Gerry Gutierrez' Update


  September 11, 2016 GA.

This man long to be known from this day forward as “This man.”

This man would like to clarify things yet to come in writing.

This man would like to share his frame of mind previously.

This man is not a professional writer but finds joy in writing.

This man’s desire is to talk about “talking to God” in Prayer.

This man hated passionately Prayer for the lack of understanding.


This man now, understands Prayer more than anything in life.

This man is a bondservant of Prayer as the source of true Power.

This man will have nothing else to speak about the rest of his life.

This man wants to live a supernatural life in the most natural way.

This man has been attracted to Jesus to the supernatural in him.


This man’s soul always thirsted for the transcendental part of life.
This man knows that only Jesus has resurrected from the dead.
This man trusts Jesus as the only way to the Father in heaven.
This man finds unacceptable the health of the church, as is it now.

This man believes that next to God, prayer is the most important. 


This man loves God and God loves jealously and possessively.

This man listens and talks to God every day and never is enough.

This man has been called by God as his witness to testify.

This mad started to testify the very first day of his conversion.

This man became national leader among the students in his country.


This man pursued wisdom for twelve years in higher education.

This man became an international leader in a foreign country.

This man became involved in a worldwide leadership work.

This man walked with “The Giants” of the army of the Lord early on.

This man reached out to the heads of states of the world.


This man worked with orphans, the poorest of the poor of the world.
This man visited the tomb of Carl Marx to give him a fair warning.

This man visited Lenin at the Red Square of Moscow by the Kremlin.

This man saw the body of Mao in the Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

This man visited the tomb of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India.

This man visited the empty garden tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem.

This man visited with the most powerful men on earth in Washington.

This man looked for the transcendental and supernatural everywhere.

This man did not find what he was looking among the living on earth.


This man knew that there was more to what he came to believe.
This man wept in pain and abandonment but he was never alone.

This man was blessed with a great wife, children and grandchildren.

This man knew how to love and love hard others as himself.

This man’s heart was broken several times because of love.

This man believes to be selfish not to love if opportunity is given.

This man meets and talks with anyone alive in the world regardless.
This man has looked everywhere under the Sun for the supernatural.

This man searched for the Father of the Father of God since seven.


This man wanted to know what is above the heavens of the heavens.

This man wanted to make heaven out of earth through revolution.
This man knew he needed power to accomplish his dreams.

This man knows now that power is not born in the barrel of a rifle.

This man suspected always that real power is from the supernatural. 

This man learned to speak at age one by repeating the Lord's Prayer.
This man found prayer harder to understand than God himself.

This man found prayer at first to be like blinking light, “hit and miss”.

This man elected 24 boys and girls to pursue the mind of Christ.

This man prayed daily with disciples just to understand prayer.


This man lost many followers who found prayer too hard to believe.

This man was visited by sweat, tears, blood, pain and even death.
This man was abandoned again and again by family and friends.
This man finally discovered the secret of prayer at the death of wife.

This man has nothing left of value on earth but faith and prayer.


This man is willing to give his life for the sake of prayer as he knows.

This man is trustworthy and we know his testimony to be truth.

This man lives life alone and away from family and friends.

This man sometimes does not see a human being for days.

This man has not spoken in his mother tongue for a long time.
This man is a people person like no other but he is utterly alone.

This man knows of himself to be the happiest man on earth.

This man remembers Eden in Adam at  the “Cool of the day.”

This man looks forward to mornings as “The cool of the day”.

This man does not exist for anyone at “The cool of the day”.

This man’s “cool of the day” sometimes ends at sundown.

This man has heard and seen things too beautiful for words.
This man loves God but he speaks to others about the love of God. 
This man's flour and oil do not diminishes as he shares his bread. 

This man is a twelve-year-old boy in a body of a seventy-year-old.

This man receives from God all the desires of his heart always.

This man teaches in the same way as he cooks and feeds others.

This man loves to share his food and is happy when others are glad.

This man’s face withers when he has no one to share with, his joy. 

This man is having so much fun that is enough to go around.

This man plans to communicate and tell it all in the letters to follow.

This man writes differently from others, because he's different.

This man asks you to click this website please: I am this boy also.


This man will give you as much as you can eat, he loves to feed.

This man thinks that out of so much, something should remain.

This man has found all the power he was searching throughout life.

This man is plugged in the outlet of God’s power in prayer.

This man has no need of any more power ever again personally.

This man was in need of power when he did not know about power.


This man’s greatest secret is his oneness with God in Jesus.
This man rests in peace on the absolute sovereignty of God.

This man is without any choice or option but the will of God.

This man, apart from the Lord's Prayer, his own prayer is “yes”.

This man does not need to know any order from God but his will.


This man is amazed beyond words to discover an equation.
This man is planning to talk to everyone about this equation.

This man, has discovered an equation similar to E=Mc2.

This man has discovered a law in the spiritual equation of F=Pw2.

This man’s Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will and Word of God.

This man’s hope is to harness and unleash the Power of Prayer.

This man does not believe in making God do his will by Prayer.


This man believes that power is needed to be in alignment with God.

This man believes, once in alignment with God, no need of power.

This man believes that Einstein’s and his own equation are similar.
This man’s equation is only an illustration to explain a principal.

This man sees the unity of matter, energy and the speed of light.


This man sees the unity of Faith, Prayer the will and the word of God.
This man believes that proper application equals greater power.

This man’s purpose is for all to come into alignment with God.

This man’s need of power was to come into alignment with God.

This man's Confession of Faith is expressed in the Lord's Prayer.

This man's Charta Magna and Constitution is the Lord’s Prayer.

This man's Catechism and Pledge of Allegiance is the Lord's Prayer.

This man hopes to persuade many to come together to pray.

This man knows Jesus is delighted to be among those who agree. 
This man knows that prayer makes witness of God’s power not ours.

This man longs to pray, “Your kingdom come in our generation.”
This man believes in accelerating the Second Coming of Jesus.

*Please read the next article on “Prayer as a sledgehammer”.
(Our Lord himself desires with great desire to come back for us.)

To pray for his return is a prayer according to God’s will and craving.

Will be like the meeting of great minds that think alike at the same time.

There is no need for God to delay his return any more. But we must ask!

Let us be known as the generation in whose time Jesus came back.


This man would like to pray together in agreement as longing children pray for the return of a Father long gone in a Journey. Remember, he who loves most is the one who love more to be with the other. We cannot “out love God”. God is Love and he has loved us first. In fact this very prayer and intentions is the work of his power that works in us to do and to will.

From this man, to you men and women of God, in family resemblance and eagerly shouting “Come back Jesus, come now, come soon”.

It is for this kind of prayer we need Power by coming into the same wavelength of God by taken Jesus at his word in complete agreement with God and according his will and word as stated in scripture.  The power of prayer is in the “Agreement” and not in its execution. *


On the side of God in Jesus, your brother. This man.

Gerry Gutierrez.


(Warning Marx: " I am ashamed of the red book and I am going with the black book. N.T.")