Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Are You Drowsy And Sleepy?
A Meditation From Yesterday And A Correction From My Last Letter.

May 12, 2015

We all do get drowsy and sleepy while driving at the wee hours of the evening at the end of a trip.

Jesus after he had warned his disciples about the second coming, he added the following words to his teaching.  

“At that time”. That is the time right before Jesus will return. They all will have a sense of an intensive awareness of the day but not the hour. Like the animals in the forest they get strangely silent right before an earthquake.  

The ten virgins in this story represent all kinds of believers. Five were foolish and five were wise. They all are waiting for the bridegroom.

The matter here is oil. They all knew about the need of oil. Only half took the well-known advice to take oil for the night that was going to be a long night. Long nights are about to come over us soon.

Oil to us is equivalent to have taken Jesus at his word and by faith and prayer are ready to believe his will by being in alignment with Jesus and thus equipped for the coming of our bridegroom.

As the night goes on we all will get drowsy and will fall asleep. The midnight trumpet blast will sound announcing: “Here is the bridegroom, come out and meet him”  

That will be the true and great awakening. The hour had arrived. Now they know all about the day and the hour of truth. Just as the midnight oil is running out the faithful and the foolish virgins will scramble in a hurry to shift gears to overdrive and take their high-octane oil for the last lap to the finish line.  

The most loving and handsome bridegroom who needs not sleep has been traveling overnight and has come with beaming eyes to meet his beautiful and beloved bride.    

What happens next?
The brides are awaken from a “Power Nap”
They are frantically trimming the wick of their lamp.
They do not want to stumble in the dark on the way to his house.
Some run to the ladies room for one last look in the mirror.
Their hearts are pumping faster and faster.
They all are talking fast and breathlessly to one another.
They all need the same thing, the power of oil for their lamp.  

The oil that by faith was accumulated throughout life: Trust.
The oil belongs to the faithful who took Jesus at his word.
The oil that money can’t buy is precious oil from God.
Like faith and repentance no one can believe or repent for others.
One cannot buy or sell faith; either you have it or you don’t.
The whistle has been blown. The game is over.
The stock market is close all trades are halted.  

Every horizontal relationship is over.
It is now time to focus in the vertical relationship to the groom.
The bell has ranged the stock market is closed.
It is midnight and shops are closed for the last time.
Money saved through life is useless to buy oil.
The time to help others is gone forever.
One beautiful bride will say NO, to another bride about oil.
Not for lack of sympathy or love but the time to serve is gone.  

They are to love others of self, but not today.
The love for the bridegroom should be greater than all others.
Every horizontal earthly allegiance has come to its end.
They all are in a rush to meet the lover of their soul.
Nothing can separate us from the love of God, which is in Jesus.
People will offer their kingdom for a little oil in vain.
GO and BUY what you need with the money you trusted.
No room for entitlement and dependence from others.
No guilty trips will silence the rightful sounding NO!

The wise virgins will need their oil to light the path to his house.
With a hand holding their wedding gown and a lamp on the other.
They will be careful not to fall in front of the bridegroom.

The virgins will need their light to light up their faces for him.
This is their wedding day theirs only as far as they are concerned. Everyone will try her best to be noticed by the bridegroom.
The virgins will need their lamp to see Jesus.
They have been looking for Jesus all their lives.  

Singing: This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine, let it shine.
They will go inside and Satan wasn't able to blow their light out.
At the door their hearts will leave for joy at the smile of Jesus.
They will know the author of the smile on Jesus was their presence.
The doors will close behind with them safely inside forever.
Blessed assurance Jesus is mine and mine forever.
Then later, but not much later but late enough the desperate voices will be heard from outside the closed doors.
Sir, the door for us"

Jesus, with a stern voice will speak the truth that they so rejected in life: "I tell you the truth. I don't know you."
That is the same as to say "You did not take me at my word". "You did not agree and become one with me according to my word and will." "You are not mine and I don’t know you" "You wanted to be independent from me?
Now you have it.
You are on your own".
Thus Jesus finishes his teaching to his drowsy and sleepy disciples with the words:

"Therefore keep watch because you do not know the day or the hour."
"Let us get oil before we get drowsy and fall to sleep"

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. In my last letter to you my friends from around the World there has been a misunderstanding. There was one brother who thinks I am soliciting money. That is not the case. I am just testifying before it happens that our Lord will restore me more that ever before and I just want you to be aware before it happens. In regard to Julie my desire is to have her back with me ASAP but only on God’s terms. I miss her and ask you to pray for her very much please.