Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update


“Religious people are warmongers”

First Thought. Luke 22:1-6

The plot to kill Jesus

22 was near the feast of unleavened bread, which is called the Passover.

And the chief priests and scribes sought how they might destroy him; they feared the people.

And Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve; and he went and talked with the chief priests and the chief captains, how he might deliver.

5 They were delighted and agreed to give him money.

And he fully consented, and sought opportunity to betray him to the people.


 “Religious people are warmongers”

Warmongers are people who urge or attempt to stir up war or conflict.  A war is more than just soldiers and weapons and monetary power.  War must be justified before the homeland and the international community.  It has a moral component that without it the leaders cannot live with their consciences and decisions. 

*At careful analysis we can find a power behind the throne and that is the religious forces.

-The real warmongers of the wars among the world and throughout the generations are chief priests, teachers of the law, and ruling elders.

The chief priests and teachers of the law were looking for some way to get rid of Jesus, is they did not put their hands on him it was because they were afraid of the people.

Notice the relentless nature of the religious hatred.  Cowards find refuge in hate.  They conspire together at the price even of their own soul, but are afraid of the people.  “The people have clear eyes”.  They eventually come to know the unrighteous and the righteous for what they are.

A religious person is a people pleaser and people user.  They are proud people who like to be liked and admired. 

The worse for them is to be disliked and not worshiped and admired, as they would forever like it.

If someone became a threat to them, they will not rest until they get rid of the threat.  In this case Jesus was a real threat to their aspiration in life.

Plotting and agreeing to sin is a way of life to them.  If a traitor comes to them to help then in their attempt to murder, they do not hesitate to invest money to see injustice on broad light that usually starts in secret meetings and sneaking at night behind Jesus when the crowds were not present. 

They find great delight at the sight of blood and seek an escape goat in Judas who consented in the betrayal.  They could almost taste their crime. 

The need for victory of the wicked over the righteous is the real heart of this passage.  In actuality Jesus did not come to be killed, Jesus came to die.

Not at the hands of a seemingly strong willed people who prevailed before a Jesus who was seemingly careless by not posting guards around Him or hiding from possible attack by night.

I stand up to remind our generation about the sovereignty of God as the blessed controller of all things by prophecy and predestination and nothing whatsoever comes to pass escapes his blessed control and his ever prevailing will. 

What happened to Jesus was predetermined before the foundation of the world to its minimum detail.

For example, let me smuggle a personal testimony to reinforce my case.

I had two marriages.  I lost my first wife to death after forty years.  Then I lost my second wife to abandonment.

To me they were both the love of my life and both were the will of God for me.  In fact “the perfect will of God” for me and tailored to my need to become what our Lord wants me to be primarily and to do little nothings secondarily. I have been chosen to be first and to do some predestined thing later and inevitably.

My Ruthie grabbed me and dragged me to Jesus and help me to stay there for over forty years and I in exchange surrendered her to Jesus and pushed her at the feet of Jesus’ throne. 

My Julie reached out to me a helpless widower in great need to love another woman as my Ruthie loved me.  I grabbed her by the hand and in exchange she chased me under the wings of the most high for refuge and survival and wait.

Now she is away from me not by her power or my words or any circumstance beyond God’s control.  There are greater forces of the unseen world at work in us all of the same kind of work of Joseph in Egypt and his brothers.

“You meant it for evil but God meant it for good.”  God can use the temper tantrum of as person just as effective as the self-pity and insecurities of the other. God can and has used even the wicked as a whip on the back of the fool.  When the greater good is not yet visible it’s because the tree and its branches are blocking the view of the meadows and the rolling hills where as a deer our hearts long to run freely and securely by faith, prayer having consciously settled for the will of God revealed in Jesus.

Shall I doubt his tender mercies of Him who through life has been my guide?”

Though my enemies are relentless in their hatred, my God is more relentless in His love.  One thing I know and that is that His will shall prevail with immutable precision more constant and precise than the speed of light.

Our Father in heaven is building his kingdom by leading us home one by one.  “All the way our Savior leads us.”

Even if left by the side of the road half dead, half blind and bleeding, he will send His good Samaritans to take care of us.  He, who cares for the little birds, cares for us all the more.

Wars among Kingdoms are violent and brutal.  But what is despicable in war are the traitors who use their advantages to put their thumb on the scale and tilt the balance of forces seeking personal gain regardless of its consequences on others.

Judas agrees to betray Jesus. 

The key word here is agreement.  In order to agree you need two or more adopting a will as a common objective.  The heart of the agreement is the condition and terms of the agreement.  There is a give and take in agreement.  Agreement is the central nervous system of several bodies acting as one.

Because of agreement the left foot of a battalion of soldiers strikes the ground at the same time as the drum beat of the marching band.

Agreement and disagreement are pregnant words on their nine month about to give birth good or evil.

We can dare to say that history is the history of agreements and disagreements only to make a point on the importance of the word “agreement.”

All agreements are agreements around a will, a want, a desire, a plan as objectives.

By the will of God there was agreement and harmony in heaven before creation.

By the disagreement of an angel with the will of God the harmony was broken.

Disagreement with the will of God is the root of all evil.

Hell is the best evidence of the displeasure of God with those who disagree with his will. Hell is the dwelling place of the Devil and those who agreed with Him.

Scripture speaks about the trinity agreeing with each other to make man into their own image and God created man, male and female.  Male alone is not man.  Female alone is not man.  Male and female is man. To procreate children they were created.

*Therefore lesbians and homosexuals are in open disagreement with the will of God clearly stated from the mouth of the Trinity.

*They are people in open challenge and stand in defiance to God.

Any movement against the will of God is doomed to fail.  He who does not gather together with Jesus scatters without Jesus. Either one is with Jesus or against Jesus.

How did the tragedy of the eternal spill into space and time of God’s created world?

Satan the enemy of God in disgrace dared to disagree with God and now he hates God and is unable to hit God because his arm is short and his strength is weak.

Satan in his folly is strong enough to hit the little ones of God who place them in a beautiful Garden.  So he came to tempt Eve with the same temptation in which he fell. Using her desire for the fruit Satan sought to have Eve to disagree with God.

For our purposes it is necessary to define temptation as the preference of any other will but the clearly sated will of God.

Preference is like casting a vote for a candidate instead of the other.  It is to agree with one and disagree with the other.

Eve chooses to disagree with God’s will and agreed with the will of Satan and the world became a jail and every son of Adam and Eve inmates.

Let us consider something closer to our time and age.

At the beginning of the new creation of Jesus, there was a couple in the new garden of the world, the church.

Their names were Ananias and Sapphira.  They were killed for lying.  But their true crime was not their lie only.  Their crime was to claim to be believers and agree together to lie.

As a marriage they were generous givers to the work of the kingdom.  Nothing wrong with that, but we can say without fear of making a mistake that even their giving was stained with Simony which is the temptation to use money for spiritual gain as Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:8-25.

Ananias and Sapphira were killed on the spot for agreeing to lie. As believer the marriage was in bad shape. One stopped being the guardian of the soul of the other. They certainly were of the kind of Cain who said to God: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Cain meant to say I am not my brother’s keeper. But those of Jesus must have a family resemblance with Jesus by nature and vocation and become increasingly “Our brother’s keeper”.

Satan is the father of lies.

Jesus is the father of truth.


Agreement with one is disagreement with the other.  You cannot serve two masters.   

In the case of Judas that is our meditation, we must consider it in two parts.

The crucifixion of Jesus and the betrayal of Judas was not only a predestined event set by a sovereign God who knows the end from the beginning, but God also set by prophecy for all things to come to pass in an inalterable and precise way.

Judas indeed is a peon on God’s chessboard of his absolute sovereignty.

The forensic element that God built against Judas is his own preference.  Judas was called but obviously he was not a “chosen one.”  Judas was one of the twelve and entrusted with the money and entrusted with the content of the teaching and testimony of God’s own son but the temptation of money and the power to control consumed him.

For money he decided to disagree with Jesus and agree with the enemies of Jesus and that cost His life.  The proper end of a traitor is suicide after an agonizing remorse. Worldly sorrow leads to death. While Godly sorrow leads to life.

Craftiness and cleaver greed can make you fool people including yourself. But the conscience is celibate and does not get marry with anyone but God and it will convict you of sin to your dying days. The finger of the accuser, the one time partner in crime, the accuser of the brethren, is also a traitor to his servants.

In Judas hour of need, they were not helpful at all. “Kill him before he repents like Peter” seem to be their attitude. What is that to us will always be the answer of religion to those who trust in flesh.

Instead of going to God in repentance and tears Judas goes to religion and finds out too late that religion does not save! I repeat, “Religion does not save”.

Judas went to disagree from his previous agreement.  Oh no!!  Business is business.  He was asked before “deal or no deal”.  He agreed with the offer and made the deal. 

Both parties were delighted at the time.  The only way you could dissolve an agreement is by repentance and forgiveness and some one has to pick up the check.

There is no such a thing as a little bit pregnant.

There is no such a thing as a little bit married.

There is no such a thing as a little bit saved.

There is no such a thing as a little bit dead.


Either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant.

Either you are married or you are not.

Either you are saved or you are not saved.

Either you are dead or you are not dead.


The pregnant gives birth or aborts.

The married live together or they divorce.

The saved walk with God or they walk without God.

The dead are buried or they are alive.


If you have given your word in agreement, then you must keep your word or betray. 

Agreement is as sacred as covenant. Our Lord Jesus demands that we agree with God’s will if we want answer to our prayers. We do not pray in order to get what we will but in order to aligned ourselves with God’s Sovereign will.

In all honesty I have to say at the risk of being stoned that there is no such a thing as  “our prayers being answered in the way we understand answer today.” Our prayers are only real prayers if we pray according God’s will. It is his will prevailing and not our wills and desires. The ultimate perfect result of prayer is aliment with God.

Otherwise it gives the impression of God coming into alignment with us and our prayers and desires because prayer ultimately is the wish of a will.  In that sense our prayers and it answers as the result of prayer and will of God by us coming finally into alignment and oneness in Jesus expressed in His prayers in the garden and the Lord’s Prayer. Not my will but your will be done.

Alignment with one another will never happen till we are in alignment with God in the closet of our hearts.

It is impossible for the cross to stand as cross with first putting the vertical beam firmly embedded on the ground and then and only then we can place the horizontal beam of the cross. Political leaders are trying to lead in harmony the people without God. That is as ridiculous as trying to keep the horizontal beam in the air without the vertical beam firmly on the ground.

In the same way it will be impossible to agree with one another on the horizontal relationship, unless we are in agreement with God in our vertical relationship.

It was the prayer of the Son of God to do the will of his Father and not his own will.  It was the will of the Father to pierce his feet with nails and accept the death of the will of Jesus in our behalf. 

Jesus with open hands reaches one next to him. Then prays for the forgiveness of those who cause Him such a pain. But his last words in the cross was in the power of the Holy Spirit as he by dying said “I do” as our husband and “paid in full” as our savior “deal “as our Kind purchasing slaves at great price and “Father I commit my spirit in your hands” as Son of God.

The Lord Jesus purchased the agreement of the repentant soul by his death on the cross and calls us now with his opened pierced hands to embrace us together in agreement with God in Jesus. Let us agree together in the mind of Jesus and pray according God’s will and truly have all things a prayer away. Let us pray, less we fall asleep and fall in temptation. I salute you in the name of Jesus to you awake of God.

Gerry Gutierrez