Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Do not pray to saints who do not do miracles.

Why do nations say, “Where is their God?” Our God is in heaven, he does whatever pleases him.


I am in the business of destroying Idols because Idols neither answered prayers nor they can't hear or see. Idols are made out of stone, wood, wax, gold, silver or flesh and they never love you back because they can't.


Those made out of flesh are the worse, because they seem to have Life, but are twice death not only in their sin but for actively stealing from God the glory due his name at accepting worship and adoration from their equally lifeless followers.
Idols made out of flesh share a common likeness with their followers. They are alive as worms, cockroaches, hyenas, or snakes, but they do not have Life.

Being alive is just a state of being, while to have Life is to have a person within a person and that is Jesus who said: "I am the Life".

Man's greatest need is the salvation of his soul from death. No one alive in the land of the living can take men back to the Father in Heaven but Jesus the only True Way. Therefore say, "YES" to Jesus as your only prayer worth God's ears. Resume your eternal destiny of agreement with God at the cool of the day as in the Garden beginning now on earth doing his will is done in heaven.

As the "Total Eclipse of the Sun" approaches over us in less than two weeks, think about "Prophecy". Prophecy is not to guess the future but to set the future. "So shall it be and in no other way."

In the same way as the Eclipse will come to pass at the predestined time with a Swiss watch precision, so shall the "Second Coming"of Jesus will come to pass clearly announced as the signs are already starting to show even in the heavenly bodies. There is nothing men can do to delay the return of Jesus.

"As the moon is coming between the Sun and the Earth", look and train your eyes as to how it will be the "Great Day of the Lord". The unavoidable and unstoppable Great Day of the Lord is near. When you look at the moon robbing you of the light of the Sun for a moment, "Pray and prophesy in agreement with God to move the Moon out of the way and let the Sun shine over you again".

Will the Moon get out of the way?
If you answered  "YES" along with million others, then consider your self in this one act a prophet who has believe in a child like manner and prayed in agreement with God according to God's will as stated in the word of prophecy and "The Physical Laws".

Much in the same way, the infallible nature of the Spiritual Laws of Prophecy from scripture comes to pass immutably everyday, and few forceful men recognize in it the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe.

Let the idol worshipers that believe in "Coincidence" and Idols be asked if their "goddess" the Moon can stop between the Sun and the Earth for more than the sovereignly allowed time and show its sovereignty if she has any. It wouldn’t happen.

The best that Idols can accomplish is like the moon at its interference is to cause the earth get few millimeter closer to the Sun for a moment. So are any idols that interfere between God and men, they may give the impression of getting us closer to God, but in reality they cannot lift us up toward God even one millimeter.

But Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life, by his first coming and second coming, can and will lift us up all the way to the Father.There is nothing anyone can do to keep that from happening.

I boldly predict with absolute certainty another eclipse where Jesus will come and cause an absolute eclipse where the light of the Sun will pale to the point of death and will pass away and darkness will be done away for good and the light of God will fill all in all.

Think of Jesus during the eclipse as the light of God who may hurt at its appearance but will not harm.
Jesus loves you because you are created to be loved. "YES"
This was a gentle remainder.

Your Gerry with a  "G" by the Will of God.


Gerry Gutierrez