, I will comfort you.

I know you are silently hurting:

Just listen and Remember.


“The Lord is our Shepherd”.

He is not just “A shepherd”.

He is “Our Shepherd”.

We are “His Sheep”.

We are under “His care.”

He is “A good shepherd”


A shepherd that gives his life.

One who leads to still waters.

One who feeds green pastures.

One who kills Bears and Lions.

One close to you in good times.

One closer in dangerous times.

One who watches over you.


Do not fear little flock he says.

There is no reason to be afraid.

Believe in God, believe also in me.

No one will keep you from Home.

God is our Father who is in Heaven.

He is not like a Father in Heaven.

He is our Father in Heaven.


Today I prayed for you and write.

I want to rejoice in the answer.

Jesus loves you more than anyone.

For Jesus sake our God will answer.

Nothing can keep you from his love.

Let us thank him for his answer.

Tomorrow [Sunday12/6/15] let us sing in his house.


At his prompting…a love note and prayers.




Gerry Gutierrez.