Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Texting Jesus from my iPhone.


A little country, as a small as they come, full of the stubborn people who know not how to blink, are still in the same business of setting the pace of world history, at the drumbeat of the toddler born in Bethlehem of Judea.


Israel with it's Western Wall or Wailing Wall, the Garden Tomb and Calvary, still stands like a house built on the top of a mountain with a cross on its roof where the individuals great on the small come to visit to bow down before the unseen God made visible in Jesus.


Today I feel like saluting the director of the movie "Ben Hur " and thank him for not letting me see the face of Jesus even through the eyes of Charlton Heston.


There are things too beautiful to be seen and ruined by human images, painters, or picture and idols carved by human hands.


Dear Lord Jesus, you are so real to me now, that please forgive me if I failed to recognize you if you knock at my door.


I'm crazy about you dear Lord.


Your Gerry with a "G"


PS. The heart of the Great commission is to teach people to obey Jesus. In this case we can replace the word "obey" by "love". Because Jesus said, “The reason why my father loves me is because I obey his commandment”. To obey is to love.


Pray for the full will of God for our President. He is willing and praying.