Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Chattanooga Christian School Message &
Son Nathaniel's Birthday
December 9, 2016

Reverend Travis Hutchinson sent a recording of a  short talk which I gave two times to over a thousand kids at the Chattanooga Christian School shortly after my eye surgery.


I just want you to know my heartbeat.


I was taken half blind by the hand to the lectern having not preached in three years and unable to read my own notes. The principle was pleased and later a religion teacher said to me, that I was sincere and that was good for the kids. I would like to think that it was more than sincerity. I believe it was the Holy Spirit. I just heard it and thought to send it to you, Nathaniel, for your birthday so you can judge for yourself if it was only sincerity or agree with me that our Lord taking over as he said, "Speak, it is not you speaking". 


You can listen to it here.

Today is my Nathaniel's Birthday. Please let us celebrate together.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel, 


My dear Nathaniel.

It is your 35th Birthday and my 70th, Birthday. It was exactly 35 years ago when I was myself 35 years old like you today. Many Blessings my man of God.

I am looking forward to your return to celebrate BIG at "Big River" restaurant. 



PS. Big River also has good stakes.