Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“ Converted to walk on water.”

Text Matt. 14:22-36

September 2, 2017 GA.


Peter asked Jesus, “Tell me to come to you on water.”  “Come”, Jesus said. Peter walk on water, but the wind and the waves grew and he was scared and sank into the lake. “Lord save me! He cry out and immediately Jesus reach out and saved him but not rebuking him first for his little faith. 


I understand Peter’s lack of faith as being a believer before the Resurrection of Jesus. I have little sympathy for others and myself who live at this side of the resurrection. The sign of the Prophet Jonah has been delivered and men are without excuse but to trust and believe.


I also have been walking on water.  Those who are still with me can testify that I have stepped out of the fellowship of the boat for a closer walk with Jesus.  I have faith enough to dare to ask Jesus and hear his sweet voice and his all-revealing understanding smile.  At seventy I started to walk alone.  


“Come” he said.


I left my fellows in the ship and stepped out of the safety of the boat leaving behind what I thought to be the blind, the mute, the deaf and the one of little faith.


I have walked utterly alone on water, that, I know.  I have lived a supernatural life in the most natural way.  I had enough faith not to sink as a rock down to the bottom of the lake. I have escaped with my life from life and sanity threatening situation by grace alone.


The blind, the mute and the deaf and those of little faith rejoice secretly hoping to be proven right as they say; “He and his grandiose ideas, we will see!”


This morning dear Lord I heard your prompting to make one more step toward you and with trembling leg of a toddler I came afraid as the wind is buffeting the boat and there is no secure place for me to return.  


I have made enough space with the boat and myself, I am closer to you than the boat and I seem to see you moving away from me not to leave me but to encourage me to believe in myself as if you were telling me “If you came this far, you can come all the way to my arms.”  Come one step at the time.  “Come”. By Faith you have been walking on water. “Come”.


My sandals are wet, I am as frozen in the lake, my legs are trembling, my hands are stretched out as if I am about to lose balance, I dare not to turn back, I have passed the point of no return.


I remember Peter and my life passes in front of me like in a flash of a moment remembering all the times you protected my life unbeknownst to me but so clearly it was you.


Your did not guard my life through the years to let me die like a faithless worm in front of the blind, the mute, the deaf and the one of little faith.


Peter could dare to fear but not I, my Lord; I live on this side of the resurrection.


Though I am disturbed for having bitten more than I can chew I secretly pray in my heart “Lord save me”. I do not want the blind, the mute, the deaf and the one of little faith to laugh at me.


Even if you kill me, I will trust in you!  For I know that he who trusts in God will never be put to shame, he who trust in God will never be put to shame oh Lord my God, I trust in you.  Don’t let me be afraid, don’t let my enemies’ triumph over me.


I have walked on water this far I will run toward you as if running from the evil and the false security of idolatry of boats in peril.


Let me see your extend arms toward me dear Jesus that I come as one about run out of the fuel of faith.

Come a little closer Lord!  Let the blind see Jesus in me the hope of glory.  Let the mute speak and praise the lord on my behalf, let the deaf hear the great things you have done and let the one of little faith believe as a child and trust also in you alone.


Let the fence sitter jump out of the false security of the boat and leave behind the safety in which they trust and join me as we run together to the arms of him who has slain the enemy.


Let the great and small hear your call to “come.”


“We are made to walk on water” as my grandchildren leap in confidence like a little frogs into my arms in the pool.  Let me jump out of the water into your dry and loving arms in full and perfect confidence.  


Pull me back to holy ground out of the dreams and vision of a confused and lost world of loud voices without vision.  “Without vision, people perish”.  “Let me ignore my enemies foreign and domestic”.  “Let them not triumph over me” It is in your name I have dared to dream awake but it is in your name I ask you to deliver me from dreams I cannot control while I sleep!


What I never felt as a toddler on the chest of my father already dead before my birth, now at seventy I feel your hug dear Jesus.  You are warm and cozy Lord!

The wind does not blow in your bosom dear Jesus!  Can you walk with me together by the hand on water and go to the boat now? Let us invite them to come out of the boat and walk on water also.


I would love to see the eyes of the blind open to see us together, I would love to hear the voice of the mute praising your name, I would love to see the trilled of the deaf to hear how your voice and mine are the same.


I want the one of little faith believe enough for those around.

I want all men to recognize God in Jesus and I as his toddler servant. 


Gerry Gutierrez


PS. Visit my website and walk on water with me by reading my Prologue of the “Yes” book part one. Read USA # 51. Let us fellowship as fellows in the same ship. “Come”.