Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Handcuffed and beaten,

Jesus is handed over to the will of men.


Easter goes by too fast. Let us celebrate a little longer the Resurrection.


Men often wonder about the will of God, as if by knowing it, is all it would take.
In wondering so, there is an implicit accusation to God of not being clear or having not revealed himself plainly to us. God has revealed his will clearly.

Jesus the word of God made flesh is the will of God made plain as the light in darkness. God has revealed himself in Jesus to the point that any concept or knowledge of God apart of Jesus is anything but knowledge of God. It is proper to affirm that it’s not only difficult and impossible to know God apart from Jesus, but it is on conceivable.

Just as life starts at conception and without conception it is not possible to have a baby let alone a toddler, a tyke, a teenager, a young man or a full-grown man.
It is equally inconceivable and therefore impossible any perception of God apart from Jesus.

Jesus is the will of God. Jesus is the begotten of God, not created but begotten. Jesus is the only way to the truth; therefore the truth is a person. Truth is not some formless invisible idea floating in the air that happens to be captured by the magnet of our brain and carefully file on our memories to be conveniently use when we need it to communicate with others equally self-sustained beings in similar an exact conditions all over the earth.

Truth is a person and person is Jesus. Just as the will of God is not only a longing of a lonely God so the will of God is God himself in his Son. Dare not to separate God and his will in the same way that you must not dare to separate Jesus from God.

Yes! It is time to say that we cannot avoid to say.
“Jesus and God is one and the same thing as the trinity is three in one, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit”.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the knowledge of the father but by Jesus. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit without the intervention of man and he became flesh in a virgin called Mary. Jesus dwelled among us full of grace and truth, making the love of the invisible God visible by seeking and saving that which was lost. Without Jesus the Truth, it is impossible to know and to live. Jesus is the Life.


Man without Jesus at best they are alive but have no "Life" in them.
No one can deny that plans and and animals are alive. It's also clear that they have no "Life" in them. Life is given to a man by special grace in Jesus through the Holy Spirit according the will of God.
To be alive is granted to all living creatures by common grace.
But Life is the result of a new creation by being born again as the work of the redeemer where words such as regeneration, reconciliation, recreation, return, resuscitation, recognition have acquired a life of their own.
Let me close this part with the words of Jesus who spoke to people who were standing right in front of him when you said, "You have no life in you. My words find no room in you. If you were of God, you would have recognized if I am speaking from God or I am speaking of my own ".

The failure to recognize God in Jesus is evidence of the absence of "Life".
Without recognizing the truth there is no Life therefore there is no going to the father by Jesus who is the truth. Now that we know the will of God and before we enter to discuss the will of man, let us recap in other words, what the will of God is for us.

"Be joyful always, pray continuously, give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus". I Thessalonians 5:16 to 18.
This is the will of God for us.

Now we are in position to know the will of man for Jesus.
Pilot handed over Jesus to the will of men for them to do whatever they please. Pilot acted as a temporary "owner" of a handcuffed beaten down slave named Jesus as if were in an "auction". The Almighty and powerful God standing as a sheep before his cheers in total meekness and humility he did not open his mouth.

"Pilot decide to grant their demand and released Barabbas, the man who have been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, the one they asked for and Pilot surrender Jesus to their will.
 Behold the will of men for Jesus.

The first will open man against Jesus is to lead him away from the protective custody of the law and order represented by Rome and Pilot. Men in lynch mob mentality abuses others such as Simon of Cyrene by grabbing him and making him carry the cross of Jesus. Have you ever wonder why Jesus did not carry his own cross like the other two who were crucify next to Jesus that day?

Wonder no more. It was the will of man that Jesus was arrested handcuffed and beaten since the night before. He was spitted slapped, smeared, slandered at the hands of battle hardened Ronan soldiers all night long. As if that was not enough, professional soldiers used to weatherboarding prisoners also flogged Jesus some more at the orders of Pilate. Jesus in his human body was like any other human being. Jesus as broken bread and pour out wine was wounded and bleeding and he became weak and weaker that could hardly stand on his own.

Blessed Simon of Cyrene, who without knowing represented us humans by carrying the cross that was ours to carry, we should have not only carried our cross but also should have been crucified on it. No man had ever carry his own across and die on it and save himself. No one who die for his sins on the cross and paid with his life for his sins had enough left to pay for his resurrection.
Only Jesus had enough to pay for our debts and only Jesus have enough to pay for his and our resurrection because he personally did not give Satan power to hold him in the tomb, because Jesus never sinned.

Jesus alone broke the jaws of death and broke open the tomb, which could not retain him. Ever sense the resurrection of Jesus, the prison have been left open wide for us to live as if someone has left the gates open; that is Jesus. The bird’s cage is open, now the bird to stretch out his wins and fly away back to the garden at the cool of the day singing his heart out as to provide a soft music just like before when Adam and Eve use to meet with Jesus to pray by repeating after him "Our father who are in heaven".

Yes my brothers and sisters, the cross is ours and it should be proper for us to carry it even now, but the crucifixion is of Jesus.
Carry your own crosses oh Simons of the world for the cross belong to you but the death belongs to Jesus the savior.
Carry your cross in hope and willingly, for the pain is of Jesus but the glory and spoils are ours.
Carry your cross behind Jesus, for it’s he and not you who will be crucified.
Carry the cross behind him who leads in front to kill like David Lions and Bears to save your life.
Carry the cross little flock and do not be afraid for your cross is a cross of identity for you to hide behind protected from the wrath of God.
Remember oh beloved of God, it was God who executed his own son in your place and consequently you are debt-free.
Remember in the same way that Satan has no reason to charge you or anything anymore of because Jesus has paid it all and paid it in full.

The gate of hell has been broken to pieces by the resurrection of the savior.
Jesus again leads ahead, Look! With the eyes of faith you whose name is written in the book of life, another gate is open wide. The pearly gates are open. Look how the angel of a flaming sword at the gate has stepped aside to welcome you. Back to the garden, back to the cool of the day, back to pray and play, back to the sand box, back to our playpen, back to the Father, back to everlasting peace and joy, back to...(you add what you want and long for yourself in heaven).
Now that you are back home in your heart, soul, mind and strength, let me ask you one thing.
When pilot hand over Jesus to the will of man do with him as they will, "Did the will of men prevailed in their desire to crucify him?
According to the facts you have no other answer but to say, "YES!"


Men prevail over Jesus and they killed him. Men prayed to pilot to hand Jesus over to be crucified.
Pilot answer their prayers by surrender Jesus to their will.
This indeed is what happened within time and space and under the sun.
The sovereign will of God is what in reality prevails immutably and always, because it was determined to be so before time begun and planned above the sun predestined and prophesied.
It is prophecy that rules the universe. The apparent free will is just as the freedom of the passenger within an airplane. God's will is as the will of the pilot that prevails always. It was the will of God to save you through the cross of Jesus.
Thank you Lord may your will be done and not ours on earth as it is in heaven.

A witness of Jesus.


Gerry Gutierrez