Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“Great Walls and Great Chasms.”

This is the History of Lazarus and the Rich Man.   Luke 16:19-31

April 09, 2017

Kingdoms are separated by great walls or by great chasms.  To secure the peace obtained at great cost between Kingdoms in conflict, it is best to build great walls of separations.  “Fix great chasms” and post guards and have a  tower for watchmen.

This idea of “Great chasm” of separation is older than creation itself.  It is the result of wills in conflict.  The will of the King God the Land the Lord of the Universe who is the sole owner and sovereign of all that there is; and the will of the “Thief of thieves” Satan, who is always trying to rob from God what is not his even at the cost of his eternal destiny.

Plainly speaking, Satan or Lucifer attempted a “coup d'état” against God in Heaven and He and his followers were cast out from Heaven and were eternally separated by the greatest chasm of infinite and eternal alienation.

This original separation is of spiritual nature where the “word chasm” must be taken only as “separation” where distance is not the main idea. Distance is only relevant in the measurable, space, temporal, material and moving reality that need dimension and movement as indispensable elements to express its existence.

In the eternal, the infinite, the spiritual world, movement and distance as we know it does not exist due to the fact that “The ever-present and the ever here” is the rule of that realm.

The true separation and “great chasm”, though it started as a falling of a great star or lightening from heaven, is more a spiritual separation of two in the “same vicinity” but in total and absolute alienation not necessarily by distance of “Macrocosmic Dimensions.”

Let me use the illustration of the divorce as an example.  True divorce is not when one serves a divorce paper to another and it becomes final when it is signed in the presence of a judge in a court of Law.

True divorce is in the heart of two still sleeping together but no longer touching each other in the heart or the flesh.  Divorce is a matter of the will, where the great sizes of the bed or the smallness or greatness of the gap between two bodies is irrelevant. The attitude of the heart in complete alienations is where the divorce is.

“The great chasm” must not be reduced to distance no matter how great or small the so-called “distance” may be.

No matter where a jail is built, it is within the reach of the omnipresent God who feels all in all. There is only one Universe and that is the Universe of God who is the only “I am” and there is no other. We derive our existence from him, as a shadow is the evidence of a reality.

As we mentioned before, the other “unthinkable” and “inconceivable” speculation would be a parallel Universe, which would require a “god” and a “place” where he dwells, and there is not a single “letter, vowel or consonant to create even a word to try to express such a fantasy. Neither is there a single grain of sand or atom available to start building such a “parallel impossible universe.”

Our Universe is the only true Universe “E Pluribus unum”  (From many one) where as great as it is; there is no room for anyone or anything but God and His will.

The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  We are from God, of God and for God created to be loved. Therefore we should love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Real chasms and walls have nothing to do with the tallness of the walls or the deepness of the “chasm” or the length and thickness of the wall but the nature of the two who are separated.

The oil is not separated from the water by distance but by nature.

Just like light is not separated by distance from darkness.

The true “wall and chasm” of true separation is the separation of the “wills” which cannot be united by vocation or choice but by nature and election.

The definition of Citizenship is the willingness to share a common destiny.  Is the willingness to agree together in the same constitution of the King and his kingdom.

The chasm or wall is the Law of the Kingdom. The word of God is the wall.

The word of God is the chasm. The word of God is the Law of the land.

After the creation of the world God placed the human race in a garden with all the provision for his needs and wants within reach.

God also planted two trees in the garden for himself not to be robed. God did not build a wall or a chasm.

His word was the wall and the chasm.

Adam and Eve and the entire human race were in the loins of Adam and Eve. We choose in Adam to rob God by stealing what it was not ours. We all are guilty.

Just as poison gets into the body through the mouth and rapidly gets into the blood stream to every part of the body; so sin enters into the body of Eve and Adam and to all of us in the world today and of every generation without exception.

The blood was poisoned.  Poisoned blood runs in all of us human beings.  There is no one healthy, not even one.

We all were contaminated by the word of the enemy of God the devil, the thief and the father of lies.

And just as saving faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God so does unbelief come by hearing and hearing from the mouth of the serpent.

Thus by the choice whom to hear and obey our nature were affected for good.  Death enters into the world by one man.  So we all died.

But God in his great mercy and love did not leave us on our own “south of the border” without any chance to return to the paradise lost.

God sent his son as the word of God to reveal his will so we may enter back in the kingdom through the gates, not over the wall, not under the wall, but through the gates.

Once again God built a wall by fixing a chasm by his word and invites all to come back but through the door that is Jesus himself who said:

“I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”

There is one nation under God with equal justice for all under the Law, where the poor and the broken may come through the door.

Until you believe in Jesus and his pure, clean and healthy blood and experience in your body the transfusion of his life given blood, you may not enter.

Lazarus at death was not buried like a the Rich Man in the tomb, Lazarus was taken by angels to heaven and placed into the bosom of Abraham, God’s favorite baby sitter. 

If angels took him, then Lazarus must have flown and flown First Class in Airline One straight to Eden airport with ambulances and likely female beautiful angel nurses waiting for him with smiles of comfort and joy.

Doctor Abraham as the father of the faith doing the last touches before he introduces his child before his friend Jehovah.

Meanwhile the Rich Man of this history also died and was buried. Not billions of light years away.  No!!  They were just a stone throw away.  He can see on the other side of the “wall or chasm” Abraham and Lazarus being comforted. He was separated completely but not by distance but by a fixed chasm as a wall.

The Rich Man is close enough that there is no need to shout to talk and communicate, but far enough not to have communion of any sort. No matter how much Lazarus may want to help the Rich Man with water or how great the need of the Rich Man is in agony.  That is how drastic the gap of separation is.

It is as oil and water, its as light and darkness.

In words of Abraham, it’s impossible to cross from one side to the other but through Jesus who is the only way to “Our Father who is in Heaven”  “Holy is his name” and it should be honored and respected.

Walls and chasm for us the “originalists” of the constitution of God’s kingdom, had its beginning in the mind of God, who after chasing us in Adam and Eve, fixed a chasm and put an angel to guard the door who enforce the law with a flaming sword.

But the sword is concealed behind the back of the angel as he steps aside at the gate as soon as those purified by the blood of Jesus approach the gates of Heaven.

Happy Easter! The wall of separation between the Holy and the Holy of Holies has been removed; the curtain of separation is broken from top to bottom. Thank God it is open!

Gerry Gutierrez