Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Let Us Celebrate Jesus' Resurrection By

Standing For Jesus As He Stood Up For Us On The Cross


Dear Friends,

This week I have received a letter from New York's financial world, from an old friend I met in the late seventies. He has written to me a one-line note. 

“Can the religious be led by a godless individual?”
I suspect others friends must have similar questions, so I will take advantage to answer this question in an open letter. Though my friend did not signed his note to me, nor did he addressed the note to my name, I will assume that he is writing to me as a religious man and “the godless leader” must be the President, and to make it clear, I must be the follower of this individual. (No offense intended or taken, he is my friend).

Dear J.D, 

First of all, I am not a religious man but an already follower and lover of Jesus.
Secondly, I divide the world in two groups, those who love and Follow Jesus and those who do not.
Thirdly, no one can follow two masters, either he will love one and hate the other, or he will serve one and reject the other. No one can serve God and money at the same time.
For me, to follow any other than Jesus is logically, morally and practically a total impossibility.
The religious are those who are trying to get saved by, holding for dear life, unto a god of their imagination.
On the other hand, a believer or a follower of Jesus, is one who has been hold by the love of God in Jesus and is being saved from past, present and future sins without any possibility of being lost from the hand of the mighty God and everlasting father revealed in the prince of peace Jesus.

Religion at best can qualified as a man made cause or an ideal not worth the paper in which it is written. I could not in clear conscience attack or defend a religion, because it is only a theory, a concept.
Jesus is not a concept, Jesus is a Person. So while religious people follow a cause, I follow a person.

No concept is worth dying for, but Jesus is a person worth dying for, especially when he loved, died and resurrected for me.
Finally, no other leader religious or secular has died for me and resurrected and is alive today and coming soon to lead me home.
Can a religious be lead by a godless leader?
Yes. All the time, everywhere and throughout the generations, history is the history of the godless leading the godless religious person who does not trust God but man.

The followers of Jesus are members of a Kingdom within a kingdom, that may at times give the impression that we are following leaders by our words and deeds, that confuse those outside the Kingdom of God.

Jesus came into the world as one who serves, but he was not a servant or follower of anyone but God the Father.

Jesus escape with his life to Egypt overnight, not for fear as if he did not have the power God to strike back, but by divine design and predestined life with greater things behind the appearance of things.

Jesus also paid taxes to the godless establishment out of submission to the will of God. Submission to earthly king as wicked as they may be is not the vocation or choice of any servant of God. 


The believer, seemingly follows the godless leader but in actuality is a witness of Jesus to testify as the jury of his peer to his fellow man in a case that God is building against the ungodly, whose cup of iniquity is about full of which he will give account in due time in his day at the court. 

If we eliminate from our thinking ‘the Kingdom of God and the final Day of Judgment’ then these things do not make sense. Because life is reduced to the here and now and it would be valid to pursue law and order in our terms and to seek justice and do all we can to bring about ‘order’ according to the counsel of our will.

We the people of God, follow no one, but Jesus.
We follow Jesus, not because he knows the way, but because he is the Way.
We follow Jesus not in order to be lead to the truth, but because he is the Truth.
We follow Jesus as our leader, not in hopes of finding life but because in Him is life and the resurrection.
We follow Jesus because he said, "No one comes to the father but by me."
The Father is Eternal life and no leader leads to him but Jesus. Religious people do not have eternal life.
We believers do not Submit to secular authorities out of weakness but strength. 


We the followers of Jesus have the power of Jesus to be able to have compassion of people in high places, because we are commanded to obey and pray and love them, even our though they might be our enemies.
Jesus has set an example by his Prayer from the Cross.
"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Our obedience to secular leaders is our message and testimony of the love of God for sinners.
Without the godless sinner God is like a baker without flour to make bread.


What is a savior with out sinner to save? Salvation is for sinners only.
God loves sinner and gave his love for them.
Jesus died for us when we were yet in our sins and transgressions.
If God would save and love only good little boy and good little girls, then no one could be saved. There is no one good, not even one.
As to the president, I am on duty to pray for him and his family as I have never prayed before, I will love and help him in anyway I can because that is the will of God. There was a time when I was in desperate need of prayer and many prayed for me. I will pray as I would pray for you and myself. I have been there and there was hope for me and there is the same grace available for him.

I write this letter as one of the ten lepers healed by Jesus who return to Jesus to fall on his face and praise him out loud. I am a stranger in a strange land thanking Jesus for cleaning me.


I want the other nine fellow lepers who have been heal to laid down with me at the feet of our crucified Lord and praise him out loud with me, saying “YES” to Jesus and asking for his prompt return.


Jesus loves the godless sinner to death. The only leader I acknowledge with all my heart, soul, strength and mind is Jesus who died and resurrected from the dead and is leading ahead of us to the Father in Heaven.

Your fellow motorcycle traveler who met you by the side of the road many years ago on a far away country and fix your bike with great delight. 


Gerry Gutierrez