Gerry Gutierrez' Update

God always answers prayers.

It is his invention and it  works every time
and all of the time.


Dear Friends,

May 31, 2017. Georgia 11:45 PM.


Would you question my sanity if I ask you to please pray that the Sun comes up tomorrow morning at the same time as yesterday and today? I would not blame you.


How is it that you do not question my sanity for having asked you to pray that God be loving and gracious to Ben in his surgery today?


Would have God answered differently if none of us prayed for Ben today? I do not think so.


Then, Why did we all prayed as if it depended from us the outcome of BenŐs surgery?


Jesus wants us to pray together as if we would pray for ourselves. Our salvation has been predestined before the foundation of the world as well as whatsoever comes to pass and the works we must do have been also prepared before hand.


 Prayer, more than causing God to change his mind and show us his favor, is promoting the love for one another to the point that outsiders will see our love for one another and take notice that we are his disciples.


Jesus is interested in promoting the eleven commandments or what he calls ŇA new commandment I give you. Love one another as I have loved you, by this they will know that you are my disciplesÓ.


The vertical beam of the cross of Jesus has brought the vertical reconciliation between Man and God. But the horizontal beam of the cross brings about the horizontal reconciliation between Man and his fellow men as if God himself would be pleading with us to be reconciled with one another.


God uses our need of salvation by a savior in the person of Jesus. But our other need he uses by making a rule of Prayer as the getting together on two or three in agreement with the mind of Jesus according his revealed will and reinforces that relationship by his answers, making one indispensable for the other if we want his intervention in our lives of needs and wants.


Magisterially Jesus designs, ÔThe LordŐs PrayerŐ by starting with the word ŇOurÓ. This means more than one is to take Jesus at his word by Faith and agree together with one another according to the will of God revealed in scripture and ask whatsoever and it is done for them.


As soon as you hear of my request of prayer for Ben, your rose as an army and quickly answered letters that bless me so richly at the sight of the number of friends and faithful brothers I have in Jesus.


God use the needs of Ben, but it was me who harvested the benefits. Thank you my friends. You will never be more like Jesus that when you are evolved in intercessory prayer. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. To join Jesus with our feeble prayer is like investing nickels in GodŐs business until we harvest the answer in the thousands of dollars. It is a good business indeed.


Benjie is back home and as normal as he can be. Thank to our LordŐs grace and your prayers. Please rejoice with me. I will send an update from Lois at the end of this letter.


In him who invented prayer for us all to love each other and be paid for that.


Gerry Gutierrez

 PS Ben lost over forty lbs since his first surgery three months ago. 


Surgery day!
Yesterday Ben took a massive amount of meds to clean out all his bowels, plus strong antibiotics.
Then last night he had to shower and had to wipe himself down with special antibacterial Sage wipe and get into freshly laundered pjs and bedding.

Now we are in the hospital where they have wiped him from head to toe with the Sage wipes again and have tucked him into a warm bed with his leg compression machine going. He also has an IV going and is excitedly waiting to see Dr. Woodard and the anesthesiologist.

Surgery begins at 12:40 central time. Please pray!

Happy boy, and weighs in at 191.8!
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Surgery just finished and was a success!  They were able to do it the laparoscopic way. Ben is slowly waking up and I'll get to see him in about 45 minutes.
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The surgery was almost 4 hours due to a lot of adhesions from the previous surgery but they were able to work around it. It was robot assisted!
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I am finally with Ben who is in his room now and still a little groggy, but joking around with all the nurses and techs in a loud booming voice as usual though it sounds pretty hoarse. Now they are talking about Doctor shows and which are their favorites.