Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“Going Courting God with a Sledgehammer.”

Prayer Is a Date with God.


September 13, 2016 GA.


Fuel for Prayer.

It is said that great minds think alike. Prayer is the meeting of Great Minds.Prayer is the “coincidental” lover meeting. Prayer is the language of two lovers.There is never enough time for prayer. Prayer is the exposure of chemistry.The Navajo Indians say, “Honorable men belong to the same tribe”. Chiefs love to smoke together the pipe of peace. Anything can wait but prayer.


Prayer is like a ball resting on a branch of a tree at nightfall, when small pigeons bundle up together to become one “ball like object” on a branch to keep warm.Prayer is designed to promote love and oneness. Nothing like prayer to show the intimacy of lovers. Nothing will join you more than prayer, because when two or three gather together in prayer and agree together with the will of God and the mind of Jesus, concerning any matter, Jesus is in their midst and the answer is, “YES!”.


Once we meet all the conditions of God for prayer, we are not only in alignment with God, but we are one with God. It is impossible for such a mind to have thoughts of his own. It is impossible for that mind and heart and soul to have enough strength to have a will of its own.


Therefore, we can boldly say that if we accept the Laws of God, expressed in Faith, being equal to prayer under the ever-prevailing will of God, as clearly stated in Scripture and proven beyond any doubt by Jesus Himself, we cannot but have all things a prayer away without exception.


If faith and prayer are fully applied according to this principle, it should work anywhere, any time, and with the same result. This man is willing to put his life on the line and provide the stones to be stoned to death, should the principle be applied and not work.Prayer and power are what we need most, just as the fish needs the water in the ocean. All we need to know consciously is that we are already in the ocean; we have never been in a desert.


It is like salvation: we are not saved the moment we consciously receive Jesus in our hearts; we are saved from before the foundation of the world. Therefore, conversion is only the waking up as from a dream-like life, to a never-changing reality, which was ours in Jesus before we were ever able to do anything good or bad.


The prayer of childlike faith is what God requires from his own. Until we pray on God’s terms, we will be kept murmuring in the desert, in circular motion like Moses and the saints of old.


God has all the time in the world and the patience required to put up with us. If God is not returning soon, it’s not because Planned Parenthood or any other pro-choice people are delaying His plans by abortion to fill the earth. NO! What happened is that the number of the redeemed is set before time began; therefore, it is not contingent on timely events or behavior. Neither is it that one generation is more or less worthy of His return.God is not afraid to press the accelerator of His return for fear of leaving anyone behind. Let the Armenian choke on that flea. God is working on His people to bring us to the great meeting of the minds through oneness in prayer, according to His will and in agreement with His “Kairos” or the timing of God, the “opportune time”, the ideal time, THE TIME, “THAT DAY!”


Let us all pray who believe in this principle, a focused prayer:



“Your Kingdom come.”

Let us never forget for a moment that God wants to come back. Let us accept our own longing for His return with an eschatological focus, and join in twos and threes all over the world and pray,


“Your Kingdom Come”!

We realize, of course, that others throughout the past generations have been praying the same thing.


Why has He not returned?

This man can only speak for himself. Though he prayed for the kingdom of God to come, secretly his silent prayer was, “I hope not today, because I am not ready yet, and my grandchildren’s children may be left behind.” So, this man’s prayer had one foot on the accelerator, but the other on the brake.


Some others pray the same way, but keep their fingers crossed in fear of coming prematurely and unprepared before the white throne, due to their lack of worthiness, as if more time on earth will make them ready and worthy.


“It is finished.”

We will never be more ready than today. We do not only need to pray for His Kingdom to come, we must shout out loud until we cannot hear our own voice because of exhaustion. We should pray and make promises and purify. “Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself,” I John 3:3.


Let us willfully seek lives without option and without choice, but to choose God’s will.We should pray with the determination of Simeon, not to close our eyes until we see with our own eyes the coming of the king and his Kingdom. The rushing waters of the Kingdom of God have been contained by a Great Dam that has become like a great lake or reservoir as waters confined by a barrier. 


By common grace of the sovereignty of God and the childlike faith of his remnant has been allowed some waters of blessing and hopes to trickle down, as if by a small crack in the Dam.


These fresh waters are only enough to wet the dry lips of the prayer warriors for the Second Coming. As evil grows in its different and new forms, the hand of God is over the crack in the dam keeping even the trickling drops to flow.


This man thinks it would be a good idea to get together with a few mighty men of prayer and go to work to crack the Dam, as if with a sledgehammer, to widen the crack and to break the dam open and flood the valley of tears below.


This man and his friends have clearly noticed that God wants to return and to return SOON.


God is the inventor of family and He loves family reunions, especially the kind in which no one will go back to his own house, but everyone will stay together forever and ever with Him in His presence.


This man and his friends of the same tribe are hunting separately all over the forest. This man is sending a new manifesto to the followers of Jesus: get together and take Jesus at His Word, in agreement with God, and go to do the will of God as stated in Scripture with the sledgehammer of prayer to break the Dam, so Jesus may come like the rushing of mighty waters.


The wicked spirit of our times speaks, saying, “It will not be politically or in other ways correct to use a sledgehammer while the hand of God rests on the crack in the Dam.We confess to know that very well and it will not be the first time we have caused Him pain should he not move his hands. His nail-pierced hands for us are ever-fresh reminders of the pain we caused Him and our minds are fully conscious of them.His wounded hands on that Dam are like a red traffic lights turned on. But as the presence of the police that overrules the light, the Holy Spirit is waving his hands in the intersection signaling us to “go ahead”.


We are determined to hit and hit hard that crack in the Dam. We are hoping that as we, the followers of Jesus, raise our sledgehammers together in agreement over our heads, the Lord will remove His hand in a holy coincidence. That is what the prayer in agreement with God is all about.


This man thinks that God for His own comfort will remove His hand from the crack, not to avoid being hurt by our ferocious determination to use force, but so that we will not feel the pain of sorrow by hurting Him in any way again.


This man said to his friends, “If the Lord does not move His hand, let us bit his fingers just hard enough that He’ll know that we have the teeth of faith and prayer.”I have been breast-fed past two years of age. I have been slapped for biting, not hard, but hard enough to get the message. This man has also seen the calf nuzzling with its head toward the mother’s breast, and usually it was when the milk was not flowing abundantly and freely.


This man figures that it’s to the glory of the cow to raise strong and healthy calves. Therefore, it is normal to seek milk as your daily bread, ordained by God Himself for His now-teething kids.


This man thinks that God smiles at his thoughts and finds no offense in his thinking; in fact, He loves the childlike intimacy he brings to their daily meetings in “the cool of the day” and in the closet.


This man used to believe in the sickle and the hammer and a red flag.


Now he only believes in the sledgehammer of prayer and the cross of Jesus.

This man thinks it’s a good idea to pray together RIGHT NOW to see the sovereign hand of God in this electoral process and the world events. This is worth praying in such a times as this that God allows things to deteriorate, that we can all come like chicks, running under His wing and experience his care.


Let us not for a moment fail to focus on our commitment to break the Dam in the confidence and knowledge that He is the One who is more anxious to come than we are to readily hammer away.


What is there for us to lose, apart from our pots and pans and toys? When the Dam is open, it will not be us running like illegal immigrants to an open border. NO! It will be like the flooding of Louisiana and Mississippi, waters flooding everything in its way.


Remember, this is not a second attempt for us to enter heaven. NO! It is God’s second and unstoppable coming and taking us home, not as homeless refugees to a compassionate country to enjoy shelter in nylon tend and to eat “soup and sauerkraut”. Ours will be like flying first class in the private jet of the angel on “Friendly Skies” to an already-prepared banquet by God Himself. You may leave your sledgehammer at the gate of the mansions.


This man,” a brother of yours by the will and the blood of Jesus.




Gerry Gutierrez.