Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Open letter to the Reverend Doctor Robert Rayburn.


Dear Rob,

How grateful I am to our Lord Jesus for all the time you are taking in your busy schedule to read and write to me about “The New Manifesto of the Followers of Jesus.” Thank you also for promptly answering my last letter the question of, What precisely I want you to know about the content of “The Manifesto”, in order for you to help me to condense it as to market it for our generation.

Okay, here we go, let me shoot from the hip, and while we are there, let me make this letter an open letter as to go ahead and answer possible question that may come from other brothers.

I remain thankful in Jesus.
Gerry Gutierrez.


There is a problem on earth that is keeping Jesus from returning for us.

“The Prayer of faith that takes Jesus at his word, in agreement with God in the mind of Jesus, according God’s will as stated in Scripture, is absent from the church.”

Unless we accept the diagnosis of Jesus that the church is not a house of prayer, we will live in denial, powerless lives in disagreement with God and unable to pray with all our hearts and clear conscience “Your Kingdom come.”

I am pleading in tears with great fear to be misunderstood by the church in my attempt to convince the body in the urgent need to reform our view and practice of prayer.

The one thing we know for sure is, the will of God for the church in order to be healthy is stated in the following verse. “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all your circumstances, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus” I Tess 5:16.

“It is the will of God for us to pray”

Only a life of prayer can see the answer to prayer, and have a reason to rejoice always. If you rejoice without reason then you are only tickling yourself under the armpits, or the plant of your feet.

He who discovers through prayer, who? He is in God through Jesus, is the only one that has the desire to pray continuously to the point that prayer becomes a state of mind as normal as breathing; in the same way as the work of the mind is uninterrupted as breathing, equally unconscious of that work.

No one consciously monitors the mind to think, or the lung to breath consciously. Therefore in collective prayer, one actually stops breathing and is self-consciousness pray more for public consumption than God’s consumption.

I know that, because I have been there, and so will admit my sincere friends with conscience.

A person, in whose life the answer to prayer is a constant reality, is one who is not only alive but has Life. This person will give thanks in all circumstances, because he knows that even his adverse circumstances are part of God's answer to prayer by making all wrongs right working together for the greater good according to God's will and word.

The source of faith and trust of this person is the prophesied life of Jesus and his own predestined life. This person will take the doctrine of the Sovereignty of God with great ease that whatsoever it comes to pass is according the will of God.

To such a man the prayer that seeks God to agree with him will sound increasingly estrange.  The joy of agreeing with the will of God and not his own will, will down in his life like bright mourning Sun to never darken again. His heart will have no room but to be thankfully busting in prayer as a child burst in laughter and joy. Then from the abundance of his heart, his mouth will give in all circumstances.

 Prayer awakens man to the reality of who he is to God and Jesus.

The oneness of this man with God in Jesus, it's not something like a slice of pie in the sky when you die; but a taste of heaven on earth that sets him apart from all. Much joy may deprive him of speech as he finds essay to understand but hard to communicate to others without God’s help. Thus God place a man of his choice in the seldom-trafficked road reserved for his remnant.

To him indeed death is gain and all fear is gone but the fear of the Lord. The inheritance of a thankful man of prayer is not only the peace of God, but the God of peace himself at the cool of the day every day just like before the fall in the garden.

A man of prayer it's not aloof but looks aloof, because small things that make others bend out of shape no longer affects him.

He is different, not because he wants to be different, but because he indeed is different, even to himself, to his family and friends. Prayer for this man is not works or bondage that he has to do, but the most joyful hanging out with God in Jesus.  What is most beautiful is that it is obtainable to everyone who takes our principal stated in the equation F=PW2, where faith is equal to prayer under the will of God according to Scripture.

Faith is taking Jesus at his word without editing his words in a child like manner.  Prayer is agreement with God in thought, word and deed according the will of God in oneness and unity in the mind of Jesus as stated in Scripture.

The will of God is the only thing that prevails on earth as in Heaven. It should not be accepted grudgingly or even resentfully when it comes like a bulldozer to prepare the landscape for the future residential development. The will and obedience must go at all times as hand and glove as in heavenly working harmony.

The Word of God must be taken as the constant standard more reliable that the speed of light. The word obeyed must work the same results anywhere, any time under the same circumstances with the same results. 

The prayer equation, faithfully applied, is guaranteed to work with infallible results.  If this principle fails, I am willing to be stoned to death for foolishly speaking as the false prophets of old.

Lastly the New Manifesto of the Followers of Jesus it's just that, “a Manifesto.”

Let's call things by its name; there is Radical Prayerlessness in the Church today that is not acceptable.

The manifesto of Marx and Engels of 1848 was an outcry to change the order of the establishment of Germany, Europe and the world by calling, “Workers of all Lands Unite”. Lenin in Russia took Marx and Engels at their word and launched his October Revolution. Manifestos, seeking for unity, are as old as history. Since Babel, men in unity build cities to make a name for themselves, to control other and their circumstances for which “Unity” is a key word, build the cities.

Unity is not the issue, but under whose name is unit to be? The call to unity by Marx and Engel is not unity for the sake of unity, but unity around an ideology and that was The Dialectical Materialism of Marx and Engels. Ideas run the world, not people.

I am not afraid of the red bottom of the nuclear arsenal of any super power. What I am afraid if I chose to be afraid is of the idea in the mind of the person whose finger rests on the trigger.

Everyone knows even by instinct that the Ideology of the classroom in one generation will be the Ideology of the Government in the next generation. The real battleground of all political movement is the mind. As a man thinks so is he. Prayer is the occupation of the mind, therefore prayer for the believer is crucially important. It is in the mind we win or we lose.

Marxists know this very well. They say that Politics is war without shedding of blood and war is politics with the shedding of the blood. They do not believe that the classes that hold the power will ever hand over power by peaceful means.

Therefore the revolutionary movements offer a succinct and clear rationale that is easily understood and easily communicable to others. Thus they conquer easily the minds of young people who by nature are restless and eager to change the world with new ideas worth dying for.  As Jean Paul Sartre said: “When a man finds a reason to die for, then he is happy. Who can defeat a life that has found a cause worth dying?

That is the reason why even today the Radical Islam movement is exploiting the idealism of the young people who otherwise will end life filling less important than an inchworm.

The Manifesto clearly understood is as effective weapon for World Change. When a young mind who is already predisposed to hate because he has identify a villain in his mind, he no longer needs a deep concept to master. But a clear ideology that he can verbalize to his pear that generates in them the self-confidence for the heroic.

When his peers equally understand the ideology communicated, it becomes a self-propelled movement with a chain reaction effect that normal people will not understand but radically judge and reacts to only gain the name of Reactionaries.

That sense of collective security is also a factor that fuels the ego with the same syndrome that the Kamikazes of Japan in World War II were armed that gave no option to the allies but to use the Atomic bomb.

In a way, such was the nature of Jesus’ revolution; it was simple, clear, transparent and easy to understand and easy to communicate. The effects by the power of the Holy Spirit were more than encouraging as the church grew. Jesus asked a small obedience to make disciples of two or three friends in covenantal  relationship. To pray together knowing that Jesus is in the midst of two or three gathered together in his name.

Then some Theological Vandals came to muddy the waters of the Gospel that we can no longer see bottom. We see less and less clear that the disciples of Jesus at first. In obscurity no one finds easy to die for what he cannot quite understand.

It is like Albert Einstein said, “If you cannot explain it in few words, you probably don't understand it yourself”. The option of the church is to go back to taken Jesus at his word and in child likeness agree with God and his will without editing his word and follow the example of Jesus as stated in Scripture.

God’s little children are tiptoeing at the waters edge afraid to drowned in the dark depths of the so-called “secularized wisdom” that is like toothless lions.

While it is clear from scriptures that the Father is please to placed the cookie jar of his truths in the lower shelves, at the reachable of children and the child like so they may feed themselves the freshly baked cookies at their hearts satisfaction, less by claiming to the upper shelves may fall and hurt themselves.

The task of the high and mighty it to show some humility by bending their knees after looking left and right like Nicodemus who came to Jesus at night for some cookies. Come in humility to eat along with the little ones, who by the way are “The Land Lords of The Kingdom of God”.  For Jesus said about the little children “To such as these belong the kingdom of God”. Jesus also said that it was to God’s pleasure to hide those things from the wise and understanding a reveal it to the little children”.

Our Manifesto requires that we take Jesus at his word and be like little children, not childish but like little children, otherwise will never enter the kingdom of God.

Until then, “Rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” I Tess. 5:16.

Now we have no excuses, we know the express will of God. Prayer will make you Rejoice. Prayer will make you pray continuously and prayer will make you thankful. That is the heart precisely of the New Manifest of the Followers of Jesus”.

“Believers of all Lands, Unite in Prayer. In the name, the example, power and authority of Jesus”.

Let us accelerate the coming of the Kingdom by Praying together with Jesus and in unison, for it is the express desire of the Lord to want to return soon. Let us agree.

“You Kingdome come”.

Gerry Gutierrez.

(Joseph Stephen)

Declaring an open Ideological war to Karl Marx.