Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update



Have a blessed Thanksgiving!  Some said that

"Life is a gift of God and what we do with it is our gift to Him"

First Thought Nov.15, 2015 - Acts 1:1-11


Who is a Man Full of the Holy Spirit?


ItŐs a man who is not his own but has lost control of self.

ItŐs a man under control of the power of the Holy Spirit.

ItŐs a man as if ŇdrunkÓ with the Power of the Holy Spirit.

ItŐs a man who lives Ňunder the influenceÓ as if DUI.

ItŐs a man so ŇrelaxedÓ that cannot Ňfall hardÓ in the flesh.


ItŐs a man dead to self and does not have feelings or hurts.

ItŐs a man who no longer lives but Jesus in Him.

ItŐs a man in whose life the eye of the Lord rests.

ItŐs a man to whose prayers the ear of the Lord is attentive.

ItŐs a man who walks in agreement with God.


ItŐs a man who listens and takes Jesus at His word.

ItŐs a man to whom GodŐs will is everything.

ItŐs a man whose life is in alignment with God.

ItŐs a man who falls but his feet do not strike a rock.

ItŐs a man to whom God has put angels in charge.


ItŐs a man who finds grace even among enemies.

ItŐs a man whose light is attractive to others.

ItŐs a man under persecution of goodness and mercy.

ItŐs a man whose shepherd is the Lord Himself.

ItŐs a man whose inner Joy is greater than he can express.


ItŐs a man spoiled by the love of God with greater good.

ItŐs a man with divine appointments around every corner.

ItsŐ a man from whose life God has removed all fear.

ItŐs a man blurry in the eye but clear in his vision of heaven.

ItsŐ a man whose eyes have seen what others have not seen.


ItŐs a man whose ears have heard what other have not heard

ItŐs a man who like the wind goes and goes under authority.

ItŐs a man whose love for the house of God consumes him.

ItŐs a man who dying, like Jesus forgives even his enemies.

ItŐs a man for who Jesus will stand up to welcome him.


ItŐs a man who lives the supernatural in the most natural way.

ItŐs a man for who to live is Jesus and to die is truly gain.

ItŐs a man who is not willing to lose anyone but the traitor.

ItŐs a man whose best day on earth is his last as witness of Jesœs.

ItŐs a man whose prayer never goes unanswered.


ItŐs a man for whom there is only greater good ahead.

ItŐs a man who looks forward death by the power of the Spirit.


Gerry Gutierrez.


PS. Because of Romans 8:28 "Nothing can go wrong for us the predestined of God"