Gerry Gutierrez' Update

"Be careful of the yeast"

Date: September 1, 2017 Georgia.  5:35 AM.
Text : Matthew 16:6.


Subject: “A poor man’s prophet”.

Hypocrites are dangerous and one must be careful with them, because they talk right but they're not right, and since they are not right, they can not do right.

But Jesus says about them, "Do what they say but do not do what they do.” (Paul once was as wrong as he could be about Jesus, he was willing to kill and died for the Christ of God, but he did not know that Jesus was the Christ.)

Words can persuade only example can lead.
What one man can persuade another man can dissuade.
But what you become by sitting at the feet of Jesus like Mary the sister of Martha, no one can take it away from you.

It is not the power of education that transforms man into a new creature. What transforms a man into a new creature is the miracle of Jesus by conversion like the changing water into wine.

Once Jesus converts the water into wine it's our sacred duty to serve that which Jesus has transformed as obedient disciples "so the wine or the new creature" is served for the purposes for which it has been created or re-created and transformed.

It is to discipleship we have been called, and not just to talk the talk but walk the walk. It is to serve what Jesus has transformed that we have been called. Discipleship was the occupation of Jesus and he did it by word and deed. By teaching and example always seeking the common good of the body.

Pharisees and religious people only seek to control congregations, which is togetherness in God. Discipleship is to be with people and to expend ones life for others as broken bread and poured out wine.

Jesus did not die to form congregations. Jesus' definition of church is people united with God and one another in Jesus.
Sheep are in need of shepherds not instructors.

Psalm 23 reads,
"The Lord is my shepherd". Not the Lord is my preacher.
Jesus discipled by word and deed. Be careful not to settle for one at the expense of the other. Do not ever study the Bible unless you have the intention to obey. Do not pray any prayer, unless you believe in prayer.
Hypocrisy is to have two faces, one for private consumption and the one for public consumption.
If we are going to pray we must believe in prayer.
If we believe in prayer, there must be results.
If there is no result we are just talking hot air and deceiving ourselves.

We are called to lead by discipleship and if no body is following us, then we are not leading, if we are not leading then we are just taking a walk in life.
Jesus said, "If you love me, take care of my sheep".
Jesus has spoken and instruction is within reach of all.
To teach them to obey that which they already know is the challenge.
More food will never bring health if they cannot digest that which they have already eating.
The test of a true prophet is in the results. False prophets should be stoned to death. “I am a poor man's prophet.” I am willing to be stoned to death if my prophecy does not happen.
I offer to you, F=PW2.

Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will and Word of God that brings men into alignment with God where all things are "YES" and a prayer away.

This has been prepared for the Big Toddlers of Judge Hill’s Friday group with love and concern. I will see you at the “Playpen” at 7:00.

Gerry Gutierrez
"A poor man's prophet".


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