Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Prologue to the "YES" book part one.

The following are some forward words from lifetime friends, who have honored me by reading and reacting to the draft of the cream of my thinking. These men of God have been as good shepherds to Ruthie and me and have frequently sought to encourage us in the worse of times.



My dear Brother Gerry:


What a masterpiece!! Over my head, in places—I’m not smart like you and Einstein! I know virtually nothing about physics and the laws that govern this immense subject—but you have helped me begin to grasp the application of these immutable, unchangeable laws to spiritual dynamics. I wished I had more time to ponder, think through the implications of your thinking before I had to write this review because (perhaps) I could be wiser and more helpful, but I see here the careful thinking of a godly man who desires more than anything that we, as followers of Jesus, take seriously and make full application of the instructions, laws and commands of our God to seek His will through prayer, drawing upon His unlimited resources to accomplish the work He has entrusted to all of us who bear His name.


I especially appreciate your emphasis on prayer, faith, the Word and will of God. That is indeed the key. As we implement these principles and apply them to the ministry He has given us we will see the world change. Shame on us for trusting ourselves, our methods, our plans and schemes when we have the unlimited, effective and productive resources of our infinite God at our disposal through obedience to His revealed will and in answer to our earnest, believing prayer.

It was great to talk with you last night. I hope this is not too late to reach you before you set off on your appointment. I keep you in our prayers and rejoice in the evidence of healing and the way you obviously are drawing upon the comfort the Lord has promised to those who lean on Him.


 In His love, 

The Rev. Doctor XX. I have no permission to use his name yet.






Dear Gerry,


By the time you read this you will be in Japan or on your way. I trust you will have a wonderful time and be blessed by the Lord--and have all the sushi you want.


I read your paper twice and also listened to your sermon at the Lancaster church. It was an interesting contrast. In the sermon you stayed with the text of God's words about his Son--"Listen to him." I thought it was very powerful. I could tell that your formula had influenced what you were saying--but you stayed with Scripture. 


On the other hand, when I read the paper it came across to me as a claim that you have discovered something no one else has seen (just like Einstein discovered what was always true but undiscovered). There is certainly nothing unbiblical about the formula--but is it really something so revolutionary that another Great Awakening could break out if we only applied it? You even say that "harnessing the spiritual laws leads to control of the unseen world." I will confess I have a great problem with claims that following a certain formula will guarantee results or will cause God to act in one way or another.  


I think it is very appropriate to share with people that you have found a simple formula that helps you to understand the nature of faith. People will appreciate hearing a simple way to think about calling upon the Lord. But that is not the same as claiming that you have discovered THE FORMULA what will cause God to unleash new power on the earth. God is God and is not controlled by formulas--I know that there are great promises about prayer, but in the end God moves when and where He pleases.


(By the way--you prayed through the Lord's Prayer beautifully and powerfully in that Westminster sermon--I was very blessed). Hear me carefully--THE FORMULA IS NOT WRONG OR UNBIBLICAL, BUT DON'T PRESENT IT AS YOUR DISCOVERY OF SOMETHING NO ONE HAS UNDERSTOOD BEFORE. Perhaps that is not what you meant to say, but you must appreciate how it comes across to those who read it. I'm sure others will have different thoughts, but you asked for mine and I thought it only right to try and speak truthfully.


Your true friend in Christ,

the Reverend XX. (No permission to use his name yet)



Dear Gerry, my brother in the Lord,


Thank you so much for sharing this CD of your wonderfully presented message of missions. Today I had the chance to listen to it for the third time at home with a note pad handy; the first two times were heard as I was driving, but couldn’t take notes then of course. 


Your message was both challenging and compelling to me. 


My faith and trust in Christ has been strengthened. My desire to be a more faithful disciple and missionary has also been made stronger by the work of the Holy Spirit through your message.


Just a few key parts of your message that I especially loved were:


1.  Your love of God, and of Ruthie, and your family was beautifully described.

2.  Your praying of the Lord’s Prayer was clearly from your heart.

3.  The love of our Father in heaven for His Son Jesus Christ, and how well pleased He was of His Son was so good to be reminded of.

4.  “O Lord, pray for us.”

5.  “Open Your Word to our heart, and our heart to Your Word.”

6.   Missions without God is inconceivable.

7.   Your description of fellowship with another believer as the life of Jesus in me and in them.

8.   “Listen to the Lord Jesus Christ! Listen to Him! Listen to Him!”


May the Lord continue to bless you, Gerry, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in every way, as only He can.


Thanking Him for you, my brother, 


Ruling Elder, XX (No permission to use his name yet).



Background of the “YES” book:


Introduction to my Report on China


A Man is the victim of the work of his own hands.


Dr. Frankenstein created a monster that ended up killing him. 

Mr. Emanuel Franz had a pet tiger that ended up killing him after 10 years of friendship.

Mohammed Ali had Larry Holmes as a sparring partner later Holmes almost killed him in a real match.

History teaches that great culture are not destroyed from without but from within.
The fall of Rome is traced to internal struggle and moral decay and cruelty in government.

The fall of the Inca Empire is traced to a civil rivalry, division and sexual immorality.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is traced to the moral corruption of homosexuality and lust.


In the same way, that which ends up destroying us is the work of our hand of that which we have loved more than God and his will.

Our powerful country, in its desire for comfort has become a glutton for oil that now the huff of the camel rest on the neck of America.

Lately that unquenchable thirst for gadgets has the mouth of the Dragon steadily sucking like a vacuum the savings of America threatening to turn us into beggar.


While the Russian bear maliciously and angrily roams wounded in its pride for having been left as second fiddle in the world scenario.

The eagle controls the skies sovereignly soaring above the clouds with piercing eyes looking at the ground concerned to have less and less places to land freely and safely.


Could it be that we are painting ourselves into the corner as a society?

If this is true, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We, as Dr. Frankenstein have created a monster call China.


Let us focus on China. To say the least, China is now “The most contradictory country in the world today”.

China has earned that title rightly for having been the most Radical Communist Country of the Planet and in a matter of a generation has become the most Aggressive Capitalist Country of the World to date.


It should not be a matter of great concern to us of what goes on in China, after all we believe in free enterprise and free trade and democracy.

The only problem is that our world has not only become a global village but seems to be shrinking in the light of the population explosion.


The inhabitants of our globe are growing in a fast rate as if it has taken the elevator; but our capacity to feed the world is as slow as if it has taking the stairs.


The well use figure of speech of “Our boat being small and the ocean so great” is still a sobering reality.


Consistent with this description, our flat belly and disgustingly healthy oriental friends though smaller as individuals are greater in number than many countries put together.


Their collective size alone makes them a danger because they are like a “Big fat mama with huge hips and big legs” that when she moves in our small boat, makes every one's knuckles turn white as they grab and fight for balance.


Though their numbers and ever-growing population should be their problem, it happens that we are in “fellowship” with them in the same small boat. (We are fellows in the same ship).


Even though we should be concerned for the well being of our neighbors; in actuality, it is our well being which is at stake.


What should an old man about to exit this world care about future problems?


You don’t have to be a statesmen or sociologists or anthropologist to think globally and act responsibly on our micro cosmos.

If one is a father few children and a grandfather of many and have a great number of friends and fellow believers, you can't help but to care for this world of ours where God has placed us as His overseers and stewards.


In my report on China, I will apply the deductive principle to state my recommendations. “This is what I have observed, this is what I know and this is what I have concluded.” “The good old horse common sense.”

To this I will add a lifetime of observing China before Mao Tse Tung and after Mao and the China of the last 25 years.


I will also apply the principle of “Know a Chinese and know China”.  I have developed and kept a close friendship with an honorable one Hundred percent Chinese family and their children and grandchildren and friends for more than thirty years.


We have become like adopted brothers who walk in a covenantal relationship and spend great deal of time together brainstorming on the future of China and the world. 

We both care heavily for the kingdom of God and His righteousness. We car pulled and ate many meals together as we worked in our under graduate studies in Missouri. (True to the Chinese proverb that says: You do not know a man until you have eaten a sack of salt together. That is in eating many meals. And the sack of salt lasts longer in China, because they use salt sparingly.

I have visited him in China in my way to Russia twenty-five years ago before Glasnost and Perestroika. He has visited me in Washington DC while I was assigned to work with the diplomatic community there.


Recently I visited him in Austin Texas when he came to visit his children. Lately I was with him in China and traveled by train some one hundred times and by bus some fifty times, boats and taxis and walked all over China, Honk Kong, Macau to observe the brutal change of the last twenty-five years since I was last in China.


Before I sent you my final report on China I will include the following email from him shortly after I return from China.



Dear Brother,


Good to know that you are finally back home in good shape and making chicken soup for your family. 

God bless you as you please Him by searching His will for not only China, but also the whole world.

Take care, eat slowly, walk slowly and work slowly.


Wai Kan


Dear Paul,


Bruce and I will be in Japan from the 10th to the 22th of May and we will cover Tokyo, Shiva, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. (I am expecting a heavy schedule of internal travel as well as speaking and investigation).


The traffic from Tokyo to New Deli is very difficult that takes me through Beijing or Shanghai and also overnight stay at the airport. 

Its more cost effective to comeback to the US and rest a little and go to India directly and travel North India where there is a Maoist Communist Movement developing.


There is a leader of that group of Maoists who has befriended a Covenant Seminary graduate from India. It is very important that I meet this Maoist leader who like me is open to talk to the followers of Jesús. But my interest in him is to understand what is the reason to still follow Maoism, which has become an Anti-historical Movement and has been discredited for its “Des-encounter with History”.


To understand this movement will shed some light for me of the “Why China still wants to keep Communism as the Ideology of the new China which at this time does not make sense”.


For our purposes its also very important this vacuum of Ideology in China. It is a door of opportunity to take advantage by offering a new rug in the Gospel of our Lord Jesús now that Capitalism has pull the rug of their Ideology from under their feet. Unusually China is very open as never before to the Gospel.


After I return from India I will be better informed to write my recommendation on China and Communism and how we can use “The Munich Manifesto of the Followers of Jesús 2012” based on “The Gospel according to God the Father” which I was able to launch from Germany after a short visit to Karl Marx tomb in London.


It seem clear that all my life will be tied to communism; either by propagating it and now opposing it. Monumental task, noble challenge certain impossibility only if Jesús is out of the Equation. In my free time I hope to hit the Radio ministry to the Andes Mountains, write books, keep my Internet ministry, pastor a struggling congregation, mentor leaders in High places and push the Munich Manifesto and use the F=Pw2 as the formula to harness the invisible world as Albert Einstein harness the seen world with his equation E=Mc2.


F= Faith (Taken God at his Word)

P= Prayer (Agreeing with God)

W= Will and Word of God. The prevailing will of God as revealed from the Word of God. (The ever-immutable constant will and Word of God equivalent to the constant speed of light for the seen world).

F=Pw2 The merit of this formula is not on its creation but on its discovery. Its like the E=Mc2 of Einstein, he did not created it, but discovery it. Discovery is like the discovery of America in 1492. 


Columbus did not created America, he only discovery it. Discovery is by revelation of that which was previously unknown or hidden or doubted or not believed.


It took the death of my wife to discover the meaning of prayer, the meaning of faith and to die to self and live to do the prevailing will of God as stated on the Word of God. (Heaven and Earth will pass away but the Word of God endures forever)


There is an indescribable power in the equation F=Pw2 at our disposal to conquer the World for Jesús or to accelerate his return.


My draft on The Lord’s Prayer has suffered a set back and cannot make it to the projected date for publishing. It needs “badly” editing. But it remains the heart of my thinking and has become more important than life it self. I miss my Ruthie’s feedback and grammar and spelling.


Dear Paul, with your approval after I return from India I hope to take those few days to fish and relax a little. In July I will be going to Bogota Colombia to help Nathaniel at his request and will be able to baptize his third child. My Caleb is now a father of a beautiful little boy named Josiah Luther and I will baptize him on June.  


Day and night I write messages for my future ministry in the Radio. I sleep very little. I do not like to watch TV, traveling is not my cup of tea and I am not a sightseer either. The Lord provides always some one to travel wherever I go. 


There is a young executive from Washington DC who Loves the Lord and has the desire to dig deep into scripture, he wants to know the mind of Jesús and is accompanying me at his own cost all over India. To me he is a provision from the Lord in every way. The summer will confine me indoors and will give me a chance to write most of what is left unfinished.


This letter is in preparation for our meeting the second of May. I hope that by then you had a chance to hear the CD I left with you.  Preaching is not what I do; it is what I am.


Always praying and making memory of you before God


Gerry Gutierrez



“YES” is the only word worth God’s ears.


For 25 years I said NO to God.

For 25 years I said MAYBE to God. 

For 20 years I said YES to God.

At 70 let me help you say YES to God!


“As the tiptoeing of a Toddler at the sea shore.”


It is a serious matter to come to the point in life to ask yourself the question that Albert Einstein asked of himself: “Am I insane or is the rest of the world insane?” At the end of this period, I hope to recuperate my old friends and gain few new ones, or I may lose the few I still have and make new enemies. My view on Prayer has made me temporarily a “Radioactive” person in the eyes of some. 


I trust this is a matter of misunderstanding and that in the event than my friends come to see Prayer from the point where I am standing, they too in great excitement will gladly embrace the “Principle” and will exercise with matchless delight the power and authority concealed in prayer that was within reach all along.


This is a book for my family and friends and anyone interested “To Make the World Great Again. This is truly a movement that seeks to call few good men to join together in the mind of Jesus, under the following foundational principle;  "Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will of God revealed in the Word of God as the only way to come into alignment and unity with God in Jesus where all things are yes and a prayer away". 


Convicted and convinced along with Paul that, “The Kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power.” Found in 1 Corinthians 4:20, is only proper to believe and not shy away from the reach of such a power made available to the believer by God the Father through Jesus the Lord.


The Lord’s Prayer will be treated as THE LORD’S PRAYER, period. 

Our parts in Prayer are, to “Agree” with Jesus and say YES to every one of his statements in “The Lord’s Prayer.” 

Due to our oneness with Jesus as the head of the body of which we are all but member of that one body, there should not be in our minds the desire to entertain the idea that some how we could take the initiative in Prayer and have our talks with God in our own words and terms as if the Lord’s prayer was nor complete and enough to cover all vital needs. 


The backbone of this book will be the Lord’s Prayer. Let the folks of the Old Testament ‘Live and died by the Psalms”. It was those who lived by the Old Testament that came to Jesus asking, Lord teach us to Pray. Should they have not asked the Master of Masters to teach them to Pray, it would have been alright to keep living and dying by the Psalms and by the counsel of my will. 


But Jesus has spoken on matters of prayer and comprehensibly. Let us refrain from our better prayer and seek to attain the knowledge of Prayer in its length, depth, weight and height and find the unspeakable joy of understanding prayer from one who know how to talk the God the Father in the strength of God the Holy Spirit and over the fact of being the beloved son of God with Whom God is well pleased. 


The Psalms are delicious as milk, but at this time of my life my taste is for solid food. The Lord’s Prayer is solid food as the stake that I just put out to defrost to eat it tonight. 


“This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,

 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,[a]but deliver us from the evil one.

The intention is to accelerate the return of the kingdom of God in our generation convinced that it is the will of God to return on earth and see to it that his will is done as in heaven. (Let me express this in a common language with your permission: “God is dying to return for his own to earth; in fact he died already for that to happen and we are not “coinciding” with his will and not praying loud enough for his kingdom to come and his will be done fully in our generation).


Jesus is not coming until we cry out loud in prayer as if life would depend on it.  We are by Faith to take Jesus at his Word and agree by Prayer with God according to his will as revealed in the Word of God. This has bee clearly stated in the "Lord's Prayer." The special focus will be on "Your Kingdom come, and your will be done on Earth as in heaven”. YES.


“ Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” 

Matthew 18:19-20. 


In times of drought when the grass was dry and hunger and thirst brought death to animal and threatened life on earth, Toddlers and Tykes of many societies are called by their parents out of their houses to pray every night a single Prayer out in the streets in a loud voice in total agreement:


"Lord have mercy on us. Lord have mercy on us. Lord have mercy on us”!!

 From sunset to evening we cry out until our voices died down or the rain came down.


In our ever growing and over organized society of today, security rests in the false shaky foundation of what "Organization" provides. It is beautiful to see skyscrapers being built all over the world. Whether they are motivated by pride or necessity, it does not matter as much as one who builds the visible world must remember that the seed of destruction of each building is within the building and that is it's own height, weight and pressure.


There is more to security that what meets the eye. The kind of iron we use or the percentage of cement mix we use is important, but it will never stands the test of time. All we see with our eyes now will be destroyed in a matter of years. 

That is the common destiny of the seen world that is subject to the laws of physics such as universal gravitation, gravity, inertia, thermodynamics, attraction and repulsion to mention a few.


Reality is formed by two components, one is material and visible and the other is spiritual and invisible to the senses. Therefore, God who is the author of all creation runs the physical world by Physical Laws such as the Law of relativity as expressed by Albert Einstein in his equation of E=MC2.


The knowledge that Energy is equal to Mass and that constant and reliable speed of light properly understood and believed, made man able of harnessing the power of matter that once properly unleashed came to be known as the powerful Atomic bomb that later generated another greater force that came to be known as the hydrogen bomb. One applied the principle of explosion and the other the principle of implosion.


Let it be known that the Atomic Bomb was one of the many applications of Einstein’s equation. The bulk of its application is known as the cyber-revolution.

Without Einstein’s equation, there could be no GPS, no Internet, and no instrument flying, rocket science, cell phonescomputers etc.


Therefore, it should not be strange to assume that God governs the Spiritual world with equally precise and reliable laws more exact than the speed of light. Such speed may at times experience a small variation in its speed according to the thickness of the Ethereal nature of the universe, the density of the atmosphere or the depth of the ocean and darkness; but not so with the will and word of God.


The natural consequence of this reasoning has led me to conclude that there is such a law that if applied at present time among the believers is equivalent to the power of TNT Dynamite, but TNT in a cosmic war is a game of hit and miss. Therefore the enemy is laughing in the valley mocking the armies of the Lord of hosts.


There is power available for our Spiritual warfare that the other super power cannot duplicate. We have been waging war with primitive weapons and are guilty of the weak use of the power of prayer entrusted to us by Jesus who holds all Authority and Power. 


There is Power to him who comes to Jesus and takes Jesus at his word in a child-like manner and agrees with God in Prayer and settles for the ever-prevailing will of God as revealed in the Word of God.


Therefore, it’s my Joy and privilege to introduce to you F=PW2.

This is to say that Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will of God according to the Word of God that leads men into alignment with God whereby finally and at last a man is able to say the only Prayer worth God’s ears. “YES”.


Doug Coe spoke all his life about the small groups principle. Jesus, Lenin, Mao and I practiced the no less than tree or more than seven small group principle to mobilize young people fast.


While Marx and Engels launch the Communist Manifesto of 1848 under the call “Workers of all Land Unite.” I launch my New Manifesto of the Followers of Jesus by faith under the Lord’s Prayer to be united to God in the agreement of Prayer according to the will and the word of God. This is clearly expressed in the equation of F=PW2. 


Introduction to the “YES” book, through the equation of

F = PW2. Faith equals Prayer under the Will and Word of God.


At the risk of sounding simplistic, let me be a child-like teacher to illustrate my point.


“All things are understandable when we go back to its Genesis or basics.

The deepest ocean is only more of the shallow found at the edge of a sleepy, sandy beach where Toddlers play care free”.


Let us harness some concepts: Let us look at the unseen world.


Consider the word “Trinity”:


If God the Father is equal to God the Son.

God the Son is equal to God the Holy Spirit.

Then God the Holy Spirit is equal to God the Father.

Therefore God is one and three at the same time. 


That is to say,


B= C



Now let us look at the seen world.


Consider the word “Existence”:


Time, Space, Matter and Movement makes up the term Existence.

Take away anyone from the rest and you will destroy the term “existence”.


In order for something to exist it has to be sometime ago, somewhere, something, somehow. For something to exist, it had to have start in time, be placed in a space in a period of time and can only be manifested or known as it moves. In other words, if something exists we know because it moves; if it does not move, it does not exist. 


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ( Genesis 1:1-2)


Now let us harness a formula so practical in everyday life;


S x T = D.


Speed multiplied by Time = Distance.

Distance divided by Time = Speed.

Distance divided by Speed = Time.


For example, I do not need to go to the sun with my measuring tape to know the distance between the earth and the sun.  All I have to do is to apply the equation S x T = D:  Speed times Time equal Distance.


The constant speed of light is 300,000 kilometers per second or 180,000 miles per second. Multiply the speed of light by the number of seconds it takes for light to reach earth and that will result is the distance between the sun and the earth.


So 300,000 kilometers per second, multiplied by 497 seconds equals to 1.491,000,000 kilometers. Or 180,000 miles per second times 497 seconds equals to 89,460,000 miles.


Thus, Albert Einstein launched his equation of E = MC2 based on the reliable constant speed of light discovered and ratified after a total solar eclipse in Australia. Einstein came to the understanding of the nature of Matter and Energy as equal combining the constant speed of light being the same everywhere and every time. He launched his formula and brought about the Cyber Revolution that left the world to never be the same again.


Since then humankind is able to launch a missile or a spacecraft and deliver its cargo far away with a pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to the application of the equation E = MC2 to modern science, we now have GPS, Internet, cell phones, wireless technology, atomic and hydrogen bombs and much more.


Once a man understands the macro cosmos in the micro cosmos, he can handle his meso cosmos. We do not belong to the worlds infinitely large. Neither do we belong to the worlds infinitely small. We belong to a world in between that is the mesocosmic world, like Mesopotamia was a city between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. We also are in the middle of two worlds.


The need of one of the cells in my body is basically the same need of every one of my billions of cells in my body. This need plus my knowledge of a personal, infinite and eternal creator God puts me in the position to serve the one cell who wants to live not only in his insignificant microscopic world of today in its limited dimensions, but in relation to the greater world of macrocosmic dimensions. It is as if every one of our cells has eternity in their hearts as something to aspire to.


Just as the complexity of the bottom of the ocean is made plain at the edge of the shallow, sleepy white sandy beach, so does the deep, deep truth of the love of God in Jesus become clearly understood with the help of the Holy Spirit in the reliable constant Word and will of God revealed to us in Scripture when taking Jesus at his word in a child like manner. 


Albert Einstein understood the physical world and was able to harness it in a helpful equation that transformed his world and ours. That was E=MC2.


Once you harness you can unleash.

Once you understand you can apply.

Once you have a key you can open.

Once you find you can use.

Once you gain you can spend.

Once you are armed you can fight.


All things are better understood by going back to its basics. Matter is understood when you go back to the atom.


A believer can only walk straight as he goes back to his First Love again and again. Progress in the believer is only possible when he goes back to Jesus to begin again and again in him. (That was the motto of the Reformers also).


The following equation does not pretend to reduce our belief to a formula as some may think at first glance. It is an exciting discovery of an individual after a lifetime of agonizing search to understand the mystery of Faith and prayer.


When I was just over a year old my grandma did not want me to be like others who stuttered, so she taught me to speak properly by repeating after her the “Lord’s Prayer.”


Even though I prayed the Lord’s Prayer literally all my life, I confess that it was my biggest problem to understand only second to the existence of God. I came to the point of hating prayer meeting and my own prayers for being powerless and ineffective.


I could not reconcile how an immutable and unchangeable God who knows and controls the end from the beginning could change just because I pray a few words. To make things worse, “The South praying for the destruction of the North and the North praying for the destruction of the South at the same time to the same God” (Abraham Lincoln).


I could not accept the idea of a God taking notes like a waitress at the requests of billons at the same time. Let alone the crying babies in Ethiopia and India competing with eloquent prayers of the professional prayer warriors of all the religions of the world.


It could not be all about us, it has to be all about God. That much I seemed to accept and understand for my private life, but I am not alone in this world. Whatever I cook it has to be for the common good.


It took the sickness and death of my wife Ruthie to finally understand prayer and its relationship with faith and the will of God that prevails in a sovereign and immutably predestined way, according to the unchangeable and reliable Word of God, to finally surrender and grasp Prayer.


It is us who have to change and must change and come into alignment with God through Faith and Prayer according the will of God stated in scripture. 


There is no room in the universe for more than one will. The will of God will and must prevail regardless of any secondary causes.


Let me first introduce to you our working terms and definitions:


Faith =  “Taking Jesus at his word”.

Prayer = “Agreeing with God.”

Will of God = “The only thing that ultimately prevails.”

Word of God = “Unchangeable constant more reliable than speed of light.


 This is stated in the equation F = PW2.


Our God, who does not mind to be compared with a chicken, yet he is will not accommodate himself to the desire of every egg in the nest. It is us who must accommodate ourselves under the chicken if we want to be hatched to wholeness in our understanding of Faith and Prayer and the will and Word of God. 


These components must go together at all times to obtain the desired objective. That objective is alignment with God, where a man at last no longer lives but Christ in him as the hope of glory.


This truth will not only wake us up and change the world and make it a better place; NO! Our desire is to accelerate with our oneness in prayer with God the coming of the Kingdom of God that he so desires and taught us to pray. “Your Kingdom come and your will be done”.


The following document “The New Manifesto of the Followers of Jesus” has as its heart “The Lord’s Prayer” as the foundational principle. Yes!


                                    “Let us pray”.


We will make out of the Lord’s Prayer our Constitution, Our pledge of Allegiance, our National anthem, Our Shorter and larger Catechism, Our Confession of Faith, our Thesis, our Charter and Statement of faith, our Policy and Platform with a laser focus in claiming, “Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven”.



Introduction to the “YES” book through Personal Testimony.

This was my first Prayer as a new follower of Jesus.


Forty-six years ago I surrendered to God and said, “TALK TO ME, LORD”.

“Talk to me Lord God in the name of Jesus. I need to understand the definition of existence from your Scripture.”


So I opened the Bible heroically and went seeking the answer to my question Who Am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing here? Where am I going? And when I get there, where shall I be? I was hoping to find it in the first book, in the first chapter and in the first verse.


Sure enough, there it was in the book of Genesis Chapter one verses one and two. Beautifully put together, magisterially expressed in a few words clearly defined that which all worldviews require from its beginning to explain anything that had to do with the word “existence”.


If something exists it must have begun sometime ago, somewhere, somehow. That is to say that you have to have these four elements that give us the definition of existence.


What’s more is that these four elements must have appeared in its primitive stage at the same Nano second, at the same moment and the lack of one of these elements would make it impossible for the others to make any sense. These elements are: Time, Space, Matter and Movement.


In Genesis chapter one, verses one and two I found the foundational cornerstone of God’s equation or formula for existence. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the spirit of God moved over the waters”. This verse explains succinctly all about existence.


God = author of creation.

Time = in the beginning God created.

Space = the heavens.

Matter = the earth and the planets.

Movement = the spirit, motion over the waters.


It was these words that made me conclude that the Scriptures are the words of the Creator of the universe, who as its author gives us an account of the history of his creation.


“This is the book of God”

“No man could have written it.”

“The nature of the book was out of this world”


My freshly left secular view of existence shook hands with the truth and its author on the peaceful grounds of scripture. Ever since then, my life became a constant dating with God at the cool of the day every morning and night drinking to my hearts contentment all I needed personally from the sweet voice of God. Every serious student must know as the cornerstone of his every thought that God in Jesus created the world in six day and he is the author of existence in a blinking of and eye.  


My thinking has developed in the bedrock of Genesis with God as the Author of creation and only then everything else began to make sense. When I came off age as a believer, I decided to stop chewing with someone else’s dentures. I was determine to chew with my own teeth with the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance as my teacher, comforter, counselor, help-meet and leader into all truth and reminder of all truth and the real speaker of what I say when I find myself before the power brokers of the world.


I put aside every book written by man and I subversively focused on Scripture and journaling every thing that seem to be insights and pearls of wisdom reached in a childlike investigation of the mind of Jesus. Twenty Bibles now compose my library and over one hundred Journals written with pen and ink provided by those in whose eyes God has given me grace and favor.


Introduction to the YES book as opposition to the Fifth Gospel.


I am pursuing to write the unedited version of the four Gospels of Jesus by taking Jesus at his word until I call it “My Gospel”.


I wanted to die for something of worth, such as “My Gospel” and not for the “Fifth Gospel”, which is everything about the Gospels but not the whole and only Gospel I needed to hear from God. I found the Fifth Gospel not worth dying for.


By all of this I do not mean that everybody is conspiring against me to only speak fragments of the supernatural with more water than milk and very little solid food. To me going back to Jesus alone is “Solid Food” and any other teaching is milk, or whimsically speaking, “Gerber’s Confession of Faith” (Baby food).


Let us express Genesis 1:1-2 in other words;


Someone = God pre-existent.

Some time ago = time.

Somewhere = space.

Something = matter.

Somehow = movement.


Because of someone, who is God, in a split second created existence, as we know it and began with the four inseparable elements out of nothing. “Ex nihilo”


Existence as we know it had a beginning and therefore will have an end.

Secular Scientists affirm that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed. Apart from Genesis 1:1-2, we could say that, this could be as good as any other explanation and may even be able to sleep the sleep of the ignorant worm.


It should be safe to say that in the plains of eternity and the infinite, space and time are nothing but a bump and a pothole soon to be level again in the second coming of Jesus to usher us back to the infinite and eternal from where we come from.


How could this be explained?


Even though the universe existed as the creation of God, it is equivalent to a residence where the Eternal stepped in for a short period of time.


Man was formed from the dust of the ground as lifeless as any pile of dirt anywhere in the world. Just part of the created and visible and as space temporal matter.


It is to this house called body that the invisible God blew life into his nostrils and the body became a living being.


That body of dust became what we call now man.


This man called Adam became a living being of two natures. The first one is material, visible and as such finite, limited and mortal. The second nature of man is not created but pre-existent, invisible and as such, infinite, eternal and immortal.


Now it is fair to ask the question, “If we are eternal, where were we before the foundation of the world?


We were in the mind of God who by the power of his Word made us what we never were for a period of time in space with movement as material beings. But the body as we know it, at death, goes to the dust where it came from and the spirit goes back to God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12:7 “and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it”.


The Lord our God, the Lord is one. He alone is the “I am that I am”, as such we derive our temporal existence from God, for there is no other God but the Lord our God.

We therefore are from God, of God and for God, created to be loved and to love.


God is sovereign and under his sovereign will we live immutable, predestined destinies in infallible and unchangeable ways where the apparent freedom we seem to enjoy is equivalent to the freedom of a passenger inside a large airplane or an gigantic cruise liner on the high sea.


This personal, omnipotent and omniscient God is the architect of the visible as well as the invisible world.


God is building a kingdom for himself and by virtue of his attributes he has planned a perfect kingdom where there will be not a single brick missing or a single brick too many.


The nature of existence in creation is the reflection of the glory of God and his perfection. God put the laws of nature for man to discover by revelation so he may live as he was meant to live, to glorify God by subjugating creation.


God created man with a mind, and the function of the mind is to think thoughts.


As the mind thinks thoughts, it discovers laws such as gravity, universal gravitation, relativity, hydraulics and so on. At the same time he discovers Spiritual Laws to be used in coming into alignment with God, which is the chief end of God through revelations.


Some of these laws are sovereignly revealed by God to man sometimes as he peaceably sits under the apple tree like Isaac Newton or as actively searching the sky on a cloudless night with the help of a telescope like Galileo or Copernicus. And this is part of his common grace just as the rain falls over the righteous as well as the wicked.


Some of God’s spiritual laws are discovered by man through special grace as a result of the special revelation and work of Jesus on the cross for the purpose of salvation and the others for the purpose of sanctification, but all for the common good and the glory of God. One of God’s known pleasures is to hide and reveal things that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard that he kept for those who love him and believe in him in a child-like manner.


The Gospel of God was given clearly in the person of Jesus Christ, and when faithfully preached draws people to Jesus and to salvation. But for the purpose of sanctification and glorification, God has predestined, elected, chosen and called few of his followers to transform the world with the mind of Jesus by doing greater things promised to them that love him and take Jesus at his word.


Men of God are adopted and endowed with special gifts to be used for the common good of the body. These men are the guardians of the good doctrines and the drafters of creeds and confessions of faith and insights of wisdom and revelation. Their ultimate desire is or should always be to bring people into alignment and unity with God and his sovereign will.


Spiritual or physical laws are not created but discovered, as God in his own time is pleased to open the understanding of man for the good of the others by bringing them into alignment with God.


Just as the equation of Albert Einstein’s E=MC2 is rooted in the understanding of one, so is our equation F= PW2 is rooted in the same principal that the undivided principals and faithful application in the real life of the believer will give him the knowledge of harnessing and unleashing incredible power for the service of God as king in his kingdom as he meant it to be.  “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power”.


Without the practice and display of power the kingdom work will remain in the natural realm. By this I mean for example, my mindset as I go to church on Sundays: I am in search of hearing the pleasant tune of the supernatural like a fiber of the cotton in a medicine bottle that will allow me with the help of the Holy Spirit to twist and twist until I am able to pull all the cotton out and enjoy the content of the bottle.


Believers are called to live supernatural lives in the most natural way.  If we want to see the power of God in our life of service to the Lord, we must do it his way with his requirements and conditions to the letter.


Faith plus prayer plus will of God that prevails plus word of God as the only reliable point of reference, more precise than the speed of light, must go together hand in hand or else it will be futile. (Like Time, Space, Matter and Movement are one unity). There are things that are meant to walk and stay together by divine design.


Take any of the four elements out and power is non-existent. Lets redefined them again:


Faith    = must take God at his word.

Prayer = must agree with God.

Will     = must accept the prevailing will of God.

Word  = must be led by the mind of Jesus.


When one accepts all these things he is in condition to call one, two or three to agree together and pray, thus putting all things a prayer away. Jesus says, "wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, I am in their midst. You may ask anything in agreement according to my will and it will be given to them. Nothing is impossible to him who believes."


If the principle expressed in the equation does not work when faithfully applied, I myself will provide the stones to be stoned. This “YES” principle properly applied should harness the spiritual forces that once unleashed by a life in alignment with God will result in an unimaginable power that has always been within reach but seldom dared to use. So before our Lord finds us making weak use of his power at his return, let us Pray together in agreement, knowing that Jesus himself is eager to return, but the matching desire from man’s part is lukewarm at best and many times non-existent.


Beware; there is no such a thing as making God do things as a result of Prayer. Prayer will only bring us into alignment with God and it is us who will end up doing God’s things, which are supernaturally being done in the most natural way.


The only answer worth God’s ears is “YES” and the extended version is the Lord’s Prayer. And the strong prayer in the Garden where Jesus said, “YES” to the Father’s will in different words. God has spoken and the answers have been given and are stored in the “Lay away” ready to be claimed as we say, “YES” unconditionally.


God Runs His Creation Through Laws"

    "Harness It."

Energy is equal to mass and the constant is the speed of light.

Faith is equal to Prayer and the constant is the will and word of god.

E=Mc2                                     F=Pw2

 Harnessing the Physical Laws leads to the management of the seen world.  E=Mc2

 “Understanding is Power”

 Einstein’s equation of E=Mc2 killed the Industrial Revolution.

The Law expressed in E=Mc2 gave birth to the Cyber Revolution.

       Galileo            Copernicus

Newton             Einstein

 Harnessing the Spiritual Laws can lead to the understanding of the unseen world.  F=Pw2

 “Understanding is Power”.

 Our equation of F=Pw2 is the untapped source of limitless power.

The Law expressed in F=Pw2 can accelerate the second coming.

 Early Church                     Middle Age Obscurantism

          Reform Movement            Awakening and Second coming!!


The speed of light is a constant and that in physics looks the same as in all frames of reference.


A hunk of material of any kind was full of or with enormous quantities of energy that you could release it if only you could harness it first. Einstein or anyone did not create the truths of these laws.  Laws are discovered, not made or created.  

It is like the duck that meets the bullet. It just happens that the Duck was flying in the path of the bullet or the bullet was on the path of the Duck. A discovery is the reward of the one who is in the right predisposition who happens to be in the right place and the right time to see as for a brief moment a rainbow-like sighting of an experience that leaves more than a memory on the observer.

                                                 "A Law”

"A Pattern"

"A Constant”

  “A Point of reference”

                                      “An ancient boundary”

“An immutable mark”

"A reliable source"

 "A principle that works just as well, and exactly in the same way under the sun, as well as behind the sun." In short, as an unquestionable beacon that works in the same way, every time, anywhere, with anyone with the same predictable result.

Here is a reasonable use of an oxymoron: “Physical laws are complicatedly simple" once you discover the angle from where you did not look before.  The key usefulness of the Law is that if you believe and submit to its principle; its benefits are greater than previously imagined.

            How so? I am glad that you asked; I will tell you how helpful these laws are:

            “You can know confidently the end of what you are doing from the beginning.”

           The Laws of Nature make predictable the work of our hands.  The application of the Laws of aerodynamics plus E=Mccan help you to hit a mark thousands of miles away with pinpoint accuracy.  To hit a target is no longer for one who has good eyesight and steady hands as a sniper. A scientist with a heavy pair of glasses like the bottom of a wine bottle and trembling hands can defeat the sharpest sniper just by applying the Laws of Physics to an apparatus that launches a projectile or a missile or a shuttle or a rocket to its desired objective effectiblely.

           The mechanical movement gave birth to the Industrial Revolution, but the Physical movement gave birth to the Cyber Revolution, the latter being superior to the former.  In the same way the Laws that govern the unseen world are not created the moment we discover them.  They are only revealed in the moment that by the Sovereign Grace of God we are entrusted with a glimpse into the Holy of Holies long enough to hear God the Father telling us, “Who shall Go for us” or “Listen to Jesus.” 

 Such a command from God the Father Himself awakens in us the Power to finally and freshly hear that which we always knew and was near and dear to our hearts, souls, strengths, and minds.

What is that specifically? That is hearing the Word of God and knowing His will and taking God at His Word. 

That is faith that comes from hearing, which leads us to pray in “agreement with God” and living under the infallible, constant Will of God that prevails always, which is clearly revealed in the Word of God, to the “Target, which is a life in alignment with God at last.”


Faith = “Taking God at His Word”

Prayer = “Agreeing with God”

Will = “The desires of God that will prevail ultimately”

Word = “The infallible, immutable, unchangeable, reliable Scripture”.


  Faith = Prayer, Will & Word.

            If we accept the Law of God harnessed on this equation and apply it to our daily lives, we will discover the immense power and energy there is in faith and prayer because it is the prevailing will of God revealed in the Word of God.

            The wagon of our confession of faith is packed and ready to conquer the West as well as the Far East. The horses are in front of the Cart, but the trip is so painfully slow. Could it be that out of the twelve horses only half are doing most of the pulling and the rest are just along for the ride?

            Humbly and respectfully I ask my mother, the Church, if we have harnessed the rest of the horses right. Is the break off? Is the whip swift over the front horses? Is the cart overloaded with unnecessary burdens? Are we fighting unnecessary wars to which we have not been called? The Trip Master promised by Jesus in the person of the Holy Spirit has already come! Is he in Charge?

            Power from on high has been delivered. “LET THE WAGONS ROLL!! YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESSESS TO THE END OF THE EARTH!” has been clearly heard.

We are travelers with our young, and our old. We are traveling with our pots and pans. Our weapons are defensive weapons. A traveler is not a commando unit. When under attack we circle our wagons and resist. We seek to prevail by surviving. Ours is not an armor car full of SWAT snipers heavily armed. Our desire is to arrive to the edge of our Jordan River as soon as we can if possible before nightfall losing none along the way. We have a promised land to reach.


 This equation applied to our lives as believers of Jesus will be more precise than even E=Mc2. It will work anytime, anywhere and with anybody with the same exact result and blessing of knowing the end from the beginning. It will speed the work of our hands by putting everything a prayer away and lead us to new heights for the glory of the Most High God whose Will will be finally done as it is in heaven. This is truly “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added unto us.” In other words, this equation knows God’s will as revealed in Scripture and taking God at His Word and praying in agreement with God in a life of alignment with God. We will no longer live but God in Us.


 You may have noticed that Albert Einstein and I are similar.  He and I are from foreign countries, we both speak English with heavy accents, we both are naturalized American citizens, and we both are very smart.  Well . . . three out of four is not that bad . . . is it? (Humor)

           Even though I call us Albert Gutierrez and Gerry Einstein, neither of us has created any Law on our equations.  It was there, waiting to be discovered.  It is like the American Revolution; the desire to fight for Freedom was in everyone’s heart.  The prairie was bone dry after the hot summer of many years of oppression.  It needed only a spark to light the whole prairie.

Remember that there is only one Revolutionary, and that is Jesus. The rest of us are only Reformers.  A reformer is like the maintenance man of a wax museum who at the end of the summer returns the sharp shape of the wax statues by re-forming only. Never adding wax or subtracting wax.  That would be considered unfaithfulness to the original author or the maker of the statues.

            Many believe in education and instruction and training as the means to become intellectual elite who is in the business of saying things never spoken or writing things never written or thinking things never thought. 

But the expressed will of Jesus is more than instruction. It’s teaching people to obey; to obey everything Jesus taught them.  It is to live Christ with the view of death as gain.  It is to obey that which we already know, such as the great commandment expressed in the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer. 

“Progress in Christianity is beginning again and again in Jesus and his Gospels” (the view of the Reformers). It’s going back to Jesus and His church of 2000 years ago where believers took Jesus at His word - “F” Faith; where believers “P” prayed agreeing with God, and they knew from “W2” that the Will of God was the only thing that prevails every time, every where. And the infallible Word of God that is more constant and reliable than the speed of light.


 Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Word of God shall never pass away.  Time and space will be swallowed by the eternal and infinite.  The seen world will come to an end. 

E=Mc2 will be no more, but F=Pw2, the Will and the Word of God will go on forever.

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of words, but Power.”

            All power and authority has been given to Jesus.  If we are to do the work of the King and His Kingdom, we need power.  Faith, Prayer, the Will and Word of God, F=Pw2equal to Power.

            The Gospel according to God the Father is stated in John 17:5-6, “This is My Son, Whom I love, In Him I am well please.  

Listen to Him.”

When God says, “This is My Son,” take God at His word.  

That is Faith “F.” 

“Whom I love.”  Pray through and in agreement with Jesus. 

That is Prayer “P”

“In Him I am well pleased.”  That is the will of God satisfied.

“Listen to Him.”  That is the Word of God that changes not.

Faith = Prayer + Will and Word that prevails and endures forever.


 This Gospel is clear, short, pure and irresistible.

            When Jesus teaches men to pray, He said, “This is how you should pray. Repeat after me:

 “Our Father in Heaven”

 You must take Jesus at His word and only then is God your Father in Heaven.

That is Faith in God through Jesus. “F” – Faith.

“Hallowed be your name.”

            The greatest content of The Lord’s Prayer is “agreeing with God” for what His name stands. The chief end of man is to love, hallow, consecrate, bless, revere, respect, deify, and sanctify the name of God.  Rejoicing always, praying continuously and giving thanks in all circumstances for that is the will of God for us in Christ Jesus. To glorify the name of the Father was the chief end of Jesus and so must be ours. 

“Prayer is to agree with God.”

         Then Jesus says, “Your Kingdom come.”

   The Word of God is all about the King and His Kingdom.

                  “Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven.”

        There is no room on Earth or in Heaven but for the will

of God that will always endure and prevail forever.

                    “F” Faith is to believe in God through Jesus.

              “P” Prayer is to agree with Jesus.

             “W” The Will of God will prevail on Earth as in Heaven.

    “W” The Word of God is about the infallible absolutes.


            When you cannot understand the macrocosms (this is the infinitely large worlds), you must go to the microcosms (the infinitely small worlds) to draw your theories by comparison.  We do not belong to the infinitely large worlds; nor do we belong to the infinitely small worlds.  We belong to the world in between, to the Mesocosmic world, like Mesopotamia was a city between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates.  We are like the man in the gap with one foot on holy ground and the other foot in the world.

            A better and much cleaner illustration should be that of being adolescents.  We are not boys anymore, nor are we adults either. An adolescent is someone who wants to be what he is not yet and dislikes what he used to be and can no longer be. Humans by virtue of their nature and size are on the one hand at an advantage over the microscopic world but in disadvantage to the macroscopic world but have the better of the two worlds. They are like Missionary Kids (MK) or Third culture Kids. They belong to two cultures. Man has the advantage to reflect from the center stage of the playhouse.

           In our quest for power to control our destiny and the destiny of others and our circumstances, we have been led to discover Laws.  Notice the word is “discover” and not create.  To discover is just to uncover something that was previously covered.  It is like the discovery of America.  The fact that on the 12th of October 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America did not mean that he created America.  He just found something which was previously in existence already; like the gold rush was just the discovery of the place where there was gold.  It’s the same with the discovery of the Law of Relativity and Motion of the entire material world in relation to other celestial bodies.

 Laws teach us only how reality works and recommends what not to do.  In a way, it’s as simple as the lesson of not breathing until you pop your head out of the water.

           When the power of the splitting of the atom was discovered, men made the atomic bomb.  Einstein with his equation E=Mc2 become the father of the atomic bomb.  We can say that there is power in discovering Laws.  It helps man to alter the future on the basis of the Constant and Reliable Nature of the Law that will predict the same result anywhere and all the time if the principles of the Law are properly applied.  

            For example, I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread. There is more to prayer than what meets the eye. Some get amazed of how prayer makes things happen. In reality prayer is the only thing that works.

 I hope that some of these things challenge the thinkers of thoughts, but before you throw the fresh egg out of the nest, would you consider accommodating yourself over the eggs and hatch them for a while along with your other eggs? Give the benefit of the doubt because some chickens are hatching wrought on eggs and some perfectly good eggs have a dead chicken sitting on them. (Ortis).

Consider my testimony, I have experienced that my flower and oil do not diminish even though I shared what I thought to be the next to the last meal.

In the same way, to discover the Spiritual Laws that govern the spiritual world will definitely be of benefit to those who harness these Laws and apply it properly in their lives.


            This Law discovered and not created, if applied properly, should be able to help the follower of Jesus to exercise tremendous power in the service of the Lord.  This Law will lead believers to live supernatural lives in the most natural way to the point that the listener-observer will irresistibly be attracted to Jesus of whom God the Father has said:

“Listen to Jesus!”

 To listen is to lift up Jesus who said, “If you lift me up, I will draw all men unto myself.” The proper definition of Evangelism is “To lift up Jesus, and he will draw all men unto himself.” You may ask, “Isn’t Evangelism the conversion of a sinner into a saint?” Yes, and you are right, but do not forget that “Conversion” is a miracle. And miracles are works of God. Only God can do miracles. There is only one God and you are not him

            Then you may say, “I am an evangelist and I have led many to the Lord Jesus”. That is true and right as long as you remember the servant of the wedding of Canaan who by the command of Jesus filled the empty jars of the ceremonial washing and did not even know what they were doing but just obeyed. You too will never be more useful to God than when you just obey. Just LEAD people to Jesus by lifting the name of Jesus in Prayer. To trust in prayer will deliver you of the burden of results.

 It is then and only then that the water becomes wine and the sinner becomes a saint and this not from you but by the transforming power of God who as the creator of the universe has the right and power to alter the Laws of nature according to his immutable and ever prevailing will that it come to pass unavoidably to fulfill the predestined destiny of the elect.

 It is all about the Savior who came to seek and save that which was lost, and once he finds them, he gives them the honorable gift of instrumentality to go and call others in Jesus name as to the blind man by the side of the road saying, “Come Jesus is calling you”.

What are evangelists but servants as Phillip on a desert road walking in agreement with the Holy Spirit and becoming and instrument of God to lead but not to convert a soul? And once the man meets the master there is no need for a servant. The Ethiopian Eunuch went on his way rejoicing, praying and given thanks to God. The glamour in evangelism is in the obedience of the evangelist who is led by the Holy Spirit to lead another to the Lord. Therefore obedience should be defined as agreeing with God who makes a life of a servant “A Prayer”.

The ground and the seed are nothing; neither are the sower or the waterer, but God who gives growth. “Yours is the kingdom and the power and (therefore) the glory forever and ever amen.”

Evangelism is the way God chose to build his kingdom. As John Stott said, “The greatest Evangelist of all times is God himself who through the Power of his word is evangelizing the world. Without the word of God it is not only impossible but inconceivable to evangelize the world”. The work of evangelism is the work of God, who is “Re-creating” by the same powerful word for creation.

 You may ask, what is the big deal about the “Word of God”? Thank you for asking. Because we know that everybody is talking words everywhere eloquently and promising to build heaven on Earth. There is only one problem and that is, it is not happening. Man cannot keep his word. In order to keep your word you have to have power. A creator’s power can truly transform the world. Men do not have that power. To make matters worse, the kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of Power.

 It is said that a group of top scientists challenged God to see who could create a better man than the one in existence. It is said that God accepted the challenge with only one proviso: “Bring your own dirt”. History is full of such men of “grandiose ideas” and no results.

 Marx and Engel wanted to change the world through their “Communist Manifesto”. Their Slogan was “Workers of all Lands Unite”. They believed in unity and change on the basis of their ideology and their own name.  That is why the movement was called Marxism and later Leninism and Maoism.  “Our Munich Manifesto of the Follower of Jesus 2012” does not call the worker of all lands to unite, nor does it pursue change only as Marx did.  

Our manifesto recognizes the unity already purchased by Jesus in the cross as our received inheritance on the Cross. We are free people to live that unity in obedience to the Gospel according to God the Father who said, “This is My Son whom I love.  In Him I am well pleased.  Listen to Him.” 

            It is our intention to take God the Father at His Word and listen to Jesus by obedience and not only “change” as the ambition of Marx was.  

Our goal is to be transfigured by the Divine life of God in us to the point that people will scratch their heads in disbelief saying, “How could they have such knowledge without having been educated?” The true witness of a believer is a life in alignment with God.

We want the whole World to know that there is Knowledge that comes not from education, information, or instruction primarily but from being with Jesus. We want the world to answer their rhetorical question with the same answer as those in the time of Jesus: “They noticed that they were with Jesus”. 

We long for believers to remember their rich heritage and live as royalty and invested with power and not as beggars in the service of the king and his kingdom.

            Our desire is to take God the Father at His Word and pray in agreement with Jesus and abide by the constant and unchangeable will of God revealed in the Word of God.


            Faith is equal to Prayer under the constant Will and Word of God that endures and prevails always.  We indict ourselves as the church of Jesus and plead guilty for the weak use of the power of God entrusted to us in the Holy Spirit and take complete responsibility for our spiritual health as unacceptable before a holy, pure, perfect, immaculate God. 

We cry out with Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and the prophets of old for a fresh return to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Furthermore, we believe the early church not to be an infantile or immature church, but just right before the Theological hooligans painted their graffiti on the wall of the church of Jesus making the House of Prayer a den of robbers. 

There is Power without limit if we only apply the equation F=Pw2 in our lives in a child-like manner.  All things will be a prayer away. The wagon will arrive safely and its occupants.

                                    First things first: F=Pw2.

In the Fear of the Lord,

Gerry Gutierrez

 (Second attempt to launch The New manifesto of the followers of Jesus. The fist attempt was done in Munich Germany on December 2012 after brief visit to the tomb of Carl Marx in London.) 


Kathmandu, Nepal, India. September 01 2014.

Since I left Mission to the World as a retired missionary, I have been going around the world like an arsonist to light up the prairie in the conviction that you only need a spark to start a fire.

 So far fear and forces beyond my capacity to overcome alone has kept me silent. Not Today: I turn 46 in the Lord and for Jesus, my wife, the love of my life, family and friends, and the elect; I am willing to take the risk to lose what is left of my friends. Please be gracious as you read the following pages.

Nothing encourages a believer more than the answer to his prayers. In the same way, nothing discourages a believer more than a prayer without answer.

Few confront the issue head on in order not to be seen as more or less spiritual than others. 

Yet scripture teaches that there is nothing impossible to him who believes and prays according to God’s will as revealed in scripture.

It is with great fear that I dare to stand for Jesus in prayer, knowing that I may lose the few friends left to me on earth.

 We either have a wrong understanding of prayer or prayer does not work as we affirm verbally. Or it is a matter of absence and little faith, and then there should not be prayer and expectation of answer to prayer.

On top of it all, we find Jesus not approving the body life in the Church to the point of being known as a House of Prayer, rather a den of robbers. As a consequence of it all, the supernatural is absent from the church and not much is happening because of the lack of faith and the power of prayer.

What attract people to the church is not the brain power or valid and effective ways to change the world. The church’s appeal is in the supernatural. Not that by this I am asking miracles and signs, but the sovereign manifestation of God’s sovereign presence as the confirmation that we are in alignment with God.

 Since the health of the Church is unacceptable. We the followers of Jesus, summon, constrain, impeach and charge the church in the name of Jesus, to repent, pray and change its lukewarm in the most important matter of Prayer.

Since we are also part of the church, we are taking ourselves to court along with those who are equally convicted of having make a weak use of God’s power in prayer for kingdom work. 

The kingdom of God is not a matter of words, but of power. We are called to do greater things than Jesus. We are called to change the world and pray by word and deed his kingdom to come in our generation.

Since the power of God is within reach, should we applied the principles of our equation faithfully, we should not be surprised that we can see in our life time the coming of the kingdom before we close our eyes.


To the believers at the San Marcos Church of the Carpenter of Nazareth in the Andes mountain of Huanta Peru and to my fellow struggling praying friends all over the world and my fellow leaders of the Kathmandu city of Nepal I remind them the covenant we signed to stand for “YES”, “Jesus and prayer” in our generation.

Greetings, salutations and blessings in no other name but the one and only name of Jesus the Son of our Father in Heaven in the power of the Holy Spirit who reigns today in representation of Jesus and the Father in all of our hearts.

 How blessed we are to count you as our faithful brothers in our partnership in the name of Jesus and his Gospel.

 To the brothers of the Andes Mountains of Peru, I remind them that my heart has been torn and my eyes have wept often as I remember you in my prayers ever since I left you three and a half years ago to be exact 42 weeks or 1260 days to come to America with our wounded Ruthie who went to Glory leaving me as a witness of our Lord Jesus to the nationals in North America and the World.

How I long to be restored to you as an answer to your prayers and to your “Call to Serve” our Lord Jesus together once again in the land of our fellow Quechua Incas of the Andes.

 I have read and reread you “letter of Call” to come to be with you, signed by all of you at the Church of the Carpenter of Nazareth.

Our Lord in his Jealous and possessive love has removed from my life every idol and in complete loneliness wants my attention only for himself. So like John in Patmos or Paul in the jail of Philippi when he wrote II Timothy I am confine in Stanford and writing you this “New Manifesto of the followers of Jesus”.

 May our Lord grant me the desires of my heart also by restoring me back to you, should it be his will. There is only one other thing that I love more than to be with you, and that is the prevailing will of God our Father in Heaven to whom even our Lord Jesus sought to please with his own life by saying “Your will be done and not mine”. You must rest assured that it is his will the only thing that matters to me.

May the Lord find us all wanting nothing but to be in alignment with his sovereign will and his will alone at all times, for this is advantage over any and everything.

 Even today, after reading the scripture on the cleansing of the temple, I see clearly the Lord Jesus raising as a witness to testify against his church in Jerusalem with his eyes full of tears and a whip in his hands to purify his house saying: "It is written." "My house will be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers".

 There is much convicting power in the words of Jesus in my heart and in those who like me find themselves stealing from God the glory due his name. We have neglected prayer to the point of making out of the church, a den of robbers, full of activity and speed but no vision of prayer as the real power to change the world.

 Therefore, from the “Roof of the world” at the foot of great Himalayan Mountains this is

“The New Manifesto of the followers of Jesus”.

 We the people of Nepal, Kathmandu, Manipur, India, Huanta Peru Lancaster, Bogota, China, Japan, Munich Germany stand as one for “Jesus and Prayer” once again as we did it at the feet of the Great Himalayan Mountains, so we present The New Manifesto of the Followers of Jesus to the world.

 We find ourselves as members of the one and only invisible body of Jesus as lukewarm and lacking in seal for the house of the Lord, as the house of prayer.

We find ourselves guilty as charged by our Lord Jesus as robbers in the house of the Lord by neglecting prayer and living powerless lives.

 We confess to have lived as wise in our own eyes in disagreement with the ever prevailing will of God and pursuing our own wills and desires.

 We have lived emasculated lives of unproductivity and seldom find things “just as Jesus said” because we did not take Jesus at his word.

 We can not but be amazed of the great patience of God by forbearing with such worm as us who have dare to call prayer the endless vain repetition of words as if to impress God with our eloquence, length, frequency in a vain exercise.

 We recognize that it had to take a God’s size love to put up with such a frauds as us who have neglect prayer as a small thing.

 We solemnly confess and repent that, we alone are guilty for de delayed return of the Lord by not coming sooner into alignment with his ever prevailing will that immutably comes to pass and with sincere heart pray, “Thy kingdom come”, as loud and insistently as we can.

 We will seek to understand the Lord’s Prayer and his priestly prayers in all its length, weight, depth, height and settle with great determination for nothing but the will of God here on Earth as it is done in Heaven.

We will seek to honor the Gospel according to God the Father expressed at the Mountain of transfiguration by turning to Jesus, as to the beloved Son of God with whom he is well please and listen to Him.

We will seek to lift the name of Jesus alone, for he said, "If I am lifted up, I will draw all men onto my self."

 We will adopt an equation F=Pw2 similar to the equation of Albert Einstein for the Physical World E=Mc2 in order to harness and to unleash power as it is applied faithfully.

We declared to be willing to died or even be stoned to death if the equation faithfully applied does not work. Let us define some terms:

 Faith is taking Jesus at his word. (To find things just as Jesus said).

Prayer is agreeing with the will of God. (No room for another Will).

Will of God is the ever-prevailing Sovereignty of God. Word is the reliable constant more precise than the speed of light.

 When F=Pw2 faithfully applied produces the “A” bomb, that is “Answer” to prayer, and all things are “Yes” in Jesus.

When F=Pw2 perfectly applied in the strength of the Lord, it will result in the “H” bomb, that “Highly Aligned” with God, where you no longer live but Christ in you as the hope of Glory.

 We strongly believe that Jesus is not coming any sooner until we enthusiastically claim with great voice and single mind.

“Your Kingdom come.” “Your will be done.”

 We promise to, “Rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.”ITess.5: 16-17.

As the colt of the donkey, who Jesus needed to make his Triumphal entry to Jerusalem, we make ourselves available to him who can help himself from us in his second coming.

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. You may get the impression that we are reducing our Faith to an equation. NO. In fact we are just using the formula as an illustration only. Neither are we asking God to do anything that he has not already decided and want to do it himself. Being in alignment with God reduces us to a zero. But Zero behind “one” is ten times more.

"Let us pray" YES!!!

Gerry Gutierrez

 PS.  In memory of my mentors in order of arrival into my life; Cidolfina, Francisco, Pankico, Hugh, Ruthie, Robert, John, Steve, John, Bud, Doug, Val, Marcia, Lyn, Paul Z and Kye. Thank you for the investment of yourselves in my life.