Gerry Gutierrez' Update

About Korea.

Open letter to America and the World.

“If it would be up to me”.

I would ask our Father in heaven in the name of Jesus to let his Kingdom come by calling the Prince of Peace Jesus to Korea today by reconciling North and South Korea as one nation under God. Create one nuclear free nation out of both under the close and strict oversight of the world community of nation expressed recently in the United Nations. We are in position to impose the terms of peace.

The alternative is unthinkable.

Imagine North Korea already destroyed, which is a virtual certainty under the circumstances. Imagine South Korea mortally wounded and Japan licking its wounds and America victorious still the land of the free and home of the brave.

But the Lion King had not come out unscratched out of the war.

Let us for a moment dare to think that a major city of your choice has been hit on a first strike and our electric system has been affected for six months. All metallic birds stop flying including the Eagle that seems to be wounded in its wing. (An the saying goes, a bird with broken wing even if it heals, does not fly as high as it use to).

Let us not be naive that the Bear and the Dragon will come to leak our wounds and nourish us back to health as we may do with them in similar circumstances.

No my beloved friends!

The day after the war is over is the day that everyone who does not trust fully in the Lord should be terrified. The worse and the best of our nature will be fully exposed.Since there is no one good not even one, do not expect goodness to be born as a result of war when in times of peace was barely showing its vital signs. The Bear and the Dragon along with the hungry Bengal Tigers, the Hyenas, and the wolfs and Jackals of the desert will see in the wounded state of Samson and opportunity to come all at once or one by one to have a bite into the exposed jugular vein of the falling hero.

"The assured mutual destruction" as a deterrent concept will be obsolete.“Armageddon” will not come in terms of our imaginations neither within the scope of our feeble calculations.

If it would be up to me.


I would call my friend Kogi from Japan, my friend WayKan from China, Chow from Korea and Dan from the USA and his friend Don along with Dennis to get together to Pray in agreement with the will of God. We would ask God in a childlike manner for the unification of the two brothers in conflict in Korea in the name of Jesus. 

If it would be up to me.


I would ask to as many once Toddlers of the world to come to the streets to ask God "Your kingdom come and your will be done not ours". With the mental predisposition that in the oriental way of thinking, “Crisis” is also “Opportunity”. While there is a God’s size vacuum in North Korea, there is a great Army of Prayer Warriors in South Korea longing to reach out their Northern brothers.  

If it would be up to me. I would like to accelerate the return of the Lord in our generation by applying the principle of saying "YES" to the will of God as it was back in the garden at the cool of the day, where “YES” was the only prayer worth God’s ears.

If it would be up to me I would join together in prayer with those who believe inPrayer more than praying itself. What good is prayer if we do not believe in it?
Lets us pray together the "Lord's Prayer" and mean it. "YES".

A witness of Jesus.

Gerry Gutierrez


PS. If it would be up to me, I would never have one more Bible study without the intention to obey. Jesus said, “Teach them to obey”. Our problem is not the lack of information or instruction, but willingness to live up to what we have already attained. Just say, “YES” to God.