Gerry Gutierrez' Update

There are few things worse than Sin.

One of them is to try to conceal Sin.

It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve who after the fall they try to conceal their sin by hiding and hiding the sins and of their children present in their loins.

One day, a tall and good-looking young man that I knew from childhood, knock at my door after many hours of traveling. He was trying to read in my eyes if my body language matched the words of my mouth that he was welcomed in our house.

Since I grew up fatherless, I did not know the language of a father to a son.

I knew how to hug, the kind of hug of Jesus learned from my mentor that hugged me many years before when I was afraid in similar circumstance, in a far away country hiding from my past that keep coming after me.

My young visitor did not fail to recognize Jesus in us; he cast away his doubts and fears, and smiled broadly. I told him to make himself at home and rest with us as long as he wanted or needed it. He told me that he was kicked out from school not for his sins but from trying to conceal his sins.

I did not care knowing any more as it must have been humiliating and painful to him and to all he loved and respect. I was one on the list of friends. I found easy to love him, he remained me of my self at his age. To love and understand sinners, you have to have been there.

The weeks and months passed so fast and I notice that we had such a great time together that we did not noticed time. Their parents were very thankful at that time. The last thing I heard from my young friend is that he is married and has a lovely family. They say that he remembers me as one of his best friends. That is an honor, "I have lived for him in Jesus and that is by far a great reward even if I do not see him ever again".


There is a business side on mentoring young people. It is like an investment where the returns are greater than the investment. The Lord sees to it that we get back from others in the most unusual ways for our children.

"He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord". The Lord pays back many times over your investment. Pray for my friend “Bo”, though I do mot know him personally, I have been praying for him for many years because of a friend. Be a friend.


Gerry Gutierrez


PS. Let us not conceal anything from one another. Let us speak the truth like Jesus who said, “In secret have I done nothing”. After all everything will come to the open anyway. August the First is my Spiritual Birthday in the Lord, please no present is expected but the gift of your feedback to my August 1st Letter.