Gerry Gutierrez' Update

The test is private, but

the benefits are for the common good of the body.


“God did not spare his own Son”.

June 14, 2017. Georgia. USA.


”To say that God is working in me only, it could be like making an affirmation of being the only 'blued eye boy' of God and so important that the Lord of the universe is stubbornly saving me as if he needed me or I am so unique to him that It would be a great loss to him if I am not truly saved.

That is true but partially! 

The whole truth if we can handle it with the help of the Holy Spirit is this: Our unity with God in Jesus has been validated in being called members of the body of Jesus. 
Though we are nothing but just members of the body of Jesus, it may sound insignificant at first glance as my left pinky finger in my whole body.
At the same time it is a TRUTH of such a magnitude that escapes the grasp of our full understanding and acceptance.

"Too good to be true syndrome I guess."

First of all, God in his Perfection does not need any one or any thing from anybody.
By the same token, God in his perfection and completeness, he can lack that which by his own choice and will is part of his nature in oneness and unity. He is the only I AM. 

Therefore, God who does all things sovereignly and for his own sake does not only work in me, but with me and through me in spite of me. Why? more that anything else for his own glory and the blessing of many and my own good all at the same time and perfectly.

No word under heaven can express this truth more completely and beautifully as the word "Alignment with God". A man is never at peace with God, others and himself than until he is in alignment with God.

The understanding of our oneness with God is in direct proportion to our understanding of John seventeen, known as the priestly prayer of Jesus and the Lord's Prayer repeated after Jesus, as the prayer of the body led by the head of the body, Jesus himself who includes himself in the word "OUR" Father.

Head and body could not have different prayer. The Lord's Prayer, is the Prayer of the Lord Jesus and therefore our prayer as the one and the same thing. We who are in Jesus and God in Jesus reconciling the world unto himself as if he in fact telling to himself in us to reconcile with God.

Before I lose you I will stop and pray the prayer of Paul for Timothy found in II Timothy 2:7 "Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this”. 

 Dear Jesus, help us again to take you at your word in a child like manner and agree with you in prayer and settle for your will according to your revealed word until we come to full alignment with God" 

In case you are being shaken or bend out of shape, let me offer a word of comfort with which I myself have been comforted in moments of lost of identity.
We the lovers and followers of Jesus are to God the only blue eye boys or girls of God sitting at the right hand of God as the one and only occupant of that seat.

Not as one on top of the other in a never-ending pile of opportunists fighting for closeness with God. No, but as the one and only wife of Jesus and in a monogamous relationship with our heavenly husband.

In our limited minds we ask the valid question of the ignorant: How can this be?
It cannot only be but it will be so, because he is God and he can make it happen so!!

If it can make you feel better, let me say that the individual ego is non existent in heaven and therefore the competition is also over, but above all in our ones in Jesus, we will not need the right seat at the side of Jesus because we will seat in the throne itself with Jesus.

I pray that this helps you to stop worrying and stop lobbing for the right and left side of Jesus using your mothers and their prayer as the apostles did while Jesus was on Earth.

What about a monogamous relation and husband of many at the same time?

The same answer as above. Besides God is above the Law in Heaven.
I want to ask you to cancel your earthly ways of thinking on earthly terms about your 
relationships and think with the mind of Jesus Holy thoughts, beautiful thoughts worthy of Jesus and his work in you.

From 74 South Patmos Road, a witness of Jesus the Lord by the will of God.

Gerry Gutierrez