Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Something to brag about.


“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice, he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ears to me, I will call on him as long as I live”. Psalm 116: 1- 2.


Thank you my friends, for crying out for mercy with me, because he has heard our voices. Let us keep asking again together and calling him, as long as we both shall live or he returns first as a result of our prayers.


Yesterday, I went to see the doctor, for my seventh day check up. I heard him say: “Good, Very good, Perfect. The Retina has been attached, your vision will continue to be blurry for six months, come back to see me in 30 days”.


At the counter, the nurse said, “you must be doing all right, because he is giving you one month without appointment, Congratulations.” I knew all things are a prayer away for them who are of God’s stuff. For us who are called and have been chosen to be his witnesses are under “Jehovah care.” 


But curiosity got the best of me that I said to the Father; may I ask you Lord, why are you doing this things to me? Then, he who’s cannon is closed and work of redemption is finished, did not speak as if there is need to add to his revealed word as if he has not already spoken all I need to hear. He kindly deferred my question to the Holy Spirit, to remind me, to guide me, to teach me, to comfort me and speak to my heart just as loud as 2000 years ago.


“God did not spare his own Son from suffering all kinds of testing. Jesus came as a witness, to testify about the love and grace of God. Jesus has called his followers as witnesses to testify about Jesus in us as the hope of glory.”


We do not testify in order to become a witness. It's because we are witness that we testify. We cannot but testify what we have seen and heard and become in Jesus. We are born again not to testify of the fact of our new birth only. We are born again to testify about the work of Jesus as God in us. Then like soldiers, we do not choose when to fight or to whom to fight or where to fight.


For a witness of Jesus, to testify is not a choice, but a holy duty where by no matter what we do or stop doing, we are testifying because we are witnesses.


It's not all about us, it's all about Jesus, it is he doing so many things in us, through us and in spite of us in all of us at the same time and for his own will and glory.


t's none of my business to try to figure it out always the reasons of the seasons.


It's been a long time since I stopped fighting my own battles alone, he has taking over. Ahead of me and at every turn there is nothing but good and greater good.
It cannot be in any other way to him who loves Jesus and takes him at his word in a child like manner. When I am in great need I stop in full attention and can no longer pray as usual with my words and thoughts.


 appeal to God in silence and “wet prayer”. In those times, I have a clear sense that he hears the drops of tears falling to the ground as with a blast of a bomb that causes saints on earth to cry out with me and Angels in heaven turned their heads not toward me, but toward God, to see once again what they have seen and heard for so many centuries the love and care of the Father for his little ones on earth.


This battle of mine as any others, he will win on my behalf and have his way as usual, because I belong to him as my hands belong to me.


It is in our unity with God in Jesus that our hearts are thankful even for the hand that slaps our faces or any other so call mishaps. The pursuit of happiness and the search of safety at any cost will only keep me from fellowshipping in his sufferings. Sufferings are designed to leads us to experience oneness with God. Then we go from victory to victory and from glory to glory and from strength to strength.


Therefore, sicknesses, persecutions, betrayals, abandonments, pain and all kinds of evil including sin against me, are missionaries doing the sovereign work of God in my life.


Once the missioners get the job done, they have no business to hang around but to leave. Suffering and persecution are like hunting dogs driving us to the shepherd’s presence; it is there that I can say, "death is gain".


Bear with me my brothers for the length of my emails. Thank that they are not as long as Paul’s to his friends. The inheritance of the believer is “Fellowship.”
The times of Paul and his friends are gone; this is my time with my friends.


Paul and I share one similarity and that is a bad eyesight and old age.
I too write my manuscripts in big letters with my one good eye at 75% capacity.
Then I read it to my smart phone that puts it in writing not without misunderstanding some words due to my heavy southern accent that many time is not what I wanted to say.


My next step is that I send it to myself via email to my computer, from there I copy and paste on word and proceed to spell check, grammar proof and edit it, in order to send to a missionary friend on the other side of the world for a final check for any gross mistake.


If she has time the letter will see the light of day in three days in your monitor. I sent it to you with the rocket of prayer as especial and personal delivery.


You may have noticed an eschatological urgency on my letters.
The reason being that I do not know how much time I have left among you.
The other reason is that I have so much I want to share with you that even though I am retired and have all the time of the world, but it is not enough time for me to do all that is in my heart.


I have an added problem that is calling my attention. Couple of my toes is chronically getting black in the mornings due to diabetes and poor circulation.
If I sit in front of the computer too long, my legs swallow. I eat when I can and many times the wrong things. My life is a life without option yet full of ideas and projects.


In the midst of it all, Jesus is indeed more than enough for me. The Lord has send Nathaniel providentially to drive me around at this time of need. i have slowed down a little , but my direction is sharp and in alignment with God's will as never before.
In the last four months I have dried up the ink of more than 30 pens and I wrote hundreds of short articles thinking in you. You may not understand yet at this time the content of some of my writings, but after I am gone it's my prayer that it will be useful to you.


You are in no obligation to write me back, unless under the loving conviction of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise it will not do well to either of us to just write words of our own. We can't afford that kind of letters at this stage of our lives.


I don't even know how many people visit my websites apart of all of you my friends on my safe list. I could be countless, few or none. It's the love of God that constrains me to write to you as if I was at the receiving end.


Let it be clear my friends, I'm not soliciting or pursuing personal gain. You are my eyewitness of how it looks a man who has decided to be a fool for Jesus. If I find favor in your eyes, then I ask you a little bit more patience with me. You will find my words extremely new but actually the same that is also in your own heart. The reason is that we both are just remembering who we were in Jesus back in the Garden and why we are here in this world.


Many things I have done in the strength of the flesh but this time is not one.  Some may feel offended with my boldness. Please do not get offended unless I am in open rebellion, heresy or denying Jesus as God in the flesh or involved in gross sin. I am just so encouraged with the power of prayer as the means to change the world in our generation that I cannot stand still.


Your Gerry Gutierrez.


Gerry, a regular Moshe Dayan!