Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Watch your investment in me

by teaming up with me in Prayer.

March 19, 2017 - Georgia.


Dear Friends,

This is a long answer to a short and innocent question on your last text.

Are you feeling better?” That was your question to me.

Now you will know the definition of a “boring man”:

But in subjects of human interest, there is something from one another for one another, especially if the spirit of Jesus governs your mind.

Since I already wrote this long letter, I may as well share I t with other friends. So I will not mention your name.

The new set of antibiotics is beginning to take effect and I no longer feel so lousy with the cold. I went to bed at 9 pm and woke up at 2:45 am and I am feeling good as I plan some projects for the day and the week.

There is tragedy in Peru, too much rain and flash flooding that is claiming lives and livestock and destruction to the poor who live in shantytowns. Many are suffering as never before which is heart breaking. Lord’s willing, I will be going to help some poor pig farmers who have lost all their pigs, other animals, everything they had and barely came out alive.  I think pig farmers are important in the work of Jesus as they provide temporary jobs for “Prodigal sons” far from home in far away lands and far from the “Father”.

Personally I hope to help them by building back their little pig farm and buying back the pigs that she has lost and cries about in the Hospital bed. To date, I already have four pigs and I am hoping to get twelve to twenty-four pigs.

I plan to help Peru as Nation also.

The interesting thing is that yesterday I was invited to go to Kentucky on Monday to a meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Well, as Doug Coe used to tell me, “Hey Gerry, when you follow Jesus; you don’t have to look for the King, the King comes looking for you”, right? Is this my case?

I have accepted the invitation to go to the meeting formally and they have reconfirmed to me immediately the ticket and the code numbers of clearance. I am going to Kentucky and taking with me as my guest a godly brother who loves the Lord Jesus and the poor.

If I have a moment with The President or the Vice President, I will ask them for help for Peru by sending emergency foreign aid and if possible immediate help also consistent in a big plane or two planes full of stuff just as we did in the times of President Bush when I went to Peru with Vice President Quayle. We took aid to the Orphans made fatherless by terrorism and established The Marilyn Quayle's soup kitchens for the poor in five places.

I am willing to offer my services to the Trump Administration at my return, by being once again like Nehemiah in the Bible to President Trump, and help him as a resource person to his administration.

Even though I am qualified as an expert on Russia, China and worldwide patterns of thinking, and member of the Billy Graham COWE (Consultation On World Evangelization) and with 45 year of missionary service, I am still raising some eyebrows because of my past as former Revolutionary leader in the University.

That very fact of my past it seen to be a hindrance in a time of suspicious liberal minds that are seeking to destroyed President Trump’s name and credibility. (I do not know how a retired seventy-year-old missionary and a grandpa of 14 kids could be so dangerous to anyone but in the ideological realm.)

When monumental walls of opposition rise before me, they are at the same time doors of opportunity. In times like this is when our Faith and belief in prayer are challenged and the unstoppable force of prayer must be called.

That is the real reason of this letter to you. All I need is for you to agree with me that this is the will of God, according to the mind of Jesus and pray. Because if we agree that it is “yes”, then we will have what we ask of God, as sure as the Sun will raise in the morning.

Faith worth having is faith worth dying for.

My son Nathaniel just forwarded a letter last night from the American Embassy in Lima. It is a warning letter of how dangerous life has become in Peru and how the next 24 to 48 hours promises to be even worse due to the rain and crisis for lack of water and food.

The timing of this events and my going to Kentucky seem to providentially match as I will seek the “king’s ears” to ask for help.

You have never waivered in your partnership of serving Jesus together with me. You have not failed to recognize the life of God in me through Jesus. You alone are now my mission board and I love the way that God works in you to will and to work for His good pleasure with me for so many years. You are qualified to “agree” with me and pray with me to the Father in the name of Jesus and see his hand and together rejoice in a childlike manner as he answers and honors our trust and faith in him who is generous and merciful.

Please pray that this letter also finds favor and grace in the eyes of my beloved brother and sister, former US Senator from Indiana and his wife, Dan and Marcia Coates. (I will send a copy of this letter to them. The Coates are one of the godliest couples I know whom, like you, have enriched my life and have helped me to obey the instructions of our Lord Jesus).

With a clear conscience I say, “I will pursue the will of God for every act of my life for what is left as the balance of my days on earth”. The love of God constrains me, and there is not love of God to whom we have not seen, if we do not love to people to whom we have seen and to those who are suffering as they are "the little ones of the Lord".

Pray that Dan and Marcia may put a word in my behalf to either President Trump or Vice President Pence.

I would love to go to Peru once again with Marcia and Karen, and even Melanie or any of the Trump family if it should be the will of the Lord.

I am enclosing a link of the tragedy of on poor woman who lost her pig farm and almost lost her life in the flash flood. [It is in Spanish]…/

I am also planning to dedicate my book on “The Lord’s Prayer” to “The First Lady of the United States” for having the courage, the love, and the faith to honor our Lord Jesus by praying “The Lord’s Prayer”. I am proud of Mrs. Trump as our First Lady who chose to speak to God on our behalf to the world, using her own voice to intercede to God. So much for plans, now, lets us Pray:  “May your will be done and not ours dear Lord” In Jesus’ name. Amen.

A servant of the Most High God!

Gerry Gutierrez